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101. The president could fire Garland anytime he wants.
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 07:27 AM
Feb 10

Or he could ask for Garland's resignation and I am sure that he would get it if he asked.

I want Biden to choose. Groundhawg Feb 9 #1
I think Biden has done a fantastic job Beausoleil Feb 9 #2
I think all the cabinet routinely step aside each 4 years Bucky Feb 9 #7
Agreed Beausoleil Feb 9 #13
No they don't brooklynite Feb 9 #31
It's sort of yes & no SocialDemocrat61 Feb 9 #63
They may routinely OFFER their resignations, elleng Feb 9 #78
If Biden wins edhopper Feb 9 #3
How could Biden loose? Groundhawg Feb 9 #25
You are going to be surprised at how many people will vote for trump, if, he is a candidate. republianmushroom Feb 9 #33
Part of the reason Hillary lost was because James Comey reopened an investigation near the election. LiberalFighter Feb 9 #47
Agree, but that was only a small part of the reason trump won. republianmushroom Feb 9 #54
Don't forget the single issue purists bottomofthehill Feb 10 #108
We won't be surprised. 74 million voted for the orange orge in 2020... brush Feb 10 #86
A handful of swing voters in key States edhopper Feb 9 #43
The simplest minimum EV ways? Map stays the same except Trump flips only GA and PA, or flips only GA, WI, and AZ, or Celerity Feb 9 #45
It is unlikely Drumpf gets the flips he needs. Especially with Pennsylvania. LiberalFighter Feb 9 #50
Still, those are definitely within the realm of possibilities, as opposed to many who say it is basically impossible for Celerity Feb 9 #61
The Senate elects the VP though Polybius Feb 9 #66
While it would be amusing NYC Liberal Feb 9 #67
Only if we retain the Senate, and with WV 99.9% flipped to R, we have to defend all the rest, as we are very Celerity Feb 9 #70
Sorry, wut? dpibel Feb 9 #83
The Constitution Polybius Feb 10 #87
XII amendment dpibel Feb 10 #95
We were talking about in the event of a 269-269 tie Polybius Feb 10 #96
How could he lose? Polybius Feb 9 #65
Lose maveric Feb 10 #97
Please don't say that in earshot of someone who lives in Texas. hamsterjill Feb 10 #107
Sally Yates eg BeyondGeography Feb 9 #34
Great choice! edhopper Feb 9 #44
Depending on the speed of Justice, no_hypocrisy Feb 9 #4
That's my thought too. Think. Again. Feb 9 #9
Obama nominated Garland, miscalculating that Republicans loved their ideas more than holding power Bucky Feb 9 #5
Heeerrre's Jackky DoBW Feb 9 #6
Not only that, but... Think. Again. Feb 9 #10
A registered Democrat for a change! Emile Feb 9 #11
Garland was first appointed by Bill Clinton in 1997, LeftInTX Feb 9 #42
and he's not a registered Democrat. Emile Feb 9 #64
How do you know? LeftInTX Feb 9 #71
He is a registered independent that I do know. Emile Feb 9 #72
What does that mean? Kagan and Sotomayor are not listed by party affiliation LeftInTX Feb 9 #73
It means, it would be nice to have a registered Democrat. Emile Feb 9 #81
The problem is: If an AG comes from the Federal Judiciary or State's Attorney office, their voting records are hidden LeftInTX Feb 10 #88
It's not that hard to see if someone is a member of the Federalist Society. Emile Feb 10 #100
Why did Obama and Biden nominate him? LeftInTX Feb 10 #104
Why not nominate from the American Constitution Society Emile Feb 10 #105
Hillary Clinton 0rganism Feb 9 #12
I like that! Beausoleil Feb 9 #14
Acronym is fantastico DoBW Feb 9 #16
I've got the perfect candidate: Fiendish Thingy Feb 9 #15
It does seem that Obama selected him to appease the right wing Beausoleil Feb 9 #20
Pence was a private citizen, so no SC was justified Fiendish Thingy Feb 9 #35
Proud Boys and Oath Keepers were not the coup plotters Beausoleil Feb 9 #40
I am not your research library Fiendish Thingy Feb 9 #49
The point of the thread was to allow folks to express their opinions Beausoleil Feb 9 #56
I have no problem hearing a wide range of opinions Fiendish Thingy Feb 9 #60
Frank Figliuzzi Captain Zero Feb 9 #82
Thank you for adding facts and common sense to this thread. Ocelot II Feb 9 #51
And thanks to you too Fiendish Thingy Feb 9 #53
Someone whose natural instinct isn't to coddle and protect republican criminals ecstatic Feb 9 #17
Good points! Beausoleil Feb 9 #26
I like Lawrence Tribe. ananda Feb 9 #18
Tribe has never prosecuted a criminal case in his entire career. Fiendish Thingy Feb 9 #55
Thanks. ananda Feb 9 #68
Keith Ellison rurallib Feb 9 #19
Loretta James from New York Johonny Feb 9 #21
Letitia James? MichMan Feb 9 #62
Do you mean to suggest Loretta Lynch? Niagara Feb 9 #79
Glenn Kirschner Kennah Feb 9 #22
I agree with the choice of Glenn Caliman73 Feb 9 #29
Adam Schiff Firestorm49 Feb 9 #23
Want him for Rebl2 Feb 9 #37
How about a liberal Democrat for a change? yardwork Feb 9 #24
Letitia James Deep State Witch Feb 9 #27
I nominate myself! GreenWave Feb 9 #28
Hillary Clinton gopiscrap Feb 9 #30
Is calling a Biden appointee a "Federalist Society hack" acceptable around here? brooklynite Feb 9 #32
The impresson is that he was nominated for SCOTUS because he would be acceptable to the Beausoleil Feb 9 #36
Neal Katyal Rebl2 Feb 9 #38
My sentiments, exactly. Paladin Feb 9 #41
Sally Yates. intheflow Feb 9 #39
I agree! Some of the other suggestions I can get behind, but Sally would be my 1st choice. Fla Dem Feb 9 #69
If we don't win back the senate then its likely Marrick Garland jcgoldie Feb 9 #46
This is true Beausoleil Feb 9 #48
I think Kaytal would rather spend his time on tv bigtree Feb 9 #52
Neal Katyal. The best choice Naio Feb 9 #57
Katyal has been an effective appellate lawyer, but Ocelot II Feb 9 #59
Whoever he wants. Ocelot II Feb 9 #58
ANYBODY ELSE with pro-democracy and true 'rule-of-law' credentials.... DemocraticPatriot Feb 9 #74
Obama should have told McConnell Beausoleil Feb 10 #90
Dan Goldman. W_HAMILTON Feb 9 #75
It depends on whether or not Dems control the House and/or Senate. RockRaven Feb 9 #76
Whomever POTUS wants. elleng Feb 9 #77
Literally anyone else... JT45242 Feb 9 #80
Avoiding appearing political is in itself political. boston bean Feb 9 #84
Preet Bharara would be a good choice. Garland has to go. brush Feb 10 #85
Preet would be good! LeftInTX Feb 10 #89
Interesting DET Feb 10 #98
Not Merrick Garland mvd Feb 10 #91
Jack Smith would be a nice choice tinrobot Feb 10 #92
I thought of him mvd Feb 10 #94
No reason to change the AG unless President Biden feels the need. brooklynite Feb 10 #93
You've used this line before. W_HAMILTON Feb 10 #99
The president could fire Garland anytime he wants. totodeinhere Feb 10 #101
And if you think the shitstorm from that MAGA Special Counsel was something, just wait to see what happens... W_HAMILTON Feb 10 #102
He might feel the need. SocialDemocrat61 Feb 10 #109
Hunter MichMan Feb 10 #103
LOL! Beausoleil Feb 10 #106
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