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Cori Bush is investigated but not Jim Jordan? Eliot Rosewater Feb 10 #1
But we are not the AG edhopper Feb 10 #3
So true Doc Sportello Feb 10 #6
And by their own accounting Bettie Feb 10 #16
No you're perfectly entitled to question his choices... brooklynite Feb 10 #38
I wish I could like this a million times! 50 Shades Of Blue Feb 10 #2
for all of the hair on fire about Garland bigtree Feb 10 #4
Because, edhopper Feb 10 #7
freaking out over everything republicans say isn't opposition, it's freaking out bigtree Feb 10 #9
But edhopper Feb 10 #10
hur's open anti-Biden spiel in the report bigtree Feb 10 #14
Agreed. TwilightZone Feb 10 #22
A Big AMEN, brother. ancianita Feb 10 #43
"Solidifies the exoneration" for whom? Certainly not for Republicans and their corporate media enablers. sop Feb 10 #54
well, we'll never know bigtree Feb 10 #58
Further reinforcing all the anti-Biden antipathies already floating around in RW Bizarro World. sop Feb 10 #71
'Biden supporters' aren't focusing on the slurs bigtree Feb 10 #78
"Forgetful" is not a debilitating mental state... brooklynite Feb 10 #41
I am not the sharpest pencil in the pack for sure, gab13by13 Feb 10 #11
special counsels are to insulate DOJ decisions from appearances of influence from the WH bigtree Feb 10 #18
You finally answered the question I asked years ago, gab13by13 Feb 10 #74
lol, the amount of projection here is stunning bigtree Feb 10 #77
Calling people who criticize Garland's actions Russian trolls is over the top. gab13by13 Feb 10 #15
lol you're projecting here bigtree Feb 10 #19
Wherein you ignore Garland's ties to the democracy destroying Federalist Society Ponietz Feb 10 #25
wherein you have no proof that he has 'ties' to the Federalists bigtree Feb 10 #30
Garland apologist BigTree sure knows how to slur Bobstandard Feb 10 #37
people in grade school may be intimidated by name-calling and other juvenile ridicule bigtree Feb 10 #44
I deleted that part, but I didn't refer that remark to Duers bigtree Feb 10 #50
Garland sat on his hands for months and months when there had been a fucking COUP D'ETAT ATTEMPT. Sky Jewels Feb 10 #21
that's a proven lie. bigtree Feb 10 #24
Absolute BS.... capechacon Feb 10 #33
do a search of my name on this if you want a rebuttal bigtree Feb 10 #39
Do a research of my posts on this, as well. You refuse to acknowledge all posts that have disproven this time & again. ancianita Feb 10 #45
trump is facing two felony counts MUCH TOO LATE Goodheart Feb 10 #35
But, but, but edhopper Feb 10 #51
Don't forget the members of congress who have run for their congressional offices AGAIN, CrispyQ Feb 11 #119
Go try shouting down and loyalty questioning Harris TheKentuckian Feb 10 #83
let us know when the name Merrick Garland comes out of her mouth bigtree Feb 10 #88
Hard to see how any Biden supporting Democrat can't understand how damagine Hur's report is. brush Feb 10 #106
edhopper, I am slow, is your post sarcasm? gab13by13 Feb 10 #5
Gibson Dunn is mentioned edhopper Feb 10 #8
Thanks for bringing me up to speed. 😊 gab13by13 Feb 10 #17
As pure as driven snow. Dudley Doright. JanMichael Feb 10 #12
Because Garland is a CONservative and he's protecting the status quo. Autumn Feb 10 #13
You bet, gab13by13 Feb 10 #20
a conservative who prosecuted over 1000 white supremacist MAGA rioters? bigtree Feb 10 #23
And not one fucking republican who was in on the insurection. Like I said, they went after Autumn Feb 10 #26
you can only play that sophistry now bigtree Feb 10 #29
You might see what Joe and his people are feeling about Garland. I'll go with what they think. Autumn Feb 10 #32
the report exonerated Pres. Biden, and outlined differences with the Trump crimes bigtree Feb 10 #36
Nope. Garland went after big fry as soon as his grand jury was convened until Mar 2024. Garland's timeline's been posted ancianita Feb 10 #46
Oh did I miss him going after a member of Congress? Which one did he charge for their part in the insurection? Autumn Feb 10 #60
Not yet. I'll tell you what I told ed. ancianita Feb 10 #62
No memory lapses here. No closed eyes either. He has gone after not one fucking Autumn Feb 10 #64
So you're going with denial then. Fine. That says a lot more about you than about Garland and his man, Smith. ancianita Feb 10 #107
Name a name. Just one. I'll be right here. Waiting Autumn Feb 10 #115
Cool. ancianita Feb 10 #117
"tired of these memory lapses around here"? orangecrush Feb 10 #75
Then suggest something better. Take your time. ancianita Feb 10 #81
You are defending yourself and the others for being wrong. PufPuf23 Feb 10 #96
How many Republican members of Congress edhopper Feb 10 #28
It's not time yet. The DC conviction has to be made before they can be charged with aiding/abetting/accessories. ancianita Feb 10 #47
That is complete BS edhopper Feb 10 #53
Prove it. ancianita Feb 10 #57
It's called the law edhopper Feb 10 #67
Prove it. ancianita Feb 10 #80
No he doesn't. Happy to see it has gone from no one would know to cause the doj won't tell Autumn Feb 10 #65
The time is in danger of retreating into the past. PufPuf23 Feb 10 #99
It could be, yes. ancianita Feb 10 #105
They socked it to the small fry John Shaft Feb 10 #98
Seems like some folks around here don't want to accept the hard truths laid out in the op BannonsLiver Feb 10 #27
I think that firing Garland would help, not hurt, President Biden Goodheart Feb 10 #31
NO. It would be used to prove that Trump and MAGA have been right about Joe being illegitimate. Don't go there. ancianita Feb 10 #48
it would take away from the exoneration in the report bigtree Feb 10 #56
I don't know. I don't think it's about elite lawyers. Lots of elite lawyers seem able to avoid Scrivener7 Feb 10 #34
Special Counsel to investigate 1/6 moniss Feb 10 #40
Ridiculous. That could not have happened until his #2 and Criminal Division heads were in place. ancianita Feb 10 #49
And when was that? edhopper Feb 10 #55
NO. It wasn't "two fucking years." ancianita Feb 10 #59
Serious question orangecrush Feb 10 #76
Is it? ancianita Feb 10 #82
Thank you orangecrush Feb 10 #90
That is so disingenuous. MorbidButterflyTat Feb 10 #93
I apologize orangecrush Feb 10 #94
There is nothing that moniss Feb 10 #70
Even if that's true -- and that's questionable -- that is Garland's call to make not ours in hindsight. ancianita Feb 10 #79
I am not just coming late moniss Feb 10 #87
I hear you. ancianita Feb 10 #89
It means exactly what I said moniss Feb 10 #95
"Some people disagree and think he is God's gift to the law" ancianita Feb 10 #100
You see it as strawman moniss Feb 10 #108
No, it objectively IS. ancianita Feb 10 #110
Sir once again moniss Feb 10 #112
Good example of how the DOJ doesn't work where wealth and power and political crimes are involved. PufPuf23 Feb 10 #101
Or maybe the data challenge your experience and perceptions. ancianita Feb 10 #109
This message was self-deleted by its author PufPuf23 Feb 10 #118
Grateful he's not on the Supreme Court Sienna86 Feb 10 #42
No way mountain grammy Feb 10 #63
I've always given Garland the benefit of doubt KS Toronado Feb 10 #52
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 10 #61
all have different et tu Feb 10 #66
What Is Garland's History On Citizen's United? WiVoter Feb 10 #68
Garland, elite lawyer brain, good judge, piss poor A.G. and/or prosecutor. IMO republianmushroom Feb 10 #69
What else orangecrush Feb 10 #72
AG Garland Bludogdem Feb 10 #73
He picked the wrong SC edhopper Feb 10 #86
That's your unfounded opinion. Garland followed the Special Counsel rules. ancianita Feb 10 #92
What specific DOJ policy should he honor? Bludogdem Feb 10 #111
With Weiss edhopper Feb 10 #113
Exactly. Garland certainly has other tricks up his sleeve. Irish_Dem Feb 10 #84
I'm so fucking over Garland kacekwl Feb 10 #85
Seems to me... MorbidButterflyTat Feb 10 #91
Name one rioter edhopper Feb 10 #114
Garland is acting as though he's in an no_hypocrisy Feb 10 #97
What if he starts to investigate the several billion dollars Kushner got? GreenWave Feb 10 #102
Don't get me wrong, Biden has been a great president. But for myself and many doc03 Feb 10 #103
Fuckin A. If DC was a dinner party, Dems have been worrying about table manners redqueen Feb 10 #104
Firing Merrick Garland right now would be politically stupid Bucky Feb 10 #116
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