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85. I'm so fucking over Garland
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 02:39 PM
Feb 10

and have been for years. From the beginning all I heard was how tough and fair and honest and forthright and what a great prosecutor he is. Sorry I don't see it all I see is a wishy washy don't hurt any ones feelings put off till tomorrow what should have been done yesterday. Between him Comey and Barr have put the Democratic party back decades not to mention federal law enforcement. If he had any stones he would resign.

Cori Bush is investigated but not Jim Jordan? Eliot Rosewater Feb 10 #1
But we are not the AG edhopper Feb 10 #3
So true Doc Sportello Feb 10 #6
And by their own accounting Bettie Feb 10 #16
No you're perfectly entitled to question his choices... brooklynite Feb 10 #38
I wish I could like this a million times! 50 Shades Of Blue Feb 10 #2
for all of the hair on fire about Garland bigtree Feb 10 #4
Because, edhopper Feb 10 #7
freaking out over everything republicans say isn't opposition, it's freaking out bigtree Feb 10 #9
But edhopper Feb 10 #10
hur's open anti-Biden spiel in the report bigtree Feb 10 #14
Agreed. TwilightZone Feb 10 #22
A Big AMEN, brother. ancianita Feb 10 #43
"Solidifies the exoneration" for whom? Certainly not for Republicans and their corporate media enablers. sop Feb 10 #54
well, we'll never know bigtree Feb 10 #58
Further reinforcing all the anti-Biden antipathies already floating around in RW Bizarro World. sop Feb 10 #71
'Biden supporters' aren't focusing on the slurs bigtree Feb 10 #78
"Forgetful" is not a debilitating mental state... brooklynite Feb 10 #41
I am not the sharpest pencil in the pack for sure, gab13by13 Feb 10 #11
special counsels are to insulate DOJ decisions from appearances of influence from the WH bigtree Feb 10 #18
You finally answered the question I asked years ago, gab13by13 Feb 10 #74
lol, the amount of projection here is stunning bigtree Feb 10 #77
Calling people who criticize Garland's actions Russian trolls is over the top. gab13by13 Feb 10 #15
lol you're projecting here bigtree Feb 10 #19
Wherein you ignore Garland's ties to the democracy destroying Federalist Society Ponietz Feb 10 #25
wherein you have no proof that he has 'ties' to the Federalists bigtree Feb 10 #30
Garland apologist BigTree sure knows how to slur Bobstandard Feb 10 #37
people in grade school may be intimidated by name-calling and other juvenile ridicule bigtree Feb 10 #44
I deleted that part, but I didn't refer that remark to Duers bigtree Feb 10 #50
Garland sat on his hands for months and months when there had been a fucking COUP D'ETAT ATTEMPT. Sky Jewels Feb 10 #21
that's a proven lie. bigtree Feb 10 #24
Absolute BS.... capechacon Feb 10 #33
do a search of my name on this if you want a rebuttal bigtree Feb 10 #39
Do a research of my posts on this, as well. You refuse to acknowledge all posts that have disproven this time & again. ancianita Feb 10 #45
trump is facing two felony counts MUCH TOO LATE Goodheart Feb 10 #35
But, but, but edhopper Feb 10 #51
Don't forget the members of congress who have run for their congressional offices AGAIN, CrispyQ Feb 11 #119
Go try shouting down and loyalty questioning Harris TheKentuckian Feb 10 #83
let us know when the name Merrick Garland comes out of her mouth bigtree Feb 10 #88
Hard to see how any Biden supporting Democrat can't understand how damagine Hur's report is. brush Feb 10 #106
edhopper, I am slow, is your post sarcasm? gab13by13 Feb 10 #5
Gibson Dunn is mentioned edhopper Feb 10 #8
Thanks for bringing me up to speed. 😊 gab13by13 Feb 10 #17
As pure as driven snow. Dudley Doright. JanMichael Feb 10 #12
Because Garland is a CONservative and he's protecting the status quo. Autumn Feb 10 #13
You bet, gab13by13 Feb 10 #20
a conservative who prosecuted over 1000 white supremacist MAGA rioters? bigtree Feb 10 #23
And not one fucking republican who was in on the insurection. Like I said, they went after Autumn Feb 10 #26
you can only play that sophistry now bigtree Feb 10 #29
You might see what Joe and his people are feeling about Garland. I'll go with what they think. Autumn Feb 10 #32
the report exonerated Pres. Biden, and outlined differences with the Trump crimes bigtree Feb 10 #36
Nope. Garland went after big fry as soon as his grand jury was convened until Mar 2024. Garland's timeline's been posted ancianita Feb 10 #46
Oh did I miss him going after a member of Congress? Which one did he charge for their part in the insurection? Autumn Feb 10 #60
Not yet. I'll tell you what I told ed. ancianita Feb 10 #62
No memory lapses here. No closed eyes either. He has gone after not one fucking Autumn Feb 10 #64
So you're going with denial then. Fine. That says a lot more about you than about Garland and his man, Smith. ancianita Feb 10 #107
Name a name. Just one. I'll be right here. Waiting Autumn Feb 10 #115
Cool. ancianita Feb 10 #117
"tired of these memory lapses around here"? orangecrush Feb 10 #75
Then suggest something better. Take your time. ancianita Feb 10 #81
You are defending yourself and the others for being wrong. PufPuf23 Feb 10 #96
How many Republican members of Congress edhopper Feb 10 #28
It's not time yet. The DC conviction has to be made before they can be charged with aiding/abetting/accessories. ancianita Feb 10 #47
That is complete BS edhopper Feb 10 #53
Prove it. ancianita Feb 10 #57
It's called the law edhopper Feb 10 #67
Prove it. ancianita Feb 10 #80
No he doesn't. Happy to see it has gone from no one would know to cause the doj won't tell Autumn Feb 10 #65
The time is in danger of retreating into the past. PufPuf23 Feb 10 #99
It could be, yes. ancianita Feb 10 #105
They socked it to the small fry John Shaft Feb 10 #98
Seems like some folks around here don't want to accept the hard truths laid out in the op BannonsLiver Feb 10 #27
I think that firing Garland would help, not hurt, President Biden Goodheart Feb 10 #31
NO. It would be used to prove that Trump and MAGA have been right about Joe being illegitimate. Don't go there. ancianita Feb 10 #48
it would take away from the exoneration in the report bigtree Feb 10 #56
I don't know. I don't think it's about elite lawyers. Lots of elite lawyers seem able to avoid Scrivener7 Feb 10 #34
Special Counsel to investigate 1/6 moniss Feb 10 #40
Ridiculous. That could not have happened until his #2 and Criminal Division heads were in place. ancianita Feb 10 #49
And when was that? edhopper Feb 10 #55
NO. It wasn't "two fucking years." ancianita Feb 10 #59
Serious question orangecrush Feb 10 #76
Is it? ancianita Feb 10 #82
Thank you orangecrush Feb 10 #90
That is so disingenuous. MorbidButterflyTat Feb 10 #93
I apologize orangecrush Feb 10 #94
There is nothing that moniss Feb 10 #70
Even if that's true -- and that's questionable -- that is Garland's call to make not ours in hindsight. ancianita Feb 10 #79
I am not just coming late moniss Feb 10 #87
I hear you. ancianita Feb 10 #89
It means exactly what I said moniss Feb 10 #95
"Some people disagree and think he is God's gift to the law" ancianita Feb 10 #100
You see it as strawman moniss Feb 10 #108
No, it objectively IS. ancianita Feb 10 #110
Sir once again moniss Feb 10 #112
Good example of how the DOJ doesn't work where wealth and power and political crimes are involved. PufPuf23 Feb 10 #101
Or maybe the data challenge your experience and perceptions. ancianita Feb 10 #109
This message was self-deleted by its author PufPuf23 Feb 10 #118
Grateful he's not on the Supreme Court Sienna86 Feb 10 #42
No way mountain grammy Feb 10 #63
I've always given Garland the benefit of doubt KS Toronado Feb 10 #52
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 10 #61
all have different et tu Feb 10 #66
What Is Garland's History On Citizen's United? WiVoter Feb 10 #68
Garland, elite lawyer brain, good judge, piss poor A.G. and/or prosecutor. IMO republianmushroom Feb 10 #69
What else orangecrush Feb 10 #72
AG Garland Bludogdem Feb 10 #73
He picked the wrong SC edhopper Feb 10 #86
That's your unfounded opinion. Garland followed the Special Counsel rules. ancianita Feb 10 #92
What specific DOJ policy should he honor? Bludogdem Feb 10 #111
With Weiss edhopper Feb 10 #113
Exactly. Garland certainly has other tricks up his sleeve. Irish_Dem Feb 10 #84
I'm so fucking over Garland kacekwl Feb 10 #85
Seems to me... MorbidButterflyTat Feb 10 #91
Name one rioter edhopper Feb 10 #114
Garland is acting as though he's in an no_hypocrisy Feb 10 #97
What if he starts to investigate the several billion dollars Kushner got? GreenWave Feb 10 #102
Don't get me wrong, Biden has been a great president. But for myself and many doc03 Feb 10 #103
Fuckin A. If DC was a dinner party, Dems have been worrying about table manners redqueen Feb 10 #104
Firing Merrick Garland right now would be politically stupid Bucky Feb 10 #116
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