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Garland will now be FINALLY judged... Think. Again. Feb 10 #1
Yeah but read further on, gab13by13 Feb 10 #3
Hur should have written "Thank God the Turtle blocked Garland from the USSC". GreenWave Feb 10 #15
Reports can be vetted. Igel Feb 10 #17
Such as the mueller report. Think. Again. Feb 10 #27
Let's face it hadEnuf Feb 10 #18
Even more reason to fire Garland. He didn't have to release the report. brush Feb 10 #59
Let's face reality: Garland is a confused, doofus fool who should never been appointed to a position of authority.... capechacon Feb 10 #23
Why reach so far... Think. Again. Feb 10 #29
I won't stay up nights waiting for Garland to sign off on that one bucolic_frolic Feb 10 #2
The job is done... 2naSalit Feb 10 #4
Nope, gab13by13 Feb 10 #5
Remarkable, my favorite part of all this was the tremendous pushback Eliot Rosewater Feb 10 #45
I believe that... Think. Again. Feb 10 #6
I'm only hoping that all this whole piling on on Joe Biden will help cause Democrats to rally around him Walleye Feb 10 #8
It really pisses me off that we had to pay Robert Hur to do this Walleye Feb 10 #7
The damage is done. The media is piling on to Hur's report, treating it as fact instead of the hit job it is. Lonestarblue Feb 10 #9
I believe the best counter gab13by13 Feb 10 #10
Unfortunately, the major media platforms have not done that. Lonestarblue Feb 10 #11
That's been true all along.. Think. Again. Feb 10 #30
It won't work that way LeftInTX Feb 10 #13
That will certainly keep this story in the news Jose Garcia Feb 10 #12
Truth would benefit. Think. Again. Feb 10 #32
And it will serve to remind people that President Biden has memory issues Jose Garcia Feb 10 #41
Does he? Think. Again. Feb 10 #42
Biden mixes up Germany's Angela Merkel with late Helmut Kohl Jose Garcia Feb 10 #49
Mis-speaking is not the same as... Think. Again. Feb 10 #54
Biden appears to mix up Macron with Mitterrand, French president who died in 1996 Jose Garcia Feb 10 #50
Mis-speaking is not the same as... Think. Again. Feb 10 #53
Biden's attempt to defend his memory backfires as he confuses the leaders of Mexico and Egypt Jose Garcia Feb 10 #52
Mis-speaking is not the same as... Think. Again. Feb 10 #55
Are you on the right site? brush Feb 10 #60
Yep, Trumpies and the legacy media would love that gulliver Feb 10 #44
Garland is terrified that doing his damn job makes him look "political." Irish_Dem Feb 10 #14
Maybe it a good thing garland didn't get the Scotus seat the way he;s performing.. Historic NY Feb 10 #16
The same thought crossed my mnd. Think. Again. Feb 10 #33
They both assumed the role of judge, jury and executioner cutroot Feb 10 #19
No, that would be retribution and petty Johonny Feb 10 #20
Considering political advantage... Think. Again. Feb 10 #34
Don't think it is going to make much difference to discipline Hur at this point. Silent Type Feb 10 #21
Of course it would... Think. Again. Feb 10 #35
Won't happen. We need to concentrate on winning election, not griping about Hur. Silent Type Feb 10 #38
Addressing wrongful actions.. Think. Again. Feb 10 #39
From the report, it seems that every restroom stall aka-chmeee Feb 10 #22
unfortunately there are et tu Feb 10 #24
It seems entirely inappropriate for a lawyer to make a medical diagnosis or evaluation regarding the Martin68 Feb 10 #25
The WH is meeting this report head-on..they had an opportunity to asiliveandbreathe Feb 10 #26
The White House had nothing to do with gab13by13 Feb 10 #31
I stand corrected, although I did not say WH had anything to do with Garland asiliveandbreathe Feb 10 #40
If my kid shits on a rug Sympthsical Feb 10 #28
I agree... Think. Again. Feb 10 #37
Move on. Stop trying to keep this story alive. Sneederbunk Feb 10 #36
This story SHOULD stay alive... Think. Again. Feb 10 #43
Per Joyce Vance: Sneederbunk Feb 10 #46
hmmm.... Think. Again. Feb 10 #47
The President has already debunked by word and deed. Sneederbunk Feb 10 #48
So let's drive it home for our man Joe! Think. Again. Feb 10 #51
+ struggle4progress Feb 10 #63
We now know that Garland is a coward, at best Mysterian Feb 10 #56
I think it's a little late for that. totodeinhere Feb 10 #57
can't disciplin Hur after you publish his report. only one who can (and should) be held responsible now is Garland Takket Feb 10 #58
That's not true. Hur is still subject to the employee rules of the department Bucky Feb 10 #61
Firing or demoting Hur won't help or change anything. Silent Type Feb 10 #62
Only by the personal action of the Attorney General. Don't hold your breath. Hur sent Garland a confidential Autumn Feb 10 #64
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