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26. Don't eat there. Their food is noy only over priced. It is unhealthy.
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 05:52 PM
Feb 10

And I can cook a much tastier and more healthy burger at home for half the price.

There are things you MUST buy and things you can say "no thanks" to. McDs is the latter and could fix some prices dutch777 Feb 10 #1
The old "want vs need" conversation my grandmother Cheezoholic Feb 10 #8
Of course cheese is a necessity Sucha NastyWoman Feb 10 #24
Only Jarlsberg swiss. Permanut Feb 10 #28
I used to live in a house near McDonald's that had a sign out front that advertised paying $10.50 per hour Sucha NastyWoman Feb 10 #22
Spewing the same old rhetoric they whined about before wage increase. FarPoint Feb 10 #2
I haven't eaten there in years. sellitman Feb 10 #3
I ate there last week... SergeStorms Feb 10 #9
Blame whatever they want, flat price gorging as I see it. republianmushroom Feb 10 #4
I hadn't been there in years but my son wanted a Big Mac. We pulled in, I looked at the prices and started laughing and ratchiweenie Feb 10 #5
So they raise prices to make them more competitive Emile Feb 10 #6
McDonald's net income for the twelve months ending September 30, 2023 was $8.333B, a 40.93% increase year-over-year. redqueen Feb 10 #7
Damn minimum wage. SergeStorms Feb 10 #12
The Critical Value There... ProfessorGAC Feb 10 #23
Passing any wage increases onto the consumer. Corporate protocol 101. View "The Corporation" (documentary) Evolve Dammit Feb 10 #10
For the same price as some of their combo meals, I can go to my favourite niyad Feb 10 #11
my fave combo meal at taco bell was originaly 5 dollars , now 11 dollars . plain greed. AllaN01Bear Feb 10 #14
Seems like a bit of an exaggeration BannonsLiver Feb 10 #25
Since you do not know me, nor do you know anything about my neighborhood, niyad Feb 10 #33
So is Subway Puppyjive Feb 10 #13
Yeah. i don't eat at MickeyD's anymore Jacson6 Feb 10 #15
Oh, RIGHT... GiqueCee Feb 10 #16
You win orangecrush Feb 10 #39
The last time I went to McDonalds, many years ago, Demobrat Feb 10 #17
hey mcdonalds and others . i remember when u would only cater to college students for part time work AllaN01Bear Feb 10 #18
Wages are a lagging indicator of inflation Warpy Feb 10 #19
I'm blaming my never eating there Farmer-Rick Feb 10 #20
Yet they still had enough for $1B+ in stock buy-backs nuxvomica Feb 10 #21
We so need substantive reform. Voltaire2 Feb 10 #27
Stock buy backs benefit the big multigraincracker Feb 10 #29
They used to be. I wish we would go back to that. N/t TexasBushwhacker Feb 10 #38
Don't eat there. Their food is noy only over priced. It is unhealthy. totodeinhere Feb 10 #26
Spread over a whole bunch of burgers and fries, it ain't much of an increase paleotn Feb 10 #30
In capitalism, corporations like McDonalds run on a legal doctrine that holds shareholder profits above all else. PatrickforB Feb 10 #31
Great post orangecrush Feb 10 #40
We're coming up on Shamrock Shake season Shermann Feb 10 #32
McDs is right by Jersey Mike's. Get large fries to have with great subs. Not much else but the fries. twodogsbarking Feb 10 #34
Of course they are. They aren't going to blame themselves for overcharging their customers to benefit shareholders. W_HAMILTON Feb 10 #35
How about we blame the fucking CEOs and their ridiculous 9 figure salaries? Initech Feb 10 #36
Not sure why adults eat at Micky D's anyway GenThePerservering Feb 10 #37
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