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Sun Feb 11, 2024, 07:54 AM Feb 11

Charles Pierce: Merrick Garland Needs to Be Thanked For His Service and Shown the Door [View all]

He is not equipped to use all the tools god gave the Department of Justice to thwart the genuine threat to the Republic that is El Caudillo del Mar-A-Lago, and the dangerous political climate he has created.


I have come to the sad conclusion that, like Brian Wilson, Attorney General Merrick Garland just wasn't made for these times, and, like Tom Hagen, he's just not a wartime consigliere. I hung in there longer than most people I know. But, this week, the case against him got overwhelming. The man needs to be thanked for his service and then shown the door.

He is not equipped to use all the tools god gave the Department of Justice to thwart the genuine threat to the Republic that is El Caudillo del Mar-A-Lago, and the dangerous political climate he has created. The former president* should have been charged federally with insurrection literally years ago. (Hell, during Thursday's oral arguments in the Supreme Court concerning the former president*'s eligibility under the 14th Amendment, even Justice Brett Kavanaugh wondered why he hadn't been so charged, and Kavanaugh used to work for Ken Starr, if we're talking about using all the DOJ's tools at your disposal.) The DOJ should have gone hammer-and-tongs after all the members of Congress who had the slightest connection with the insurrection. Somebody higher than the bear spray crowd should have been arrested and held until trial. Some of the expensive loafers should have been confiscated during the booking process rather than all those duckboots.

As diligent as Jack Smith has been, and god save the good work, he shouldn't have been necessary. This business didn't need a special counsel. It needed the Attorney General and the FBI right from jump. It should have been the very first item on Garland's plate when he walked in the door. And he's spent nearly four years faffing around until Republican congresscritters, some of whom had very curious connections to the events of that day, feel free to call the thugs and vandals, "political prisoners," and we've even come to arguing over whether or not the violence of that day constituted an "insurrection." Mother of god, the former president* is even money to be the next president, and the only real obstacle in his way seems to be whether or not his coronary arteries will do good service.

Thursday was the end for me. Appointing a Republican hack like Robert Hur to "investigate" the non-crimes of the president was bad enough, but then to allow Hur to pile on a political hit piece about the president's memory, thereby normalizing one of the former president*'s attack lines on DOJ stationery, is not admirably fair-minded, it's constitutionally suicidal. God save us from the fair-minded. They'll kill the country and wonder how they did it.


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Good day, Mr. Garland Blue Owl Feb 11 #1
yeah, i agree. i havent been on the bash garland train, but that report.... mopinko Feb 11 #2
The media will howl Demobrat Feb 11 #4
Apparently, someone who roams the halls around the Oval Office has, for years, been pushing to,....... jaxexpat Feb 11 #37
Hmm. I'm not sure if meant that as a sort of tongue in cheek? Or something you picked up by reporter? msfiddlestix Feb 11 #81
I admit being one who was tired of all the waiting. oldsoftie Feb 11 #69
It would have been uncivil, I suppose, to appoint an attack dog as AG at the beginning of Biden's term. Girard442 Feb 11 #3
appearances et tu Feb 11 #8
He wouldn't have even needed to be uncivil. ShazzieB Feb 11 #46
Exactly LeftInTX Feb 11 #63
+1 D23MIURG23 Feb 11 #68
There was a fucking coup d'tat attempt. Sky Jewels Feb 11 #59
Yes, perhaps someone willing to gather information and make decisions Magoo48 Feb 11 #72
Coup d'tat, right? Or d'etat if u don't do accents... yorkster Feb 11 #78
Yep. Welcome to club reality. The man is not up for the job in these boston bean Feb 11 #5
I worry what Garland will pull Farmer-Rick Feb 11 #51
"Thanked for his service and shown the door!" Pretty much says it all. PortTack Feb 11 #6
I don't think so. He's a Federalist Soc. guy doing AllyCat Feb 11 #14
Sorta like what I told my ex-husband on my MOMFUDSKI Feb 11 #7
Classic line! Celerity Feb 11 #99
Until now, I've been reluctant to criticize Garland because I'm not in his shoes and don't know what he faces. Mister Ed Feb 11 #9
My thoughts exactly KS Toronado Feb 11 #34
he sucks Skittles Feb 11 #84
The AG role is very complicated Buckeyeblue Feb 11 #10
Sure. Garland is several steps too far to the side of AllyCat Feb 11 #15
Easiest thing in the world. First thing, be a president who does not violate the law. jaxexpat Feb 11 #33
Agreed. yardwork Feb 11 #36
Like Glenn Kirchner. rubbersole Feb 11 #93
Biden doesn't need anyone to have his back Shermanator Feb 11 #73
I'm done making excuses for Garland. What he has done is reprehensible and outrageous. Pretty much a hit job on Biden. RKP5637 Feb 11 #11
Yes, there's no defense for the Hur fiasco. Joinfortmill Feb 11 #12
After Joe wins, he needs to clear the Secret Service, the DOJ, the FBI and Capitol Police of all TFG sycophants. Too... machoneman Feb 11 #17
there shd have been a blizzard of pink slips on day 1. mopinko Feb 11 #22
Uh no, that would be wrong. Voltaire2 Feb 11 #49
This. 👆 ShazzieB Feb 11 #92
Hey, how are things in Fort Mill? I used to live there. Indian Land, to be precise. Goodheart Feb 11 #18
I moved in 2022 to NH. Joinfortmill Feb 11 #25
"Somebody higher than the bear spray crowd should have been arrested and held until trial." sop Feb 11 #13
As soon as the carefully curated ironclad case Captain Zero Feb 11 #32
its getting annoying everytime they track down some loser who was in the capitol for 29 seconds Blues Heron Feb 11 #16
"God save us from the fair-minded. They'll kill the country and wonder how they did it." BeyondGeography Feb 11 #19
Good assessment. I normally loathe her but she's right about this. yardwork Feb 11 #39
The very first item on Garland's plate should have been to prosecute obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation Goodheart Feb 11 #20
More importantly, Biden should have known MOMFUDSKI Feb 11 #30
This was the last straw for me. mn9driver Feb 11 #21
I Am Curious Who His Deputy Is, Ma'am The Magistrate Feb 11 #23
Exactly. He holds office by that one, tenuous thread. Getting a new appointment through a fractious Senate. paleotn Feb 11 #29
Acting A.G. Yep. If they're blocking progress, GO AROUND THEM! calimary Feb 11 #116
Then maybe some pressure needs to be put on Garland, Sir. yardwork Feb 11 #41
K&R spanone Feb 11 #24
I agree with Charley. Liberal In Texas Feb 11 #26
"It should have been the very first item on Garland's plate when he walked in the door. " Exactly! paleotn Feb 11 #27
Where does this guy get off using exact phrases I was using in August 2022? Who am I, Rodney Dangerfield. jaxexpat Feb 11 #28
As usual, NOBODY puts it better than Charlie Pierce. Paladin Feb 11 #31
If Biden agrees with this article, then he should fire Garland Fiendish Thingy Feb 11 #35
Bill Barr lied about the Mueller report gab13by13 Feb 11 #53
And yet, if he spoke out, he would also be accused of being partisan, no? Fiendish Thingy Feb 11 #56
Did Biden have a preview of Hur's Report before Garland Released it? I was wondering about that. msfiddlestix Feb 11 #89
IIRC, Hur submitted it to Garland last Monday, and it was released to public on Thursday Fiendish Thingy Feb 11 #90
I would normally find it really hard to wrap my head around Garland approving,except we've had three long years of msfiddlestix Feb 11 #94
"El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago". Nearly spit out my coffee. niyad Feb 11 #38
Show some brass & dump this namby pamby Basic LA Feb 11 #40
He should be fired but if Biden fired him the Republicans would then doc03 Feb 11 #42
F!!!! the repugs they are going to say it anyway. How many times do folks out here have to say. Fight fire with napalm. usaf-vet Feb 11 #60
Completely agree Celerity Feb 11 #100
Very valid article, Garland handled political uncertainty 2021 very well, but times change bucolic_frolic Feb 11 #43
At this point Biden should retain Garland oldmanlynn Feb 11 #44
I was one of the people I_UndergroundPanther Feb 11 #107
Not only... LPBBEAR Feb 11 #45
"Not only...should Garland be gone ASAP, EVERY Republican in any government office should be removed" MichMan Feb 11 #58
Not any LPBBEAR Feb 11 #66
I feel the same I_UndergroundPanther Feb 11 #109
Charles, as usual, is right bagimin Feb 11 #47
My hope... Mike Nelson Feb 11 #48
And the statute of limitations for being charged is ticking down ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 11 #61
Someone up thread asked about Garlands Deputy. What do we know at this point? msfiddlestix Feb 11 #91
Garland is a glacially slow-moving doofus.... capechacon Feb 11 #50
If he had wanted to preserve democracy first rather than cater to obstreperous GOP GreenWave Feb 11 #52
Going on 3 years orthoclad Feb 11 #54
Maybe McConnell was right Hartpi978 Feb 11 #55
McConnell voted to confirm Garland as AG. jalan48 Feb 11 #57
The poster meant Garland never getting a vote for SCOTUS. Celerity Feb 11 #103
Thanks, my misreading of the post. jalan48 Feb 11 #104
yw! Celerity Feb 11 #108
I'm sorry, I think I misread your post. jalan48 Feb 11 #106
I will post this again, how I see it. Garland, elite lawyer brain, good judge, piss poor A.G. and/or prosecutor. IMO republianmushroom Feb 11 #62
It's funny how this post seems to have left the usual Garland/DoJ cheerleading squad speechless Silent3 Feb 11 #64
Where are his apologists now? onecaliberal Feb 11 #65
I haven't seen any serious mistakes by Garland gulliver Feb 11 #67
No one is saying what you wrote Shermanator Feb 11 #70
I beg your pardon. I just said it, and I'm someone. gulliver Feb 11 #71
You wrote this: Shermanator Feb 11 #74
Oh that... gulliver Feb 11 #75
Your criticism includes President Biden's personal lawyer, gab13by13 Feb 11 #76
I thought Biden's lawyer's points were fine. gulliver Feb 11 #77
Nah, it's just a standard lie Doc Sportello Feb 11 #110
yup Skittles Feb 11 #83
Garland should go & spend more time with family. Nululu Feb 11 #79
While I totally agree, it is too late. CanonRay Feb 11 #80
Of course there is time. Better late than never. nt Celerity Feb 11 #114
Him and Louis DeJoy ffr Feb 11 #82
SCOTUS OK, AG not so much. Good Day Sir. Evolve Dammit Feb 11 #85
Well, one thing the Hur slur report reveals... Trueblue Texan Feb 11 #86
Garland has always been a huge Centrist SqueakyWheel.363 Feb 11 #87
It'll look political if he does it now. Elessar Zappa Feb 11 #88
Hur's comments were cruel and hateful by design dlk Feb 11 #95
Nice to know some have come around to what I've concluded... B.See Feb 11 #96
Garland is a bum Handler Feb 11 #97
Garland brings the weak sauce. colorado_ufo Feb 11 #98
Should have been out the door I_UndergroundPanther Feb 11 #101
Damn right. redqueen Feb 11 #102
Agreed. He's done a poor judge. The J6 planners, including trump, should've been tried by now. brush Feb 11 #105
empty boxes ready for him to pack up his stuff BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 11 #111
Not after the election orangecrush Feb 11 #112
He's just calling balls and strikes! dchill Feb 11 #113
Thursday was the end for me too. The Unmitigated Gall Feb 11 #115
they can't even be bothered to replace DeJoy quakerboy Feb 12 #117
Merrick Garland is a member of the Federalist Society nbsmom Feb 12 #118
IDK, Has anyone thought about there might be a memo? hydrolastic Feb 12 #119
Bottom line, he failed to keep us safe ecstatic Feb 12 #120
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