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Most annoying commercials next to diabetes the musical. live love laugh Feb 11 #1
LOL! "Diabetes The Musical" . I know exactly which commercial you mean! Thanks for making me laugh! skylucy Feb 11 #16
They. are. not. Christian. We need to stop using that term. There is NOTHING Christian about them Nothing. themaguffin Feb 11 #2
Political Christians rather than Christians of faith. keithbvadu2 Feb 11 #3
How 'bout we invent a word Christianesque or Christianish? nt hvn_nbr_2 Feb 12 #17
Some Protestants/Catholics think the other is a false Christian. They don't mince words. keithbvadu2 Feb 12 #19
Does KKKrishtun work for you ? magicarpet Feb 12 #32
Religionists sop Feb 13 #52
If they were, they would support healthcare, social justice etc, but they don't themaguffin Feb 12 #20
Sure they are. Why aren't they? WhiskeyGrinder Feb 11 #12
They are against the Gospel and social justice themaguffin Feb 12 #21
No true Scotsman, eh? WhiskeyGrinder Feb 12 #22
Well, how is one a Christian if they don't believe & support the Gospel? Worse, they have disdain for it. It's cosplay. themaguffin Feb 12 #23
When you say "the Gospel," what do you mean? WhiskeyGrinder Feb 12 #24
I'm sorry, but if you don't know what the Gospel is, I'm going to stop now. Not trying to be rude, I just don't themaguffin Feb 12 #25
No no, we're good -- people generally figure the gospels are the teachings of Jesus. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 12 #27
I think it's that and that they also seem to focus on the Old Testament which I find to be mostly negative and it's also themaguffin Feb 12 #30
Some do. Others focus only on the New Testament. The ones that I see harassing people outside of abortion clinics WhiskeyGrinder Feb 12 #34
Read the sermon on the mount. honest.abe Feb 13 #46
I'm very familiar with it. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 13 #48
Its certainly not even a remote resemblance to today's RW evangelicals no matter how you interpret it. honest.abe Feb 13 #49
Some of the stuff I put in that post is taken verbatim from right-wing evangelicals who go out day after day WhiskeyGrinder Feb 13 #50
I suspect if Jesus appeared today and said those same things they would call him a flaming libtard. honest.abe Feb 13 #51
Could be. In the meantime, there's no need to repeat ableist slurs the right embrace. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 13 #53
My apologies.. I was just tying to make a point. honest.abe Feb 13 #54
The christian gospels do not advocate for social justice. Voltaire2 Feb 12 #36
I said and themaguffin Feb 13 #58
They're right in line with the Bible though. Sky Jewels Feb 13 #55
Yeah, the like select OT crap. Not the Gospels which is what Jesus said themaguffin Feb 13 #57
It's all patriarchal mythology though. Sky Jewels Feb 13 #59
You missed my point themaguffin Feb 13 #60
This brand of Jesus,... magicarpet Feb 11 #15
Who is "he" then? Prince? JanMichael Feb 12 #18
He "gets" you. The Unmitigated Gall Feb 11 #4
I wonder if he and his "father" Sky Jewels Feb 13 #56
Are they also behind Heaven...Or Not? Boomerproud Feb 11 #5
They get the fact that "religious"(phony or otherwise) groups are excused from paying income tax. Timeflyer Feb 11 #6
Think of all the $$$ that goes into those ad campaigns. TSExile Feb 11 #7
Yeah, I get you too.. Stupid Brainwashed Treasonous ASSholes. Cha Feb 11 #8
And the anti sex trafficking ad is also funded by shady groups redqueen Feb 11 #9
Yeah. But, I have to admit they are compelling--especially with the background music choices. hlthe2b Feb 11 #10
They're creepy as hell ellie Feb 11 #11
Yep. lindysalsagal Feb 11 #14
Wait, you don't believe that a magical undead carpenter Sky Jewels Feb 12 #39
hatemongers trying to spread their hate BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 11 #13
Actually I thought the foot washing one was pretty good underpants Feb 12 #26
I thought it was gross as hell. Ferrets are Cool Feb 12 #28
Same here -- wash your own fucking feet Blue Owl Feb 12 #29
Why does Jesus need an ad campaign? Dulcinea Feb 12 #31
If he wants me, he knows where to find me. lindysalsagal Feb 12 #43
Tax free ads? Emile Feb 12 #33
As far as I know Nevilledog Feb 12 #35
Advertising is generally an expense not an income Voltaire2 Feb 13 #44
So is a pair of shoes, but I still pay taxes on Emile Feb 13 #45
A sales tax on a commodity. Voltaire2 Feb 13 #47
So what was the message? cilla4progress Feb 12 #37
It's to immunize the masses to accept this version of theocracy. Nevilledog Feb 12 #38
I'm left with confusion cilla4progress Feb 12 #41
They're trying to rebrand their Christofascism. Show one thing, do the opposite. Nevilledog Feb 12 #42
When I was involved in a Christian Church, we organized to do good deeds for others. Midnight Writer Feb 12 #40
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