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In reply to the discussion: Kennedy commercial [View all]
Kennedy commercial [View all] Aviation Pro Feb 11 OP
Worst commercial ever ismnotwasm Feb 11 #1
Just posted my feelings on another thread. Irish_Dem Feb 11 #2
It caused me to do a double take. n/t ChazII Feb 11 #3
Name recognition is his only game. Doodley Feb 11 #4
Right wing dark money Traildogbob Feb 11 #5
This is actually... appmanga Feb 11 #19
It looked like an SNL skit of a political commercial. spanone Feb 11 #6
I saw that-- what a joke! All he did was play on his name. What an ass LymphocyteLover Feb 11 #7
To help us forget what we saw, here's the original. woodsprite Feb 11 #8
the original was only slightly less vapid dsc Feb 11 #16
The original ad seems appropriate for the times RussBLib Feb 12 #22
I missed Jr's ad...... I didn't start paying attention until DemocraticPatriot Feb 12 #23
Incredibly creepy. Wonder how the family feels. nolabear Feb 11 #9
They have long ago denounced his campaign.... DemocraticPatriot Feb 12 #24
It's a rank imitation of a JFK ad. nolabear Feb 12 #27
No doubt... There's an old saying, "The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree..." DemocraticPatriot Feb 12 #29
Father in law ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lovie777 Feb 11 #10
Its made me want to puke. honest.abe Feb 11 #11
It made me feel sick too. Greybnk48 Feb 11 #18
I felt like that watching that commercial kimbutgar Feb 11 #12
5 threads and counting TheProle Feb 11 #13
Took some balls to use that old footage Hekate Feb 11 #14
Missed it. Guess wasn't paying attention at moment. Those are expensive ads. Silent Type Feb 11 #15
he's larwdem Feb 11 #17
Response to RFK ad. LetMyPeopleVote Feb 12 #20
It gets worse.... Nevilledog Feb 12 #25
TY LMPV! Cha Feb 12 #28
That was awful ellie Feb 12 #21
oh that was awful fishwax Feb 12 #26
Hard to believe he had no input in this ad. Aussie105 Feb 12 #30
Most American voters aren't old enough misanthrope Feb 12 #31
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