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Tue Feb 13, 2024, 12:14 PM Feb 13

Ron Johnson, "Putin will not lose. He's not gonna lose." [View all]

In the same interview, the GOP senator — the former chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee — criticized U.S. sanctions before concluding, “A lot of the points that Vladimir Putin made are accurate. They’re obvious.”

On Capitol Hill, Johnson pushed a similar line. Politico reported:

Ukraine opponents met late Monday evening and came out resolving to delay the bill as long as they can, even if it requires holding the Senate floor overnight. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said they will use as “much time as we can” on the Senate floor. “We’re not helping Ukraine at this point in time. We’re fueling a bloody stalemate. It makes no sense,” Johnson said after the meeting.It’s a position rooted in the idea that the United States would go a long way toward “helping Ukraine” if we curtailed aid and made it easier for Russia to win faster.


Can Ron Johnson be anymore of a Putin ass kisser? Russia has been getting its ass kicked and
will continue to be beaten as long as the Putin Caucus aka the Free Dumb Caucus and pro Putin
Republicans in the senate don’t block America’s support of our alley the brave people of the Ukraine.

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Coming from Russian Ron , Putins man Historic NY Feb 13 #1
In 2016 Trump, Flynn, and others changed the RNC platform to help Putin and hurt Ukraine. Botany Feb 13 #6
So Ron's surrendering Democracy in Ukraine Captain Zero Feb 13 #41
They are traitors supporting our adversaries. This election is about good verses evil, JohnSJ Feb 13 #2
"King George will not lose. He's not going to lose." Stuckinthebush Feb 13 #3
And neither did Adolf. Squaredeal Feb 13 #8
If you like putin, you'll love ron johnson. lastlib Feb 13 #4
... and Free Shipping, too! William Seger Feb 13 #49
yes, I'll go for that! lastlib Feb 13 #58
The traitor is echoing the same words from Elon Musk. The U.S. needs to terminate all contracts JohnSJ Feb 13 #5
Someone's got Vladdy issues Blue Owl Feb 13 #7
Ron had Russian help in 2016. " Russians suspected of hacking local Dems" Botany Feb 13 #11
She also won Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan. triron Feb 14 #93
That is great! Well done. Traildogbob Feb 13 #17
Let me think - Johnson - soldierant Feb 13 #76
Ron isn't even trying to hide it anymore. sheshe2 Feb 13 #9
He is dumb as well as evil. Mickju Feb 13 #19
They're kidnapping thousands of kids. Eyeball_Kid Feb 14 #89
150 to 200 of them bluestarone Feb 13 #21
Ra-Ra-RonPutin, Russia's greatest love machine. It was a shame how he carried on. TheBlackAdder Feb 13 #10
Another Russian republican. republianmushroom Feb 13 #12
We can easily see who is on the Putin payroll. Irish_Dem Feb 13 #13
Traitor Chi67 Feb 13 #14
"We're fueling a bloody stalemate..." dchill Feb 13 #15
If Ron and his pals think a "stalemate" is bloody, Emrys Feb 14 #91
And then what will you and your orange lord do when Putin sinkingfeeling Feb 13 #16
Putin won't. The slope isn't that slippery. maxsolomon Feb 13 #54
Tell it to Latvia and Poland. sinkingfeeling Feb 13 #60
No doubt provocations are possible. They're right to be on guard. maxsolomon Feb 13 #65
They are right to fear it. But fear is not part of the equation. Poland is armed to the teeth with modern PortTack Feb 13 #66
This message was self-deleted by its author maxsolomon Feb 13 #68
Russia just placed the PM of Estonia on their wanted criminals list AdamGG Feb 14 #87
Does the Johnson Traildogbob Feb 13 #18
Traitors in the congress orangecrush Feb 13 #20
hope so but probably not oldinmtdem92 Feb 13 #24
Americans have NO IDEA Aaeia Feb 13 #22
Don't forget that a vast amount of the C-19 and vaccine misinformation Americans see is from Russia Botany Feb 13 #27
I agree with you. yardwork Feb 13 #30
Well, they're not wrong. Oneironaut Feb 13 #64
Remember when Republicans used to scream "Neville Chamberlain!" at Democrats Midnight Writer Feb 13 #23
I get my news from Stephanie Miller, for one source, gab13by13 Feb 13 #25
I don't believe Russians will tolerate a "bloody stalemate" forever; Putin may not be invincible William Seger Feb 13 #51
RoJo is a TRAITOR to the United States. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 13 #26
What were you doing in Moscow July 4, 2018, Ronald? Wild blueberry Feb 13 #28
OMG. yardwork Feb 13 #29
The bill has passed and in on to the House now. brush Feb 13 #31
Putin is our enemy and so are his lackeys dlk Feb 13 #32
Come on Wisconsen. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 13 #33
See post #11 LakeArenal Feb 13 #55
yeah, when i read the op opening line i thought: ron johnson needs to lose orleans Feb 14 #84
Anyone remember the Rosenbergs? Oneironaut Feb 13 #34
Putin's Comrades Roy Rolling Feb 13 #35
That 4th of July party in Russia must have MOMFUDSKI Feb 13 #36
What the fuck is WRONG with these ghouls? I just don't get it. Texin Feb 13 #37
None of this makes any sense, it's just mindless contrarianism. sop Feb 13 #44
And it all began..... SergeStorms Feb 13 #57
Greed and power to force others to live their life on their terms. Justice matters. Feb 13 #46
I suspect it's a combination of 2 factors Trailrider1951 Feb 13 #61
how did this traitor win re-election? pansypoo53219 Feb 13 #38
Russian help in 2016 Botany Feb 13 #43
how did senator stupid win in 2020? but then i worked the 2008 election. gotta vote for all the dems. pansypoo53219 Feb 14 #86
That's what Johnson, the traitor, is hoping for. Bluethroughu Feb 13 #39
Guy spends Fourth of July in Moscow and now he's wrapped around Putin's finger. Kid Berwyn Feb 13 #40
There are no American troops on the ground in the Ukraine. Except volunteers. Mercenaries. No USA KIAs. usaf-vet Feb 13 #42
Yeah, but Russian propaganda says they're fighting NATO ground troops. Oneironaut Feb 13 #63
Here is my position from an eariler DU/OP. usaf-vet Feb 13 #72
How much does Putin pay these whores? dalton99a Feb 13 #45
Is Putin paying them? ShazzieB Feb 13 #78
"Dear Ron, Turbineguy Feb 13 #47
Q: How stupid do you have be to believe that Putin supports TFG and Johnson because... William Seger Feb 13 #48
K&R BootinUp Feb 13 #50
Is this getting through back in Wisconsin? Do the voters know about this Putineer? Hermit-The-Prog Feb 13 #52
"Goooo Team!"🇷🇺 is what Ron is really saying. LakeArenal Feb 13 #53
The Ukraine War is a stalemate - at best. maxsolomon Feb 13 #56
There's the overriding fallacy that keeps cropping up, and the current trap: Emrys Feb 13 #75
"Stalemate" is the status of the war - not a verdict. maxsolomon Feb 14 #88
"Stalemate" relies on accepting the parameters media pundits have chosen to apply, Emrys Feb 14 #90
OK, happy clappy from now on. maxsolomon Feb 14 #94
There's a difference between "happy clappy" and taking a measured look beyond the shifting media narratives. Emrys Feb 14 #95
Sure sounds like "aid and comfort" to me. Qutzupalotl Feb 13 #59
OFFS name a war Russia DID win!! PortTack Feb 13 #62
WW2? maxsolomon Feb 13 #67
Rootin' For Putin eShirl Feb 13 #69
Cash your checks now Ron. Or does Deutche Bank need to convert from rubles for ya? Traitor. Evolve Dammit Feb 13 #70
It might not be the money but Putin might have kompromat on him. He knows that Russia put him ... Botany Feb 13 #71
Pee pee tape Evolve Dammit Feb 14 #96
Tool. cilla4progress Feb 13 #73
Johnson has been parroting The Wizard Feb 13 #74
Another useful idiot Blue Idaho Feb 13 #77
F*ckwad Traitorus Shite says what? dpJFK rolling in his grave over this shite Spermwad. NotHardly Feb 13 #79
Traitors, one and all. Martin68 Feb 13 #80
White Supremacy czarjak Feb 13 #81
Ron Johnson, carrying water for Putin Warpy Feb 13 #82
The Russian Economy is going to collapse ThoughtCriminal Feb 13 #83
He is dog S*** on the bottom of a shoe Bristlecone Feb 14 #85
Hang RUSSIA around Trump & GOP's miserable necks. Kid Berwyn Feb 14 #92
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