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Yes, many environmentalists wont give up meat. Never mind the cruelty mucifer Feb 14 #1
If they're not willing to at least cut back significantly redqueen Feb 14 #2
I enjoy meat and would like to continue Tickle Feb 14 #3
I would like to eat pizza and french fries often redqueen Feb 14 #4
We are talking about cutting back ....not stopping. nt GuppyGal Feb 14 #7
Is it our consumption of meat or Americans demand that each grocery store offer an abundance of meat to choose from ms liberty Feb 14 #5
Industrial agriculture is a huge problem redqueen Feb 14 #9
Plant based Protein sources tear my lower GI up. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 14 #6
Imo those who can tolerate those sources of protein redqueen Feb 14 #8
Red meat is inflammatory Mossfern Feb 14 #10
Yes, health is another reason I'm switching to a whole food plant based diet. I spent years cutting back redqueen Feb 14 #11
Thanks for the link! Mossfern Feb 14 #14
Hope you find something you like! redqueen Feb 14 #17
Latest studies - grassfed beef is very healthy womanofthehills Feb 14 #21
That old study is misleading at best. redqueen Feb 14 #24
Do you eat lentils, beans etc? MissB Feb 14 #12
Yes, I eat legumes, but now I need to stay away from gluten too Mossfern Feb 14 #13
That Spanish soup sounds delicious redqueen Feb 14 #18
From The Oregonian MissB Feb 14 #22
Thank you!! redqueen Feb 14 #25
Reduce, Renew, Reuse, Recycle Torchlight Feb 14 #15
Yes that's exactly how I think about it too redqueen Feb 14 #19
Aside from burning fossil fuels, agriculture is the most environmentally destructive thing we humans do. hunter Feb 14 #16
Heck yes - rewilding gives me so much hope! redqueen Feb 14 #20
Also, meat is awful. NameAlreadyTaken Feb 14 #23
As are the things that are done to animals to get it ... redqueen Feb 14 #26
The truth about carbon reduction... Personal behaviors must change. Thunderbeast Feb 14 #27
Cattle industry will lobby hard to stop anything that reduces their market share. Xolodno Feb 14 #28
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