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Of course he will. greatauntoftriplets Feb 2024 #1
Gee, ya think? hlthe2b Feb 2024 #2
... lindysalsagal Feb 2024 #3
I don't care. They bought him. They insist on keeping him. LakeArenal Feb 2024 #4
doesn't matter if he is out of funds or not lapfog_1 Feb 2024 #5
"Trump out of money" is one of those weird mental contortions stopdiggin Feb 2024 #17
LOL, why do you think he wants his Daughter in Law to head the RNC. Fla Dem Feb 2024 #6
So they run out a criminal and whine about him robbing the RNC. GreenWave Feb 2024 #7
Not "fear" - "know" . . . . hatrack Feb 2024 #8
"Misallocation" . . . "Misallocation" . . . They couldn't go and call it outright theft now could they? NBachers Feb 2024 #9
Cry me a frikken river ayeholes!! bif Feb 2024 #10
GOP and RNC need to do the right thing IzzaNuDay Feb 2024 #11
Hurry up and end this vile party. tRump is the poison they happily embraced in the process of becoming fully diane in sf Feb 2024 #12
I would call into question making the change before he is officially the nominee. LiberalFighter Feb 2024 #13
Hey, he could always start selling assets. calimary Feb 2024 #14
Why would a billionaire need to rely on GOP funds? Why don't his supporters or the media ever ask that question? Doodley Feb 2024 #15
doesn't NEED anyone else's funds stopdiggin Feb 2024 #18
Good point. He's a taker, not a giver. Doodley Feb 2024 #20
trump is a master at getting and using OPM*... Wounded Bear Feb 2024 #16
Trump owns the RNC Progressive dog Feb 2024 #19
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