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The Wizard

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3. If it's on Pox News it's Russian propaganda
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 10:27 AM
Feb 2024

designed to help Trump get into office and promote Russia's efforts to destroy the United States. Republicans for Putin would be closer to the truth. Treason Trump and Republicans in Congress are Putin's agents in the United States. Republicans hate democracy and American values.

"Tawdry and salacious " [View all] PCIntern Feb 2024 OP
K&R spanone Feb 2024 #1
Just ugh to those commentators Ninga Feb 2024 #2
If it's on Pox News it's Russian propaganda The Wizard Feb 2024 #3
Tawdry and salacious... Hugin Feb 2024 #4
Raw mushrooming! yardwork Feb 2024 #8
raw mushrooming!? AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #9
"Tawdry and salacious" accurately describes the discussion of the subject, not the subject itself. eppur_se_muova Feb 2024 #5
Good call. Hugin Feb 2024 #6
The whole case seems to built on racism and frantic attempts to save Trump. yardwork Feb 2024 #7
The whole thing is propaganda relayerbob Feb 2024 #10
The word that keeps bothering me: "luxury" Sympthsical Feb 2024 #11
"People like that" aren't supposed to go on "luxury vacations." yardwork Feb 2024 #23
I call BS! Jean Genie Feb 2024 #12
I said it when these clowns moniss Feb 2024 #13
Tawdry and salacious is Donald Trump running his hands democrank Feb 2024 #14
Let us not forget that the word "date" PCIntern Feb 2024 #15
Who said it? Where was it printed? I didn't here or see it and need to direct my outrage. RVN VET71 Feb 2024 #16
A Google search of "tawdry and salacious"... dchill Feb 2024 #20
Tawdry and salacious sounds like the name of a punk metal Joni Mitchell cover band. limbicnuminousity Feb 2024 #17
The audacious irony of them making an issue of this behavior is mind blowing. sarchasm Feb 2024 #18
Did Willis pay $130K in hush money to Wade, disguise it as a business expense and take a tax deduction? Marcuse Feb 2024 #19
The orange man's attorneys keep asking louis-t Feb 2024 #21
Even if these words, "tawdry" and "salacious", are correct, what does that republianmushroom Feb 2024 #22
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