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6. Forbes says he has $400M+ in cash and liquid assets.
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 06:18 PM
Feb 2024

Andrew Weissman said much the same a bit ago on MSNBC. He said that this and the Carroll judgments would pretty much wipe out his liquidity and might require selling assets. So, he may have enough to cover, but very little cushion if the Forbes numbers are accurate.

Someone on MSNBC also noted (didn't catch who it was) that his remaining NY assets are unlikely to be worth enough to cover the $450M (with interest).


The bigger problem is that this is going to make it incredibly difficult to acquire any other funding.

He can move operations to Florida and sell the sinking swampy coastlands struggle4progress Feb 2024 #1
I don't know the net value... WarGamer Feb 2024 #2
Sell Trump Force 1 and fly Spirit Onthefly Feb 2024 #3
Not even that valuable... WarGamer Feb 2024 #5
It will hurt his ego to sell off his namesake properties. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #20
Yes but he probably doesn't have a choice. WarGamer Feb 2024 #23
Exactly. There will be pain. And huge anger. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #24
Not after paying capital gains and who knows if they are mortgage free Clearheadsam Feb 2024 #27
The value of the assets is not equal to Trumps value or net worth FHRRK Feb 2024 #29
Not according to Michael Cohen VMA131Marine Feb 2024 #39
The vermin infested plane barely flies! madinmaryland Feb 2024 #45
I don't think that Trump can sell anything in NY state without the permission of the court. Beakybird Feb 2024 #4
If they expect a Judgement... I'm sure they will OK sales. Why not? WarGamer Feb 2024 #7
Yeah, they can sell their NY real estate, but they can't pocket the money. Beakybird Feb 2024 #31
Has to go thru the special monitor. LiberalFighter Feb 2024 #18
My thought, too. If he's not able to do business, how can he negotiate and sell property? Deuxcents Feb 2024 #26
He has MAL and Doral in Florida, golf clubs in NJ, etc. obamanut2012 Feb 2024 #32
Right. Golf course in Scotland, but I thought we were talking about NY properties Deuxcents Feb 2024 #36
A New York entity can hold non-New York assets which can be seized for settlement. brooklynite Feb 2024 #37
Forbes says he has $400M+ in cash and liquid assets. TwilightZone Feb 2024 #6
He always has the bank of Russia. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #22
What is the probability that some lazy fuck/kiss ass at Forbes took trump at his word FHRRK Feb 2024 #33
See My Post #35 ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #43
Forbes! LOL! ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #35
That's not the point. TwilightZone Feb 2024 #44
Waste Of Time ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #46
He's 100% going to get his rubes to donate to pay Johnny2X2X Feb 2024 #8
I heard that the judge extended the independent monitor for three years Clash City Rocker Feb 2024 #47
He can't edhopper Feb 2024 #9
And you don't think the Court would give permission to sell? That doesn't even make sense. WarGamer Feb 2024 #10
Someone else would have to do the deal edhopper Feb 2024 #13
Donations. He'll juice his rubes Johnny2X2X Feb 2024 #11
Great! He owes 85M for his other civil trial. Voltaire2 Feb 2024 #12
He can't liquidate Fiendish Thingy Feb 2024 #14
So he asks the Court... if they want a Judgement, they'll let them sell WarGamer Feb 2024 #15
Well, if he intends to pay, sure Fiendish Thingy Feb 2024 #16
Actually I read the order. The Judge did NOT freeze the companies... WarGamer Feb 2024 #17
But the judge also appointed a Compliance Director Fiendish Thingy Feb 2024 #19
Compliance Director makes sure Trumps and Weisselberg are no longer directors. WarGamer Feb 2024 #21
Ironically, the Judge didn't restrict the BUSINESS itself. WarGamer Feb 2024 #25
Trump has to put up the money Progressive dog Feb 2024 #40
If They Try That... ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #28
Given the current market for office space in major urban centers, OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2024 #30
Kristi Noem Mz Pip Feb 2024 #34
I expect him to appeal Progressive dog Feb 2024 #38
He will have to come back to NYC for the Stormy Daniels case.... lastlib Feb 2024 #41
He can simpy appoint Ivanka or Jared to "run" things Jose Garcia Feb 2024 #42
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