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Progressive dog

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38. I expect him to appeal
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 07:01 PM
Feb 16

if he can find the money to deposit to pay the award if he loses. He can't liquidate but even if he could it would be a fire sale. It's a lot of money to raise in 30 days even from his worshipers.

He can move operations to Florida and sell the sinking swampy coastlands struggle4progress Feb 16 #1
I don't know the net value... WarGamer Feb 16 #2
Sell Trump Force 1 and fly Spirit Onthefly Feb 16 #3
Not even that valuable... WarGamer Feb 16 #5
It will hurt his ego to sell off his namesake properties. Irish_Dem Feb 16 #20
Yes but he probably doesn't have a choice. WarGamer Feb 16 #23
Exactly. There will be pain. And huge anger. Irish_Dem Feb 16 #24
Not after paying capital gains and who knows if they are mortgage free Clearheadsam Feb 16 #27
The value of the assets is not equal to Trumps value or net worth FHRRK Feb 16 #29
Not according to Michael Cohen VMA131Marine Feb 16 #39
The vermin infested plane barely flies! madinmaryland Feb 16 #45
I don't think that Trump can sell anything in NY state without the permission of the court. Beakybird Feb 16 #4
If they expect a Judgement... I'm sure they will OK sales. Why not? WarGamer Feb 16 #7
Yeah, they can sell their NY real estate, but they can't pocket the money. Beakybird Feb 16 #31
Has to go thru the special monitor. LiberalFighter Feb 16 #18
My thought, too. If he's not able to do business, how can he negotiate and sell property? Deuxcents Feb 16 #26
He has MAL and Doral in Florida, golf clubs in NJ, etc. obamanut2012 Feb 16 #32
Right. Golf course in Scotland, but I thought we were talking about NY properties Deuxcents Feb 16 #36
A New York entity can hold non-New York assets which can be seized for settlement. brooklynite Feb 16 #37
Forbes says he has $400M+ in cash and liquid assets. TwilightZone Feb 16 #6
He always has the bank of Russia. Irish_Dem Feb 16 #22
What is the probability that some lazy fuck/kiss ass at Forbes took trump at his word FHRRK Feb 16 #33
See My Post #35 ProfessorGAC Feb 16 #43
Forbes! LOL! ProfessorGAC Feb 16 #35
That's not the point. TwilightZone Feb 16 #44
Waste Of Time ProfessorGAC Feb 16 #46
He's 100% going to get his rubes to donate to pay Johnny2X2X Feb 16 #8
I heard that the judge extended the independent monitor for three years Clash City Rocker Feb 16 #47
He can't edhopper Feb 16 #9
And you don't think the Court would give permission to sell? That doesn't even make sense. WarGamer Feb 16 #10
Someone else would have to do the deal edhopper Feb 16 #13
Donations. He'll juice his rubes Johnny2X2X Feb 16 #11
Great! He owes 85M for his other civil trial. Voltaire2 Feb 16 #12
He can't liquidate Fiendish Thingy Feb 16 #14
So he asks the Court... if they want a Judgement, they'll let them sell WarGamer Feb 16 #15
Well, if he intends to pay, sure Fiendish Thingy Feb 16 #16
Actually I read the order. The Judge did NOT freeze the companies... WarGamer Feb 16 #17
But the judge also appointed a Compliance Director Fiendish Thingy Feb 16 #19
Compliance Director makes sure Trumps and Weisselberg are no longer directors. WarGamer Feb 16 #21
Ironically, the Judge didn't restrict the BUSINESS itself. WarGamer Feb 16 #25
Trump has to put up the money Progressive dog Feb 16 #40
If They Try That... ProfessorGAC Feb 16 #28
Given the current market for office space in major urban centers, OAITW r.2.0 Feb 16 #30
Kristi Noem Mz Pip Feb 16 #34
I expect him to appeal Progressive dog Feb 16 #38
He will have to come back to NYC for the Stormy Daniels case.... lastlib Feb 16 #41
He can simpy appoint Ivanka or Jared to "run" things Jose Garcia Feb 16 #42
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