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Fri Feb 16, 2024, 10:07 PM Feb 16

This is a violation of GoFundMe' TOS. I encourage everyone to report this. [View all]

Elena Cardone

Stand with Trump @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr

Without limiting the foregoing, you agree and represent, warrant and covenant.

A. Not to use the Services to raise or establish or contribute to any Fundraiser with the implicit or explicit purpose of promoting or involving:

the legal defense of alleged financial or violent crimes.


Kennah (13,554 posts)
6. Link for reporting
Reply to sheshe2 (Original post)
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 09:19 PM
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K&R MLAA Feb 16 #1
You're welcome, MLAA!💙 sheshe2 Feb 16 #2
I went there to report this and instead found 12 OTHER GoFundMe's for this purpose. pnwmom Feb 16 #20
I wrote in the text box that it violates their terms of service and is very likely a scam IronLionZion Feb 17 #57
Any of them started by "John Bannon"? erronis Feb 17 #79
Reported and I'm controlling myself to not contact the organizer directly. nt GuppyGal Feb 16 #3
Good catch but let's get real ecstatic Feb 16 #4
Exactly what I was going to post. skypilot Feb 16 #18
sheshe2 bdamomma Feb 16 #5
If you click the link under Elena Cardone... sheshe2 Feb 16 #7
Link for reporting Kennah Feb 16 #6
Thank you, Kennah. sheshe2 Feb 16 #10
It's insignificant Renew Deal Feb 16 #8
that's how i read it too......... Takket Feb 16 #39
And they won't have enough to donate to anyone else's campaign BonnieJW Feb 17 #88
He may have well achieved the ultimate grift Renew Deal Feb 17 #104
Welp, he's up to $18K. However... jmbar2 Feb 16 #9
lol Renew Deal Feb 16 #11
Another one is ShouldhavenominatedDeSantis nt maryellen99 Feb 16 #13
The largest donor, Eric Vevang, is a registered sex offender blm Feb 17 #55
Earlier today, as a JOKE, I posted about Trump announcing a GoFundMe. pnwmom Feb 16 #12
Guess who's reading DU.... Sogo Feb 16 #19
Definitely didn't get it from DU. I posted about the GoFundMe less than half an hour after highplainsdem Feb 16 #38
I've since counted a dozen of them, and there's probably more by now, all by random people. pnwmom Feb 17 #44
There's a lot of low hanging fruit in the MAGA orchard central scrutinizer Feb 17 #80
Thanks for the link and boost! sheshe2 Feb 16 #22
Just bdamomma Feb 16 #14
Bahahahahaha. sheshe2 Feb 17 #46
Thanks & I reported it. dflprincess Feb 16 #15
The more $$ that Maga morons give Sky Jewels Feb 16 #16
I'm with you, less money going to reelection campaigns KS Toronado Feb 16 #34
Some Rs polled said if he is convicted they won't vote for him. spooky3 Feb 17 #47
Yea, people don't like to vote for losers KS Toronado Feb 17 #58
I agree that TFG will be easier to beat than Haley. We just spooky3 Feb 17 #61
I think so, too DFW Feb 17 #63
I was taken to task for suggesting Haely would be harder to beat than Trump. CrispyQ Feb 17 #77
Anybody saying Тяцмp is going to be hard to beat KS Toronado Feb 17 #90
I, too, said Haley could turn out harder to beat than rump. slightlv Feb 17 #122
K&R Omaha Steve Feb 16 #17
Please donate today! WVreaper Feb 16 #21
I am of the same school of thought on this. onecaliberal Feb 16 #26
Better than not chance Mountainguy Feb 16 #23
... Steve Bannon types, in other words! ha-ha-ha. fierywoman Feb 16 #32
It is obvious examples of the misuse of GoFundMe like this Aussie105 Feb 16 #24
A fool and his money will soon be parted. onecaliberal Feb 16 #25
up to 24k now... with 587 donors. WarGamer Feb 16 #27
TeeHee🤣 sheshe2 Feb 16 #29
I just sent a million SCantiGOP Feb 16 #30
Is that where my rupees went? I thought you had them in safekeeping? niyad Feb 17 #64
Tada...reported!! PortTack Feb 16 #28
Cool! Thank U. sheshe2 Feb 16 #31
GoFundMe is also Trump's healthcare plan for Americans IronLionZion Feb 16 #33
Scammers Know ThoughtCriminal Feb 16 #35
_ LudwigPastorius Feb 16 #36
I received that bdamomma Feb 17 #110
Might be empty, Be generous. keithbvadu2 Feb 16 #37
What a loser. Casino gangster needs hanouts? Loser. lindysalsagal Feb 16 #40
Reported. That POS should be ashamed RainCaster Feb 17 #41
Bingo! sheshe2 Feb 17 #43
When I checked the GoFundMe had received about $24000 in spooky3 Feb 17 #49
The rubes are lining up RainCaster Feb 17 #50
Given that the first few hours probably bring in the most $ spooky3 Feb 17 #51
Submitted a complaint. Who knows if it will have effect? Ford_Prefect Feb 17 #42
K&R spanone Feb 17 #45
Spanone. sheshe2 Feb 17 #48
I followed your links and reported it. willamette Feb 17 #52
Thank you, willamette. sheshe2 Feb 17 #54
Done Katcat Feb 17 #53
Not sure it violates the highlighted TOS... A_Woman_from_MI Feb 17 #56
Which May Fit The Definition... ProfessorGAC Feb 17 #98
I reported Trueblue1968 Feb 17 #59
I reported it as well indigovalley Feb 17 #60
I reported it as a likely scam. Liberty Belle Feb 17 #62
For some reason, that picture of cunctator* t#### and his shyster cracks niyad Feb 17 #65
The scowl makes him look real tough.😱 sheshe2 Feb 17 #68
I did my thing herding cats Feb 17 #66
Reported! GaYellowDawg Feb 17 #67
If people are stupid enough to give money to him Raine Feb 17 #69
A sucker is born.... flying-skeleton Feb 17 #70
Newsweek has an article about this on the web........ riversedge Feb 17 #71
This should be spread around, especially since he told everyone that he was a billionaire. What billionaire Maraya1969 Feb 17 #72
Morning all bdamomma Feb 17 #73
Disappointing to see it's still up IronLionZion Feb 17 #74
Elena's cats' names are Cash and Flow. You can't make this stuff up IronLionZion Feb 17 #75
So, wealth apparently is no guarantor of good taste. n/t dobleremolque Feb 17 #93
One common way to get wealthy is to take money from MAGA idiots IronLionZion Feb 17 #106
TSF's not looking very presidential or very billionaire-y bucolic_frolic Feb 17 #76
reported... sarchasm Feb 17 #78
How do we report it? nt SayItLoud Feb 17 #81
I think it's hysterical!! Fools and their money (or something). These donations are symbolic only, and * Oopsie Daisy Feb 17 #82
"Donate to our Save the Billionaires fund and get a free thank-you letter struggle4progress Feb 17 #83
trump needs more sheep to fleece after the NY ruling. republianmushroom Feb 17 #84
I just checked it and did a little math; A HERETIC I AM Feb 17 #85
Thanks for doing the math! sheshe2 Feb 17 #86
This assumes the fundraiser is actually for Trump and not just another scam using his name. Ford_Prefect Feb 17 #92
Yeah...no idea. A HERETIC I AM Feb 17 #96
I second bdamomma Feb 17 #111
I'm almost willing to let the idiots be scammed. RandomNumbers Feb 17 #87
I bet he gets more from his GoFundMe than I did from mine. :) malthaussen Feb 17 #89
Up to 60+k now. There are a moonscape Feb 17 #91
Question for the DoJ'er here, is gofundme monies received, classified as "income" and taxed as Income? republianmushroom Feb 17 #94
Interesting question. 🤔 sheshe2 Feb 17 #95
Possibly. A HERETIC I AM Feb 17 #99
I guarantee this is a scam Diraven Feb 17 #97
She previously ran a fundraiser for Kari Lake. SeattleVet Feb 17 #100
I filed a complaint, enigmania Feb 17 #101
There is some good trolling in the comments!! progressoid Feb 17 #102
Thanks so much for sharing those! sheshe2 Feb 17 #108
It blows my mind people wrap this guy in Jesus and send him money. Vinca Feb 17 #103
Idiots donating money to a supposed billionaire to pay his legal fines IronLionZion Feb 17 #107
How will this fit in with his IRS audit Beachnutt Feb 17 #105
Not sure if this is real, but tweet claims GoFundMe is stopping this spooky3 Feb 17 #109
Looks bdamomma Feb 17 #113
Good if real, but should be Mr. Trump. He is not President. . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 17 #114
It's still active and accepting donations IronLionZion Feb 17 #115
Yep. Still going! progressoid Feb 17 #116
I don't think that's a statement from GoFundMe. And there is precedent for using GoFundMe to pay fines. onenote Feb 18 #124
NY residents rise up and report this RANDYWILDMAN Feb 17 #112
Isn't it that GoFundMe doesn't pay a dime unless the ENTIRE requested amount is donated? fierywoman Feb 17 #117
I don't think so.... sheshe2 Feb 17 #119
Not quite. But they do guarantee refunds if it turned out to be fraud IronLionZion Feb 17 #120
Those moron donors deserved to be scammed SouthernDem4ever Feb 17 #118
Done. Permanut Feb 17 #121
I gotta 20 says Bannon is behind this scam. Malmsy Feb 18 #123
All the fucking dummies with their real names up there...they are real easy to find LOLLLZ nt GuppyGal Feb 18 #125
This does not violate the (badly worded) TOS as I read them Shermann Feb 18 #126
Damn, on the donation page, they shut down the comments. Dan Feb 18 #127
Sorry they shut them down. sheshe2 Feb 18 #128
Damn. Gofundme has stated that it does NOT violate their TOS. Malmsy Feb 19 #129
Thanks for the update, Malmsy. sheshe2 Feb 19 #130
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