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12. When Nalvany went to Russia I said that it was a mistake, that the likelihood of him getting out, or
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 10:37 PM
Feb 2024

staying alive was slim. Well, it happened.

Martyrs rarely accomplish much, dead people cannot move other people, they cannot hold campaigns. I believe Nalvany could have accomplished infinitely more by staying outside of Russia and not allowing Putin to get his bloody hands on him. What did he accomplish? Not much. People will march, will write about him for some time, then new things will happen and Nalvany will be forgotten while the criminal Putin stays in power.

When Nalvany went to Russia and was aprehended, then went to a "trial", then to jail, people talked about him for a while, then people forgot until now, when he is dead. The same will happen, he will be in the news for a while and then people will forget about him, occasionally mentioning him when Putin's crimes are in the conversation, but the accomplishments of his martyrdom are very small. A real waste of an intelligent and patriotic man.

And anyone who tries to say that MLK accomplished and continues to, even after death, would not be making a good argument for martyrdom because MLK had the time to move masses, to talk to the people, he accomplished a lot while he was alive and left a legacy behind that others were able to take further, but Nalvany did not have that luxury, he decided to go back too soon with very little accomplished.

A very sad story.

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