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22. I'm waiting for the Beef Jerky rollout where the wrapper is clear cellophane w/his face imprinted over the square jerky
Sun Feb 18, 2024, 03:25 AM
Feb 2024
When I first saw it, my jaw was dropped and then I busted up laughing. Deuxcents Feb 2024 #1
I thought it was a meme. AllyCat Feb 2024 #16
Ikr... and chooses PHilly to Get BOOED in!! Cha Feb 2024 #2
But. . but. .according to some "speech" he spewed last week. .he won PA niyad Feb 2024 #9
He ripped off a thousand businesses in AC IbogaProject Feb 2024 #14
Sorry, I must be getting giddy - I am laughing laughing laughing at your post - Philly, Indeed! NBachers Feb 2024 #21
The quintessential sneak oil salesman Mme. Defarge Feb 2024 #3
Bravo! jfz9580m Feb 2024 #37
I wonder if he is using his business in NY to fund that? nt cayugafalls Feb 2024 #4
Absolutely. You nailed it as to the pathetic crook, wannbe dictator he is. brush Feb 2024 #5
Those things are frightening, I need sunglasses! sheshe2 Feb 2024 #6
I thought he was supposed to have financial babysitters handling his stuff already. Talitha Feb 2024 #7
Only in New York State edhopper Feb 2024 #43
R U Kidding me? Dear_Prudence Feb 2024 #8
Awkward! Drum Feb 2024 #10
They'll probably hawk them at CPAC as well. Drum Feb 2024 #11
Sneaker Hawking... Paris2024 Feb 2024 #12
What an embarrassment to the world we are. Jack-o-Lantern Feb 2024 #13
Ha! The reflection in that gold paint. . . DinahMoeHum Feb 2024 #15
Unbelievably fugly jfz9580m Feb 2024 #17
Any idea of his asking price? KS Toronado Feb 2024 #23
399 dollars! jfz9580m Feb 2024 #24
WOW, he probably buys them from China for a buck apiece KS Toronado Feb 2024 #41
Well he is already down 533 million this year jfz9580m Feb 2024 #45
Yea, I heard the Boos, were they for him? the shoes? or both? KS Toronado Feb 2024 #48
KS you can own a pair for as little as $399. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #26
If someone bought a hundred, Тяцмp would raise shipping costs 1,000% KS Toronado Feb 2024 #50
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better.... JanMichael Feb 2024 #35
Trump's fashion taste summed up in one word: TACKY. zanana1 Feb 2024 #38
AIR FELONS... MiHale Feb 2024 #51
What a joke. PufPuf23 Feb 2024 #18
Where are they made? China?? flying-skeleton Feb 2024 #19
This has to be a bet between MBS and pootie. rubbersole Feb 2024 #20
I'm wondering what's going on too. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #28
He's probably getting this stellar advice from The Pillow Guy. llmart Feb 2024 #47
Usually narcissists don't take advice, so maybe this was Trump's (bad) idea. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #49
I'm waiting for the Beef Jerky rollout where the wrapper is clear cellophane w/his face imprinted over the square jerky NBachers Feb 2024 #22
Genius businessman, clearly. stumpysbear Feb 2024 #25
PISS COLORED SNEAKERS, wow Emile Feb 2024 #27
Tacky, disgusting and pathetic. He's so proud of livetohike Feb 2024 #29
😂 rump is a pip 😂 Tickle Feb 2024 #30
I am not skilled enough to do it maxrandb Feb 2024 #31
Golden Shower Sneakers! yellowcanine Feb 2024 #32
I think it's GREAT Conjuay Feb 2024 #33
Yep - I have not worn my red Boston Red Sox maptap22 Feb 2024 #40
Worn by Trump University Basketball Team Onthefly Feb 2024 #34
Should have gone with golden gloves SomedayKindaLove Feb 2024 #36
So he's a shoe salesman now? underpants Feb 2024 #39
Don't you love the ReTHUG malaise Feb 2024 #42
If you need "cartoon sneakers" these are cheaper KS Toronado Feb 2024 #44
I honestly thought it was from The Onion! bif Feb 2024 #46
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