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22. That isn't clear at all.
Sun Feb 18, 2024, 01:51 PM
Feb 2024

Most analyses of Perot’s first campaign viewed the effect as neutral. As a third party centrist he did in fact pull in voters from the major parties, but pretty much equally from both.

Perot is an example of how a third party can draw from major parties- and the key factor is to occupy the center. The Libertarian Party on the right and the Green Party on the left both basically draw voters who won’t vote for either major party, and despite our perpetual angst, are not really a factor.

That said, if No Labels had its shit together it could manage to replicate Perot’s effort. There certainly are a lot of people not thrilled either major party candidate. Luckily that doesn’t appear likely.

Liz Cheney May Run For President [View all] gab13by13 Feb 2024 OP
RFK isn't siphoning from Biden. onecaliberal Feb 2024 #1
There are anti vaxers on the left too Fiendish Thingy Feb 2024 #3
Sure, but they are very unlikely to be 'Biden voters'. Voltaire2 Feb 2024 #12
Ross Perot anamnua Feb 2024 #15
That isn't clear at all. Voltaire2 Feb 2024 #22
All it takes is a couple of thousand Biden votes switched out of millions in a swing state Fiendish Thingy Feb 2024 #17
It's shocking to see so many leftwingers lured to the far right by conspiracy theories Celerity Feb 2024 #6
I could see blue dog dems voting for her. I don't like this at all mucifer Feb 2024 #2
Just my opinion. bluestarone Feb 2024 #4
I think she'd pull way more disaffected Rs than Ds TwilightZone Feb 2024 #11
As a Blue Dog from a family of BDs, I say NOPE. Runningdawg Feb 2024 #21
I'm guessing she won't run Fiendish Thingy Feb 2024 #5
That's what I think too, gab13by13 Feb 2024 #7
I'm not convinced that most Never Trumpers would vote for Biden. TwilightZone Feb 2024 #13
Out of millions of votes in a swing state, all it would take is a couple of thousand Fiendish Thingy Feb 2024 #18
That's assuming they would have voted for Biden otherwise. TwilightZone Feb 2024 #20
2,000 votes out of 5-7 million is a rounding error Fiendish Thingy Feb 2024 #24
It depends on whether her main "base" are the same Republicans who voted Libertarian in 2016... JHB Feb 2024 #8
Can I offer a reality check? brooklynite Feb 2024 #9
reality check intelpug Feb 2024 #23
I trust her on this matter. Tom Rinaldo Feb 2024 #10
I believe Liz is anti-choice, and pro-religious school public funding, right? lindysalsagal Feb 2024 #14
Which means she would siphon off more Repub then Dem votes. anamnua Feb 2024 #16
Her goal is to keep stinky out of the White House Norbert Feb 2024 #19
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