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They all use the Russian propaganda talking points, for example Walleye Feb 18 #1
So, not all MAGAts are Russian Trolls, but all Russian Trolls are MAGAts kwijybo Feb 18 #40
Yep, so taking money from banks and lying about assets is victimless. PurgedVoter Feb 18 #41
Oh that is brilliant! PatSeg Feb 18 #2
Thank you - I love trolling russian trolls Wicked Blue Feb 18 #3
1+ keithbvadu2 Feb 18 #4
They also don't like it Farmer-Rick Feb 18 #5
I suppose the RW talking points about Biden mwooldri Feb 18 #31
How old is he in dog years? Mopar151 Feb 18 #52
"Under Review" has meant "tombstoned" for a while now. Iggo Feb 18 #35
That's good to know Farmer-Rick Feb 18 #37
I'll get busy EYESORE 9001 Feb 18 #6
Lolol blm Feb 18 #9
they also post in the middle of the night here. mopinko Feb 18 #7
I've noticed that markodochartaigh Feb 18 #8
Yup blm Feb 18 #10
In the case of Russians, there IS a grammar clue they often leave that even Republicans don't make DFW Feb 18 #18
I've noticed that, but AI is probably going to make it more difficult to tell. yardwork Feb 18 #21
Apropos of nothing but articles, Ocelot II Feb 18 #51
I don't think Armenian has them either. LeftInTX Feb 19 #55
Japanese also has a completely different word order. DFW Feb 19 #57
We had someone like that on DU about a month ago LeftInTX Feb 19 #53
On rawstory, they stick out because they are the only ones posting with normal sounding first and last names as user ID. LT Barclay Feb 18 #38
Вы правы William769 Feb 18 #11
They and MAGA trolls also have MAJOR fails when confronted with this fact blm Feb 18 #12
They have spent decades convinced that THEY do all the work blm Feb 18 #13
Yeah, Trumpsters definitely don't contribute as much as they think they do. Aristus Feb 18 #28
That's interesting... Think. Again. Feb 18 #19
Create more states NT anamnua Feb 18 #25
or simply allocate the number of electors by population. Think. Again. Feb 18 #27
The one which is already being worked on is the soldierant Feb 18 #45
I'm hopeful for this... Think. Again. Feb 18 #48
Amen! soldierant Feb 19 #62
This is my specialty! Sugarcoated Feb 18 #14
I'm on Instagram often and MontanaMama Feb 18 #17
Of those listed, I only check the Washington Post DFW Feb 18 #20
I actually catch myself doing that kind of thing also, I'm embarassed to say. Think. Again. Feb 18 #49
We all do it on occasion as a typo when we type too fast. DFW Feb 19 #56
I prefer Putin's trolls... surfered Feb 18 #15
That's how I think of it, too. yardwork Feb 18 #24
I've heard variations willamette Feb 18 #42
Call Putin a bald shrimp/midget and see how the trolls get PO'd meow2u3 Feb 18 #16
You made me spit out Farmer-Rick Feb 18 #30
Good to know! calimary Feb 18 #22
Cicero's 2000 year old spoof unscrambler still holds true: anamnua Feb 18 #23
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 18 #26
Part of me wants to join in the fun and the other wants to cry. GreenWave Feb 18 #29
or "the Crimea belongs to the Ukraine"? Wonder Why Feb 18 #32
The Short, Old dictator, Putin loves history so history bombs work. If you go by history, Russia is owned by Ukraine. PurgedVoter Feb 18 #43
Did you intend for "Short Old Dictator" to be soldierant Feb 18 #46
Bolloxed would have been harder so SOD is good. PurgedVoter Feb 18 #47
Trying and failing to imagine a Nazi being unfortunately killed. Iggo Feb 18 #36
Theyve been active on amatuer radio lately gay texan Feb 18 #33
Russians aren't the only ones. It's pretty easy to spot the 'pinks' as well. pecosbob Feb 18 #34
Responses also don't make sense sometimes JI7 Feb 18 #39
Check their accounts. edbermac Feb 18 #44
They are particularly numerous orangecrush Feb 18 #50
There is a bunch of these motherfuckers with a black person as their profile pic. Some random black person in the car. SoFlaBro Feb 19 #54
K&R red dog 1 Feb 19 #58
You can also use the hashtag #PutinKhuylo. . . DinahMoeHum Feb 19 #59
Also trending now is hashtag #NavalnyHero red dog 1 Feb 19 #60
They're not very good at American vernacular. shrike3 Feb 19 #61
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