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Mon Feb 19, 2024, 01:35 PM Feb 19

AIPAC Throws Millions at Possible Insurgent Campaigns to Unseat Progressive Democrats [View all]

I repeat, ' TO UNSEAT PROGESSIVE DEMOCRATS!! I had no idea until I just came across this info!
It is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee! They used to only lobby, now they're funding elections!

In a mounting offensive by AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, to unseat progressives who speak up for Palestinian rights, Westchester County Executive George Latimer, who has been courted by AIPAC, announced earlier today he is launching a primary challenge against New York Congressmember Jamaal Bowman.

Last month, two Michigan Democrats running for the U.S. Senate revealed AIPAC offered them $20 million to instead primary Congressmember Rashida Tlaib for her House seat. Nasser Beydoun, a Lebanese American businessman, and Hill Harper, a Hollywood actor-turned-politician, both turned AIPAC down.

Meanwhile, a new book by journalist Ryan Grim reports an AIPAC representative approached Congressmember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with an offer to raise $100,000 after her stunning 2018 win. The fundraising was presented as an opening salvo to “start the conversation” about AOC’s position on Israel.



This kind of activity will come closer to the forefront as people start asking questions.

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Great news! Wesley Bell has a real shot at taking down Cori Bush! tritsofme Feb 19 #1
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #2
Except for Cori Bush Polybius Feb 19 #8
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #9
... Polybius Feb 19 #19
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #31
The term is confusing Polybius Feb 19 #34
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #36
It cost us a ton of elections Polybius Feb 19 #37
So you are saying you won't vote for the Dem? Cuthbert Allgood Feb 19 #69
We can Vote Against Dems in the Primary that we Cha Feb 19 #128
Yeah, I mean, that's cool, but that's not what they said. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #133
No, I'm not saying that Polybius Feb 21 #148
Defend RW Bibi while malaise Feb 19 #92
Comparing a bunch of fucking terrorists to Mandela AZSkiffyGeek Feb 19 #101
REAlly!! What's UP with that Kinda Cha Feb 19 #130
That's true... Think. Again. Feb 19 #103
Israel Zeitghost Feb 21 #150
Who's "Defending" Fucking Bibi? Cha Feb 19 #129
Agreed! It's a horrible term. It can only conjure up visions of complete anarchy. PTL_Mancuso Feb 19 #67
You're right... TY! And Rep Spanberger VA said ... Cha Feb 19 #109
You are wrong. Defund the Police cost Democrats seats in the real world LetMyPeopleVote Feb 19 #40
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #45
Speaking of "evidence"... OilemFirchen Feb 19 #52
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #57
Doubtful. More likely that she didn't lose despite that. OilemFirchen Feb 19 #64
I am curious also to see these names LetMyPeopleVote Feb 19 #89
Yeah, this one's a hoot. OilemFirchen Feb 19 #93
We did not have to wait too long LetMyPeopleVote Feb 19 #121
Here are some exit polls and material from President Obama that show that you are WRONG LetMyPeopleVote Feb 19 #55
Beyond that, the Defund sentiment, according to many, Abolishinist Feb 19 #60
Well, that's a good start then. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 19 #70
Plenty of evidence has been provided. TwilightZone Feb 19 #73
NO.. GOTV Missouri 1 For Wesley Bell!! Cha Feb 19 #32
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #35
Laugh all you want.. Wesley Bell FOR MO 1! Cha Feb 19 #41
We will see what happen but here is some interesting polling LetMyPeopleVote Feb 19 #42
WOODSHED! OilemFirchen Feb 19 #43
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #46
I have been following the Justice Democrats for a long time LetMyPeopleVote Feb 19 #48
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #49
I like real democrats who support the Democratic Party LetMyPeopleVote Feb 19 #51
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #61
Manchin was one of the few Democrats who could win in West Virginia LetMyPeopleVote Feb 19 #68
Beto isn't running. TwilightZone Feb 19 #72
Sorry -yes Allred LetMyPeopleVote Feb 19 #74
And he's still one of the most prominent Dems in Texas. TwilightZone Feb 19 #78
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #79
He voted with Biden's agenda 88% of the time. TwilightZone Feb 19 #71
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #77
Support is relative. TwilightZone Feb 19 #87
Indeed. OilemFirchen Feb 19 #91
... lapucelle Feb 19 #115
I enjoy the hysteria that the evil Democratic Establishment, Illuminati-like AIPAC, the endless list of enemies -- betsuni Feb 19 #116
That's great news! Polybius Feb 21 #149
YES Dem Wesley Bell is Exponentially Better than Bush. Cha Feb 19 #131
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Feb 20 #136
Revealing... sarisataka Feb 19 #22
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #33
Oh hell. OilemFirchen Feb 19 #110
I'm PositivelyClear you are right about that. revmclaren Feb 19 #113
For their Team. Cha Feb 19 #132
I fail to see the problem. OilemFirchen Feb 19 #3
Something something JOOOOOOOOOOOZ!!!!1! tritsofme Feb 19 #5
I think they're jealous of the cuisine. (n/t) OilemFirchen Feb 19 #11
heh Mossfern Feb 21 #157
No surprise coming from the left wing rag Democracy Now. JohnSJ Feb 19 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author TeamProg Feb 19 #12
Um...people aren't foreigners just because they are Jews. tritsofme Feb 19 #14
The "Wandering Jew" is alive and well... nt sarisataka Feb 19 #20
Quick! No googling allowed. OilemFirchen Feb 19 #15
They do quite love their dual loyalty canard, I suppose. tritsofme Feb 19 #16
Seems so. OilemFirchen Feb 19 #21
It was a demonstrable lie, bordering on hate content. Probably was a good idea to take it down. tritsofme Feb 19 #25
There is No problem.. Wesley Bell for MO 1 Cha Feb 19 #39
Hmmm. JanMichael Feb 19 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Feb 19 #118
Folks should wise up to the fact that Democracy Now! distorts facts lapucelle Feb 20 #138
All of that. But it's mostly multi-millionaire Amy Goodman's cash cow. OilemFirchen Feb 20 #140
Amy Goodman was a guest at Neville Roy Singham and Jodie Evan's wedding. lapucelle Feb 20 #144
I'm glad that many are... 2naSalit Feb 19 #4
Huh??? TeamProg Feb 19 #13
Fuck AIPAC Sky Jewels Feb 19 #6
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #10
A jewish group working to unseat Tlaib seems logical. LexVegas Feb 19 #7
+1 She's actively encouraging Michiganders to vote against Biden Arazi Feb 19 #18
She also uses blatantly antisemitic language. nt LexVegas Feb 19 #47
Have you heard of #Abandonbiden sarisataka Feb 19 #17
"CAIR-MN Welcomes Jaylani Hussein as Executive Director" lapucelle Feb 19 #82
Why do they think JustAnotherGen Feb 19 #98
Ah yes, AIPAC... 2naSalit Feb 19 #23
Oh my. OilemFirchen Feb 19 #24
Beat me to it Mountainguy Feb 19 #26
That's ongoing AZSkiffyGeek Feb 19 #53
In 2022 AIPAC endorsed 109 Rethug traitors who refused to certify Biden, almost of whom still push the Big Lie Celerity Feb 19 #80
Great post sis malaise Feb 19 #94
Important context, great post. Duncan Grant Feb 19 #108
thank you Celerity Feb 20 #141
Excellent example of AIPAC's harm to our government. nt TeamProg Feb 19 #112
Finally... qwlauren35 Feb 20 #146
It is more than AIPAC among some, they use it as a proxy against JohnSJ Feb 19 #28
Notice how they are... 2naSalit Feb 19 #30
And, they are backing Adam Schiff over Katie Porter. Nt Fiendish Thingy Feb 19 #29
Good.. Rep Adam Schiff For Senate CA!! Cha Feb 19 #44
Yep. Lots of progressive Dems in CA. redqueen Feb 19 #50
The mistake many make is assuming that they're a partisan organization. TwilightZone Feb 19 #76
You mean people Zeitghost Feb 21 #153
What Two-State Solution? Kid Berwyn Feb 19 #38
Obviously our democracy threatens their democracy. no_hypocrisy Feb 19 #54
This should be illegal. RocRizzo55 Feb 19 #56
So, do you think its unfair for Planned Parenthood Action Fund to only support pro-choice candidates? brooklynite Feb 19 #97
Afaic, it's ALL legalized bribery. RocRizzo55 Feb 20 #135
When you're able to change the Constitution to require public financing of campaigns, let me know... brooklynite Feb 20 #139
That Is A Point Often Missed, Sir The Magistrate Feb 20 #142
As I've said before: blackmail can compel behavior, it can't compel enthusiasm..... brooklynite Feb 20 #145
Ideology based on the conviction that everybody's bribed and corrupted: annoying. betsuni Feb 21 #163
Delete, Double Post The Magistrate Feb 20 #143
Find out more about PACs. qwlauren35 Feb 20 #147
WHY does AIPAC want to unseat progressive Democrats? Martin Eden Feb 19 #58
Well, that is exactly it. nt TeamProg Feb 19 #59
No it isn't. Unlike Netanyahu (and Rep. Tlaib), AIPAC is in favor of a two-state solution. lapucelle Feb 20 #134
Is that true? Mossfern Feb 21 #164
What I found Mossfern Feb 21 #165
Opposition to a two-state solution is a "hard right" position? Rep. Tlaib is against a two-state solution. lapucelle Feb 19 #75
Netanyahu's One State solution is most definitely a hard right position Martin Eden Feb 19 #85
I think Representative Tlaib is well aware of the long term demographics, lapucelle Feb 19 #95
I know that much remains to be worked out on a two state solution Martin Eden Feb 19 #96
I think that the last US president to speak on possible details was Bill Clinton, lapucelle Feb 19 #99
Much has happened since then Martin Eden Feb 19 #111
Exactly. And it's an entirely different world. N/T lapucelle Feb 19 #114
I'm not sure why you are alarmed at this, after all, Netanyahu is also for a ONE-STATE solution, correct? nt TeamProg Feb 19 #117
I'm not sure why anyone would conclude that asking a question and stating a fact indicates "alarm". lapucelle Feb 19 #119
because they must have unanimous support in congress DBoon Feb 19 #81
Support for what, in terms of resolving the I/P conflict Martin Eden Feb 19 #88
Not a fan of AIPAC, but some of these "preogressives" have thrown their lot in with some distasteful people. Happy Hoosier Feb 19 #62
Talib marti Feb 19 #63
Exaclty.. Mayor of Dearborn MI does NOT Give a SHIT Cha Feb 19 #83
The website that platforms "Axis of Resistance" talking points is touting a new book by Ryan Grim? lapucelle Feb 19 #66
Fuck that. I hope that if they lose Democratic seats those bastards are held to account. Autumn Feb 19 #84
I worry they'll get us more corporate Dems redqueen Feb 19 #100
Exactly. That's just what they want. Conservative politicians. Autumn Feb 19 #105
Is your objection that they're supporting pro-israel policies or running Primaries against "progressives"? brooklynite Feb 19 #86
We have plenty of good Dems in office now, not spending the $ to elect Dems over Repugs is not helping in the TeamProg Feb 19 #104
I absolutely agree, BUT..... brooklynite Feb 19 #106
Yes, "people "who are interested in getting rid of corporate Dems to be replaced by progressive Dems, who TeamProg Feb 19 #124
Well I don't believe in in the "corporate Democrat" rant... brooklynite Feb 19 #125
I do think that Rashida is out of line in her prompt to vote uncommitted in the primary with Biden, but she TeamProg Feb 19 #126
I was under the impression she represented her constituents in Congress, not in the Democratic Primary. brooklynite Feb 19 #127
Incumbent Rep. Tlaib received the max $5K from CAIR-CA PAC in 2022. OilemFirchen Feb 19 #107
AIPAC has supported candidates for years.... brooklynite Feb 19 #90
AIPAC has always sucked pfitz59 Feb 19 #102
Is it the primarying or the amount of money being spent that bothers some? wyldwolf Feb 19 #120
Absolutely, but those progressive Democrats were fighting for working people and taking an anti-corporation platform. TeamProg Feb 19 #122
It doesn't help the far left that some of them come across as terrorist sympathizers... meow2u3 Feb 19 #123
Hmmm, what you say can only be true if you define ALL Palestinians as "terrorists", right? To label far left Dems TeamProg Feb 21 #155
I wonder why Democracy Now! thinks it is entitled to distort facts in the service of a narrative. lapucelle Feb 20 #137
+++ JohnSJ Feb 21 #151
You believe AIPAC? Lol! Their spokes people have no accontability. It's a huge organization. TeamProg Feb 21 #154
It's Democracy Now! that lied about "AIPAC" allegedly having made the offers. lapucelle Feb 21 #156
AIPAC and other lobbying groups are taking advantage of the gullible, sorry, they lie. TeamProg Feb 21 #158
By disinforming readers in the very link you posted, Democracy Now! demonstrates both its capacity to lie lapucelle Feb 21 #159
Democracy Now Lies and Distorts? Shocking.. NOT! Cha Feb 21 #162
Because that's what DN does.. They DISTORT & Cha Feb 21 #160
Thank you. DN is completely unreliable. betsuni Feb 21 #161
not at all surprising lapfog_1 Feb 21 #152
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