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Tue Feb 20, 2024, 01:02 AM Feb 20

"Christian" family moves to Russia to escape LGBTQ, and now can't wait to leave their living hell [View all]

The patriarch of a right-wing Canadian family of eight had just about enough of the gay people existing in his country. “We didn't feel safe for our children there in the future anymore. There's a lot of left-wing ideology, LGBTQ, trans, just a lot of things that we don't agree with that they teach there now, and we wanted to get away from that for our children.”

Yeah, if there’s one place that’s just not safe for kids, it’s Canada. Russia would be sooo much safer.

So mom and dad sold everything they had to move to sunny Russia to raise their kids in “orthodox” values. They also gladly took donations on their social media platform from fellow right-wingers so they could live in Putin’s wonderland. They did all of this just three weeks ago, and Russian officials assured them that they would work with them to get them established, and even help them get a farm. Long story short, they lived happily ever after.

Except they didn’t.

First off, the Russian bank where they moved their funds immediately froze their assets. The amount of money seemed suspicious, as I guess it would since most Russians outside of Putin’s circle are dirt poor. As a result, the family doesn’t have money to live on, and those nice Russian officials disappeared.


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Imagine being so afraid of the gays vercetti2021 Feb 20 #1
crazy!! and i bet they have never been harmed by a gay person EVER. BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 20 #25
They should realize that if they have 8 kids... viva la Feb 20 #71
For Sure dai13sy Feb 20 #111
They say they're Christians dai13sy Feb 20 #114
Of course they can't possibly be Christians. Mariana Feb 20 #175
Why do you think they went to russia quakerboy Feb 20 #121
Because Trump loves Russia and they love Trump. Maraya1969 Feb 20 #156
I believe he's running away from his homosexuality instead of Canada tom_kelly Feb 20 #89
Probably Katcat Feb 20 #105
That, and a few other things. ShazzieB Feb 20 #145
Imagine being that stupid! Had they not leftyladyfrommo Feb 20 #129
It's wonderful according to Tucker Carlson. Formally of Faux news. Where every report is tainted with lies. usaf-vet Feb 20 #134
No one has told them that THERE ARE GAYS IN RUSSIA TOO? Escurumbele Feb 20 #151
Not according to Putin. SergeStorms Feb 20 #159
Oswaldesque Prairie Gates Feb 20 #2
Idiots dalton99a Feb 20 #3
That baby's expression says it all Pas-de-Calais Feb 20 #22
Before I read this reply I thought to myself that even the baby looks sad. flashman13 Feb 20 #90
I feel for the kids. Those two parents don't look like they have an IQ point between them. hlthe2b Feb 20 #36
Kid on left looks malnourished: puffy face but matchstick arms; lot of white bread probably. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 20 #39
They pass it back and forth when the other needs it ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #73
He's young enough to be drafted. XanaDUer2 Feb 20 #55
Maybe oldest Rebl2 Feb 20 #66
He's signed his death warrant XanaDUer2 Feb 20 #69
You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #79
Gene Wilder would be proud of you. Lochloosa Feb 20 #91
LOL! I just watched Blazing Saddles sdfernando Feb 20 #119
Is that a cheap shot at farmers or at magas? Farmers are "simple"? Bernardo de La Paz Feb 20 #122
... Kali Feb 20 #161
That scene always cracks me up, Abolishinist Feb 20 #171
You have to replay it over and over and focus on Cleavon and then Gene ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 21 #184
Send his ass to the frontlines of the war. Pepsidog Feb 20 #83
The son in the brown t-shirt... skypilot Feb 20 #148
I know I should not laugh at their misfortune because children are impacted but the parents deserve such a fate. LonePirate Feb 20 #4
No, let them go TheKentuckian Feb 20 #51
I suspect many of them and maybe even this Canadian father will be drafted into Russia's war against Ukraine. LonePirate Feb 20 #60
I'm saving my pity for the children MustLoveBeagles Feb 20 #92
Well they're the ones that chose to consume the propaganda. Initech Feb 20 #5
Who ya gonna believe -- them or Tucker Carlson? Blue Owl Feb 20 #6
Tough Choice but I'm gonna Go Cha Feb 20 #8
As always, Cha has chosen wisely...... Blue Owl Feb 20 #9
LOL... gotta go Cha Feb 20 #11
I'd go with my gut but I'm lactose intolerant ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #74
Tucker can take them to the grocery store. keithbvadu2 Feb 20 #101
GD the Stupid BURNS. Cha Feb 20 #7
From the original article... Think. Again. Feb 20 #10
Lol, I'm willing to make that bet tulipsandroses Feb 20 #12
We are not sending Russia our best, PurgedVoter Feb 20 #13
Did they expect to ind a "Christian" community there? Rhiannon12866 Feb 20 #14
The church is actively suppressed in communist countries meadowlander Feb 20 #136
When I was in the USSR, one of our favorite guides admitted she had been brought up in the Church as if she was ashamed Rhiannon12866 Feb 20 #146
Putin has cynically embraced the Russian Orthodox Church... hunter Feb 21 #178
That's certainly a turnaround since I was there, but it's another sign that TFG is "following" Putin's example Rhiannon12866 Feb 21 #179
This is Gods way of showing her ill-informed flock the error of thier ways. William769 Feb 20 #15
I believe edisdead Feb 20 #47
Well Tucker Carlson did his little tour here in Canada recently and there were certainly enough stupids to attend. Bev54 Feb 20 #116
I don't feel sorry for the kids. Demobrat Feb 20 #16
Only the older kids will understand what they've lost Silent3 Feb 20 #19
Yeah, but... Roy Rolling Feb 20 #17
I would love to see a follow-up to this story. Demobrat Feb 20 #18
in five years RainCaster Feb 20 #20
He was free to leave Canada. Demobrat Feb 20 #21
On the interview posted above NJCher Feb 20 #29
Oopsie Demobrat Feb 20 #34
I see a new TLC series forming out of this. n/t Hugin Feb 20 #46
Got a theme song already! ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #78
Here you go... Abolishinist Feb 20 #163
thanks! ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 21 #183
Would it make any difference (from a PR standpoint, at least)... ShazzieB Feb 20 #149
Possibly also learned Canadian banks are regulated Attilatheblond Feb 20 #75
Oh yes and I will guarantee he bad mouthed Trudeau endlessly, that is what they all do. Bev54 Feb 20 #118
Fools Pas-de-Calais Feb 20 #23
tiny violin BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 20 #24
playing "My Heart Bleeds For Thee" page 642 of the Funamentalist Hymnal. Wonder Why Feb 20 #106
Sometimes people focus on what they are running away from. Aussie105 Feb 20 #26
How true. Wise words, indeed. SWBTATTReg Feb 20 #32
None of the international students I met Marthe48 Feb 20 #70
Effin idiots malaise Feb 20 #27
This may sound claudette Feb 20 #28
Buh, buh, they hadta escape Teh Gays!!! Sky Jewels Feb 20 #94
LOL claudette Feb 20 #97
He brought all those little farmhands 'n everything NJCher Feb 20 #30
"To escape LGBTQ"? GoodRaisin Feb 20 #31
Move in with Edward Snowden or Tara Reade. betsuni Feb 20 #33
Christians who think they will be a good fit in a Communist Atheist Raine Feb 20 #35
what do they think of their new doctor in Russia ?hope they get asked Captain Zero Feb 20 #37
Get real. Russia is neither communist nor atheist Bernardo de La Paz Feb 20 #40
Communism is long gone in Russia. The American right sees Putin as a White Christian king. Eugene Feb 20 #52
I feel bad for these kids. This is abuse. Takket Feb 20 #38
Not to mention, what if one of the kids is gay? ecstatic Feb 20 #44
I hate to say it but it is the honest truth Takket Feb 20 #48
I would reject God before I'd reject one of my children ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #80
With 9 of them it's a strong statistical probability. meadowlander Feb 20 #135
He'll be going into the military XanaDUer2 Feb 20 #57
So they're so afraid of homosexuality Conjuay Feb 20 #41
They just did this three weeks ago? tanyev Feb 20 #42
Pretty sure Connect the Dots worksheets are WAY over their heads Attilatheblond Feb 20 #76
LOL ... that's funny. (But not funny.) Seinan Sensei Feb 20 #99
I am guessing these christofascist parents never saw the hell fuckinputin inflicted on Ukraine. Justice matters. Feb 20 #96
They did their research central scrutinizer Feb 20 #107
Aww. 🥺 🎻 And LOL @ the poll. ecstatic Feb 20 #43
I couldn't help but notice that those are the same countries complaining about Israel. yardwork Feb 20 #64
And how that they went public, they will be locked up Renew Deal Feb 20 #45
I don't even think I need to say this, MrsCheaplaugh Feb 20 #49
My guess is that they read this story in The New Republic: sinkingfeeling Feb 20 #50
Next up: To Serve Man {Russian language edition} Attilatheblond Feb 20 #77
LOL. Simpsons has hilarious parody of that Twilight Zone ep. BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 20 #152
Here's their chance to to be real missionary's, istead of the grocery store checkout line. nt Hotler Feb 20 #53
Stupid idiots. Martin68 Feb 20 #54
*sad trombone sound* sakabatou Feb 20 #56
Or "annoyed grunt" for those Simpsons fans. Xavier Breath Feb 20 #61
Whoa, that's a special kind of stupid PatSeg Feb 20 #58
Will the older Rebl2 Feb 20 #59
Make them stay there. LiberalFighter Feb 20 #62
I enjoyed reading this. yardwork Feb 20 #63
Or Hungary bdamomma Feb 20 #164
When will Tucker interview them? rurallib Feb 20 #65
Yeah, I'd settle for one story senseandsensibility Feb 20 #124
The sad part is that they took their 9 children there. patphil Feb 20 #67
NINE children... calimary Feb 20 #100
The husband bdamomma Feb 20 #166
Evidently. calimary Feb 20 #170
He probably demanded Demobrat Feb 21 #186
Dipshits. nt flying rabbit Feb 20 #68
Leave them there. republianmushroom Feb 20 #72
Does Canada have to take them back? ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #81
I actually LOLed at this. progressoid Feb 20 #82
Me too and I'm not sorry.😹 we can do it Feb 20 #88
Christian values. Enjoy. Bluethroughu Feb 20 #84
What bothers me most about this story is that stupid people tend to reproduce at a much higher rate Goodheart Feb 20 #85
That is part of why my hands don't get wrung much about the kids TheKentuckian Feb 20 #172
Still laughing at these idiots. we can do it Feb 20 #86
He's doing a great job of making Jesus proud! tom_kelly Feb 20 #87
The story says those parents moved 8 of their 9 children to Russia. Goodheart Feb 20 #93
Maybe the kid ran away. Demobrat Feb 20 #140
The strange part is... jmowreader Feb 20 #95
"We didn't feel safe for our children there in the future anymore " Ray Bruns Feb 20 #98
Well, there's also that "not-enough-guns" thing going on up there too... ret5hd Feb 20 #102
Oh, the horror. The horror. Ray Bruns Feb 20 #115
Well Mad_Machine76 Feb 20 #103
Stupid Crazy dai13sy Feb 20 #104
I'm sending them some republican thoughts and prayers. keithbvadu2 Feb 20 #108
We had two expressions in the South when I was growing up DFW Feb 20 #109
The mom looks glassy-eyed GenThePerservering Feb 20 #110
Now that republicans love Mother Russia. New republican meme - "Russia is our friend". keithbvadu2 Feb 20 #112
I knew some Feenstra family who were dairy farmers when I was in Agriculture Banking. Bev54 Feb 20 #113
So a "Christian family" moves to an authoritarian and primarily atheistic country... Bluejeans Feb 20 #117
Best hope Dad isn't rented out to the Army relayerbob Feb 20 #120
I love being able to laugh heartily at idiots. Ferrets are Cool Feb 20 #123
I would be happy if all the Xian nutsacks pfitz59 Feb 20 #125
Russia? Russia? They picked Putin's Russia to move to? brush Feb 20 #126
The gays orchestrated this Kennah Feb 20 #127
If only all the MAGAs would join them amuse bouche Feb 20 #128
good riddance . dont let the door hit u in the rear end . if u get into trouble dont come AllaN01Bear Feb 20 #130
Dad says they dont have a TV. (In the video) IcyPeas Feb 20 #131
Russia is a conservative utopia JoseBalow Feb 20 #132
Perhaps they were unclear about the definition of "Kleptocracy". mn9driver Feb 20 #133
Wish all the republicans would move I_UndergroundPanther Feb 20 #137
Good idea bdamomma Feb 20 #169
I've said 3auld6phart Feb 20 #138
You don't say! Do tell! dchill Feb 20 #139
all i am going to say to this is if the trudeau government helps these idiots leave russia dawn5651 Feb 20 #141
Wonder how many pro-Hamas types on the mcar Feb 20 #142
I know I'm terrible blueknight73 Feb 20 #143
And eat a lot of beet soup. Demobrat Feb 20 #144
So when does the first kid become frontline war dog meat turbinetree Feb 20 #147
They'll take the dad too. Demobrat Feb 20 #150
Hell they can donate the entire family...... turbinetree Feb 20 #155
"Christian" family moves to Hell so they can get away from Cha Feb 20 #153
I feel like they moved to the right place Johonny Feb 20 #154
Sure a lot of heartwarming comments. Thanks folks. twodogsbarking Feb 20 #157
HAHA! 🤣 SergeStorms Feb 20 #158
RandySF............. Upthevibe Feb 20 #160
But Tucker sez the bread there is amazing! Pinback Feb 20 #162
On the off chance that they ever get into heaven, soldierant Feb 20 #165
"Stupid is as stupid does" Cne99999 Feb 20 #167
This combination of stupidity and naivete defies description. 3catwoman3 Feb 20 #168
Sure wish Putin would make a generous offer to MAGA to take them in, give them religious freedom Mr. Ected Feb 20 #173
Idiots! But listen to the FOX News, Donald Trump voters. They are just as mis-informed and gullible. UCmeNdc Feb 20 #174
Their poor kids. This was child endangerement. SunSeeker Feb 20 #176
it pains me to think of people like this raising kids Skittles Feb 20 #177
I think this is a great idea, JenniferJuniper Feb 21 #180
I guess America's not the only country with Free-dummies Hassler Feb 21 #181
Someone more talented than I could Grown2Hate Feb 21 #182
Rather be Russian keithbvadu2 Feb 21 #185
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