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Tue Feb 20, 2024, 02:39 PM Feb 20

George Soros fund poised to take control of nation's second-largest chain of radio stations [View all]


George Soros fund poised to take control of nation’s second-largest chain of radio stations

Story by Josh Kosman, Ariel Zilber

George Soros is poised to take a massive stake in the nation’s second-largest radio company, which owns more than 220 stations nationwide, according to court filings and sources close to the situation.

The left-leaning billionaire’s Soros Fund Management has bought up $400 million of debt in Audacy — the No. 2 US radio broadcaster behind iHeartMedia with stations including New York’s WFAN and 1010 WINS, as well as Los Angeles-based KROQ, according to bankruptcy filings.

One insider close to the situation, noting that he was a Republican, said he believed it was possible Soros was buying the stake to exert influence on public opinion in the months leading up to the 2024 presidential election.

“This is scary,” the source said.
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But reich wing owners buying every media outlet in sight is ok? getagrip_already Feb 20 #1
SORRROOOOOOSSSSS! n/t budkin Feb 20 #2
Living up to his reputation!💙🌊🇺🇸🕊️ Cha Feb 20 #36
I hope Soros dumps Hannity off of every station he owns. ificandream Feb 20 #3
This is great news malaise Feb 20 #4
It's not "scary" to me. sop Feb 20 #29
Yep malaise Feb 20 #35
Right? Unwind Your Mind Feb 20 #52
I listen to Progressive Voices on the internet radio. markodochartaigh Feb 20 #73
I do that and Unwind Your Mind Feb 20 #76
Love free speech tv! I_UndergroundPanther Feb 21 #118
Yeah .... It is NO scary tome at all.!!!! What is scary is Faux NotNews. GOPig lies Trueblue1968 Feb 21 #101
Just the fact that they're scared.... SergeStorms Feb 20 #84
Sad to say, but Propaganda is the Way PTL_Mancuso Feb 21 #110
It is sad. SergeStorms Feb 21 #117
So with the increase in advertising $$ dweller Feb 20 #5
Damn right! Dave in VA Feb 20 #54
Take a number and get in line! ShazzieB Feb 20 #59
About time.............................. Lovie777 Feb 20 #6
About damn time. Liberal In Texas Feb 20 #7
After reading about the Sinclair Network DBoon Feb 20 #8
"Any potential political roadblocks? " BumRushDaShow Feb 20 #34
The Latino Media Network *did *complete their purchase of "Radio Mambi" in Miami DBoon Feb 20 #71
Anything that makes the GOP mad BumRushDaShow Feb 20 #72
Right-o! It's Just Simple Math: GOP Griping Something Good for The People PTL_Mancuso Feb 21 #111
Good, go stick it to them, Soros. Better late than never. flying_wahini Feb 20 #9
Moneyed investors can see the desired advertising demographic... rubbersole Feb 20 #11
ditto! nt et tu Feb 20 #23
Good MustLoveBeagles Feb 20 #10
RW-controlled for years, but now they are "scared"... ROFL hlthe2b Feb 20 #12
K&R spanone Feb 20 #13
Yes! Bluethroughu Feb 20 #14
But It's OK... GB_RN Feb 20 #15
Nice! Scrivener7 Feb 20 #16
No Hate Radio? Kid Berwyn Feb 20 #17
but what will they talk about? et tu Feb 20 #24
OMG FINALLY BumRushDaShow Feb 20 #18
I just hope Soros doesn't let us down... calimary Feb 20 #20
Well I was doing some searches after seeing the OP BumRushDaShow Feb 20 #28
They still rely on AM radio BigMin28 Feb 20 #38
Exactly BumRushDaShow Feb 20 #46
There's no saving AM radio. mwooldri Feb 20 #79
There are good reasons to keep local radio - whether AM or FM. Public safety alone is reason enough. summer_in_TX Feb 21 #96
Agreed! Just simple, basic AM and/or FM capability should be maintained! PTL_Mancuso Feb 21 #113
Adding insult to injury, many universities run AM radio stations with RWNJ Hermit-The-Prog Feb 20 #40
Add to this that Universities are those stations additional "income" BumRushDaShow Feb 20 #49
Wouldn't it be amazing if Soros' foundation could buy Starlink from Elon? BComplex Feb 21 #115
Maybe some of the techy billionaires could buy that BumRushDaShow Feb 21 #116
Yes indeed. Liberals have to start making inroads. calimary Feb 20 #50
I know many of remember when Al Franken, et al, tried BumRushDaShow Feb 20 #53
I loved Air America! 🧡😔 electric_blue68 Feb 20 #80
I did, too. I'd listen when I was driving. calimary Feb 21 #106
I remember I was at probably a Choice (Roe v Wade )March, and Rally... electric_blue68 Feb 21 #124
Even in the 2020s, radio does remain relevant. SouthBayDem Feb 21 #104
chicagoland has wcpt (i heart radio) orleans Feb 20 #64
That needs to be syndicated to other stations in other locales BumRushDaShow Feb 20 #66
you can go online and stream the shows orleans Feb 20 #90
Oh sure BumRushDaShow Feb 21 #107
dupe post. oops orleans Feb 20 #65
You would consider that within the realm of possibility? EYESORE 9001 Feb 20 #32
Don't know about calimary's concerns, but ... Hermit-The-Prog Feb 20 #43
I'm sure you are right. summer_in_TX Feb 21 #97
The RW station with the best ratings in this area is owned by Audacy. LastDemocratInSC Feb 20 #19
Can he give us NPR back? jaxexpat Feb 20 #21
NPR circa 1982, please. I have no use for the current npr. lindysalsagal Feb 20 #41
any time in the Bob Edwards era rurallib Feb 20 #62
HALLELUJAH! BaronChocula Feb 20 #22
Kick in some money Taylor. PlutosHeart Feb 20 #25
On first read, I thought the headline said, "George Santos fund poised to take control" Nittersing Feb 20 #26
Be like your leader and shit your own pants, maggots! NBachers Feb 20 #27
GOOD orangecrush Feb 20 #30
Our local talk radio station is Audacy underpants Feb 20 #31
Losing some control over the airwaves is scary to RePutinicans. NoMoreRepugs Feb 20 #33
This is great news. I had just emailed TheDemocrats on twitter and oldmanlynn Feb 20 #37
If he would have done this 10 0r 15 years ago bagimin Feb 20 #39
Looking forward to hearing about progressive issues asap. lindysalsagal Feb 20 #42
Wish he could buy out Sinclair Bev54 Feb 20 #44
I hear ya DoBW Feb 20 #45
YES❗ Duppers Feb 21 #99
At first I read George Santos... jeffreyi Feb 20 #47
If it WAS George Santos..... Red Mountain Feb 20 #57
""This is scary," the source said."... suck it up.... this is what the opposition is doing with their Reich wing mitch96 Feb 20 #48
Good. Joinfortmill Feb 20 #51
The main purpose/goal for Soros is to spread and aid democracies. ... aggiesal Feb 20 #55
Good! The airwaves have had a right wing bias for too long. Monsieur_Grumpe Feb 20 #56
That is the best news for two reasons!l one, the obvious, secondly the RWNJs are going to EXPLODE!! PortTack Feb 20 #58
Soros has been maligned for things he's not done, so let him finally give the RW message machine something to fear. ancianita Feb 20 #60
Here is a link to a list of audacy stations Farther Feb 20 #61
"Scary" to them is not having a complete monopoly over radio DBoon Feb 20 #63
We'll see The Bopper Feb 20 #67
Harry Truman said ... Jeebo Feb 20 #68
The truth is exactly what's needed. summer_in_TX Feb 21 #98
Cue the RW melt-down pecosbob Feb 20 #69
Rightwingers always present themselves as politically neutral while left-leaning is "exerting influence" and "activist." Beartracks Feb 20 #70
Stuff like this buyout needs to happen +100 times over. hadEnuf Feb 20 #74
Maybe this will finally get Sinclair broken up and sold off. n/t TygrBright Feb 20 #75
The Maga cultists are fueled by lies. oasis Feb 20 #91
Listen and learn. What's the problem here? OAITW r.2.0 Feb 20 #77
About damn time dalton99a Feb 20 #78
Oh! Sounds good! 👍 🤞🤞🤞🤞 electric_blue68 Feb 20 #81
Thank god FINALLY Eliot Rosewater Feb 20 #82
Sorry, I had to do a double take, and then take another look! COL Mustard Feb 20 #83
I've heard Thom Hartmann talk about the RW control of radio stations many times. I wonder what he'll have to say about t Deuxcents Feb 20 #85
A caller brought it to his attention. Yesterday? Which is how I first heard the news. He hasn't yet commented. cbabe Feb 20 #86
🙏 Deuxcents Feb 20 #95
One person's "scary" is another person's "Thank God! Finally!" soldierant Feb 20 #87
Good! Maybe they'll stop with the RW talking points morning shows. ffr Feb 20 #88
👏 Duppers Feb 20 #89
1010 WINS Ohio Joe Feb 20 #92
Finally - The Liberal Media WA-03 Democrat Feb 20 #93
Good for him. It is about time. UCmeNdc Feb 20 #94
92% of talk radio stations (236 out of 257) broadcast no progressive programming. SunSeeker Feb 21 #100
Interesting Hekate Feb 21 #102
This is a repost of a New York Post article, by the way. SouthBayDem Feb 21 #103
Now we're getting somewhere. Frasier Balzov Feb 21 #105
I wish Art Bell was still alive. Haggard Celine Feb 21 #108
Art was fun. George Noory went hard right. Called Alex Jones a friend of the program, for example. cbabe Feb 21 #119
Noory's show consists of commercials with Haggard Celine Feb 22 #125
I wish Art Bell was still around. Haggard Celine Feb 21 #109
If I can quote Lizzo here for a second... SKKY Feb 21 #112
Damn Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 21 #114
What we really need DownriverDem Feb 21 #120
Fantastic news! dlk Feb 21 #121
Finally DC77 Feb 21 #122
George Soros is 93 TexasBushwhacker Feb 21 #123
Scary because he's left wing? Catherine Vincent Feb 22 #126
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