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41. Ah, the chicken and egg.
Tue Feb 20, 2024, 03:46 PM
Feb 2024

Israel's Apartheid policies towards Gaza baited Hamas into 10/7, then. Got it.

Hard to imagine trying to run a hospital and provide any but the most basic level of medical care in these conditions dutch777 Feb 2024 #1
K&R PatSeg Feb 2024 #2
Totally inhumane. Lonestarblue Feb 2024 #3
It is effin evil malaise Feb 2024 #4
GD Fucking HAMAS is Fucking Evil and Cha Feb 2024 #34
Gang rape/Mass murder. Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone. Chainfire Feb 2024 #46
HAMAS wanted this to Happen. Cha Feb 2024 #47
It is your claimn that Hamas wanted to see the population exterminated and the land laid to waste? Chainfire Feb 2024 #51
Nutty-yahoo is the modern-day Milosevic peppertree Feb 2024 #5
I hate to break it to th LA times but that is exactly what war is Ray Bruns Feb 2024 #6
You are confusing apartheid and genocide with war ColinC Feb 2024 #7
You are confusing who is doing what in the war. former9thward Feb 2024 #8
Who is doing what in war? ColinC Feb 2024 #10
They send rockets into civilian areas on a random basis. former9thward Feb 2024 #48
Israel is murdering children, starving them and depriving them of sanitary water ColinC Feb 2024 #73
I am confusing nothing. War is horror blood disease and death. Ray Bruns Feb 2024 #13
War is horrible. Yet again, this is not war. ColinC Feb 2024 #17
Hamas said it's a war. Israel is responding Arazi Feb 2024 #28
"War generally requires push and pull of territory by both parties" Ray Bruns Feb 2024 #32
It requires no such thing EX500rider Feb 2024 #50
The vast majority of those conflicts are not war ColinC Feb 2024 #61
I think the Iraqi's and Afghans would not agree it was not war EX500rider Feb 2024 #64
Much as the Koreans and Phillipinos would likely consider their occupations war. ColinC Feb 2024 #68
The Japanese invasion of the Philippines was certainly war EX500rider Feb 2024 #70
I am not referring to the Korean civil War or the invasion of the phillipines ColinC Feb 2024 #71
"Just needless killing on behalf of one side."... Oct 7th keithbvadu2 Feb 2024 #86
Is Netanyahu breeding more terrorists than he's killing? Martin Eden Feb 2024 #14
Why are you saying Palestinians are singularly bloodthirsty? Arazi Feb 2024 #15
I said no such thing. Martin Eden Feb 2024 #16
Yes, you did Arazi Feb 2024 #24
Historically this is a trend. It's a slippery slope argument right now, ColinC Feb 2024 #31
Now you're comparing Palestinians to ISIS??!! Arazi Feb 2024 #36
Actually let's start at Israel violating the Oslo Accords following Sharon's death ColinC Feb 2024 #37
Or how about we go back to the Six Day War? Arazi Feb 2024 #45
We are talking about Palestine so let's stay there. ColinC Feb 2024 #72
The British bear responsibility, no doubt Arazi Feb 2024 #77
It really isn't another topic considering they have never not been occupied and the territory ColinC Feb 2024 #80
This "Trend" Zeitghost Feb 2024 #39
No, I didn't Martin Eden Feb 2024 #69
Thank you for the detailed response Arazi Feb 2024 #75
I suspect his plan is to render that point moot Bettie Feb 2024 #62
Martin, your post is both eloquent and truthful. Earth-shine Feb 2024 #76
Thank You Martin Eden Feb 2024 #78
Ray you are 100% correct. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #21
So, you don't agree w/ the concept of War Crimes al bupp Feb 2024 #49
My personal feelings have nothing to do with the fact that war is annihilation. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #57
I think justifying war crimes by way excusing attacks on civilians "the way things are" al bupp Feb 2024 #67
K&R hay rick Feb 2024 #9
Watched an interview with him this morning Nanjeanne Feb 2024 #11
Nah, it's war. A war Hamas instigated knowing full well the consequences Arazi Feb 2024 #12
When was the last time Hamas attacked Israelis or reacquired lost territory? ColinC Feb 2024 #18
10/7 is just "something that happened months ago"? maxsolomon Feb 2024 #20
Again I find it interesting how folks justify indefinite killing ColinC Feb 2024 #25
Hamas said it's a war. That's *their* word Arazi Feb 2024 #22
Does that make sense to you? ColinC Feb 2024 #27
Hamas is a death cult. Nothing makes sense Arazi Feb 2024 #33
I'm not talking about war. I'm talking about needless disproportionate killing ColinC Feb 2024 #35
You think Israel cares what the world thinks?! Arazi Feb 2024 #40
Justifying war crimes by "that's just war" isn't a very convincing argument ColinC Feb 2024 #85
"because a terrorist organization" EX500rider Feb 2024 #54
Yeah one GD thing HAMAS Cha Feb 2024 #30
It has been happening since the day Zeitghost Feb 2024 #44
You seem unaware of how war works. The Pearl Harbor attack killed 68 US civilians EX500rider Feb 2024 #52
Japan was consistently acquiring territory while losing little ColinC Feb 2024 #65
"Annihilation" is what Hamas baited Israel into. maxsolomon Feb 2024 #19
I find it a strange mindset that is frankly incredibly human ColinC Feb 2024 #23
"Israel has probably killed far more people in retaliation for the killing of less than 2,000 people, than the US.. EX500rider Feb 2024 #55
I stand corrected ColinC Feb 2024 #58
Who "baited" who? David__77 Feb 2024 #38
Ah, the chicken and egg. maxsolomon Feb 2024 #41
As many here point out: needless bloodshed is a part of war ColinC Feb 2024 #88
HAMAS Started This Fucking War Cha Feb 2024 #26
What do the innocent Palestinians whose families are murdered by the IDF have to do with Hamas? ColinC Feb 2024 #29
HAMAS Invaded Israel and Slaughtered Innocent Israelis & Cha Feb 2024 #43
Again. I don't understand what that has to do with the people being murdered by the IDF? ColinC Feb 2024 #53
What do the innocent civilians in all wars have to do with their government? EX500rider Feb 2024 #56
Innocent civilians in all wars are not necessarily explicitly targeted. ColinC Feb 2024 #59
They do not appear to be to me, quite the opposite EX500rider Feb 2024 #63
and Israel is morally responsible for continuing this war and killing tens of thousands of civilians DBoon Feb 2024 #42
Britain started the war when they invaded and occupied Palestine ColinC Feb 2024 #87
The Warsaw Ghetto pfitz59 Feb 2024 #60
Wrong in so many ways. madaboutharry Feb 2024 #81
Christiane Amanpour had some troubling videos on moniss Feb 2024 #66
I wonder if they were anywhere near an Israeli border kibbutz on 10/7? Patton French Feb 2024 #74
Denigrating and belittling victims of the Holocaust madaboutharry Feb 2024 #79
How is highlighting people's suffering denigrating victims of the holocaust? ColinC Feb 2024 #82
You need to read your own thread. madaboutharry Feb 2024 #83
Once again ColinC Feb 2024 #84
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