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Martin Eden

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69. No, I didn't
Tue Feb 20, 2024, 11:00 PM
Feb 2024

Nowhere in my post did I explicitly state or imply, in the least, that "Palestinians are singularly bloodthirsty."

In order for someone to logically infer such intent on my part would require a written passage in my post comparing Palestinians to other groups in similar situations who do not have a long record of terrorist attacks. I would be hard pressed to find a situation sufficiently analogous (within the historical context of the Middle East and the holy city of Jerusalem) to the generational oppression of Palestinians by the state of Israel, systematically dispossessing them of their homeland.

Such analogies are always flawed, at least to some extent. I feel it necessary to point out that in your first response to me you cited the example of our war in Vietnam and that they did not commit acts of terrorism against us after the American military finally left their country. At face value your analogy is more "pejorative" towards the Palestinians, since the Vietnamese refrained from terrorism whereas the Palestinians have not. However, I don't think that was your intent. And apparently it's necessary to point out that our conflict with the Vietnamese essentially ended with our departure, while the I/P conflict goes on.

I understand you took issue with my question citing the possibility that the slaughter and trauma inflicted upon the Palestinian people by the Israeli military could recruit more terrorists among survivors filled with hatred and a thirst for revenge for their family members who were killed.

I was taken somewhat aback by your inference that I was somehow trying to paint Palestinians as "singularly bloodthirsty." On the contrary, I believe hatred and revenge are a natural human response to seeing family members including women and children blown to bits when all they're trying to do is flee the violence and live their lives. Of course, you and I would never know how we would feel and respond to such devastating trauma, and I hope we never will.

But history, as well as current events, have shown that some groups engage in terrorism with far less provocation and personal trauma. For example, rightwing acts of domestic terrorism in our own country have been carried out by people who have lives of comfort and freedom compared to the horrors experienced by Palestinians in Gaza.

If what I've written here has not convinced you I had no intent to imply, whatsoever, that Palestinians are more inherently inclined towards terrorism, then I really don't know what else to say.


Hard to imagine trying to run a hospital and provide any but the most basic level of medical care in these conditions dutch777 Feb 2024 #1
K&R PatSeg Feb 2024 #2
Totally inhumane. Lonestarblue Feb 2024 #3
It is effin evil malaise Feb 2024 #4
GD Fucking HAMAS is Fucking Evil and Cha Feb 2024 #34
Gang rape/Mass murder. Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone. Chainfire Feb 2024 #46
HAMAS wanted this to Happen. Cha Feb 2024 #47
It is your claimn that Hamas wanted to see the population exterminated and the land laid to waste? Chainfire Feb 2024 #51
Nutty-yahoo is the modern-day Milosevic peppertree Feb 2024 #5
I hate to break it to th LA times but that is exactly what war is Ray Bruns Feb 2024 #6
You are confusing apartheid and genocide with war ColinC Feb 2024 #7
You are confusing who is doing what in the war. former9thward Feb 2024 #8
Who is doing what in war? ColinC Feb 2024 #10
They send rockets into civilian areas on a random basis. former9thward Feb 2024 #48
Israel is murdering children, starving them and depriving them of sanitary water ColinC Feb 2024 #73
I am confusing nothing. War is horror blood disease and death. Ray Bruns Feb 2024 #13
War is horrible. Yet again, this is not war. ColinC Feb 2024 #17
Hamas said it's a war. Israel is responding Arazi Feb 2024 #28
"War generally requires push and pull of territory by both parties" Ray Bruns Feb 2024 #32
It requires no such thing EX500rider Feb 2024 #50
The vast majority of those conflicts are not war ColinC Feb 2024 #61
I think the Iraqi's and Afghans would not agree it was not war EX500rider Feb 2024 #64
Much as the Koreans and Phillipinos would likely consider their occupations war. ColinC Feb 2024 #68
The Japanese invasion of the Philippines was certainly war EX500rider Feb 2024 #70
I am not referring to the Korean civil War or the invasion of the phillipines ColinC Feb 2024 #71
"Just needless killing on behalf of one side."... Oct 7th keithbvadu2 Feb 21 #86
Is Netanyahu breeding more terrorists than he's killing? Martin Eden Feb 2024 #14
Why are you saying Palestinians are singularly bloodthirsty? Arazi Feb 2024 #15
I said no such thing. Martin Eden Feb 2024 #16
Yes, you did Arazi Feb 2024 #24
Historically this is a trend. It's a slippery slope argument right now, ColinC Feb 2024 #31
Now you're comparing Palestinians to ISIS??!! Arazi Feb 2024 #36
Actually let's start at Israel violating the Oslo Accords following Sharon's death ColinC Feb 2024 #37
Or how about we go back to the Six Day War? Arazi Feb 2024 #45
We are talking about Palestine so let's stay there. ColinC Feb 2024 #72
The British bear responsibility, no doubt Arazi Feb 21 #77
It really isn't another topic considering they have never not been occupied and the territory ColinC Feb 21 #80
This "Trend" Zeitghost Feb 2024 #39
No, I didn't Martin Eden Feb 2024 #69
Thank you for the detailed response Arazi Feb 2024 #75
I suspect his plan is to render that point moot Bettie Feb 2024 #62
Martin, your post is both eloquent and truthful. Earth-shine Feb 21 #76
Thank You Martin Eden Feb 21 #78
Ray you are 100% correct. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #21
So, you don't agree w/ the concept of War Crimes al bupp Feb 2024 #49
My personal feelings have nothing to do with the fact that war is annihilation. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #57
I think justifying war crimes by way excusing attacks on civilians "the way things are" al bupp Feb 2024 #67
K&R hay rick Feb 2024 #9
Watched an interview with him this morning Nanjeanne Feb 2024 #11
Nah, it's war. A war Hamas instigated knowing full well the consequences Arazi Feb 2024 #12
When was the last time Hamas attacked Israelis or reacquired lost territory? ColinC Feb 2024 #18
10/7 is just "something that happened months ago"? maxsolomon Feb 2024 #20
Again I find it interesting how folks justify indefinite killing ColinC Feb 2024 #25
Hamas said it's a war. That's *their* word Arazi Feb 2024 #22
Does that make sense to you? ColinC Feb 2024 #27
Hamas is a death cult. Nothing makes sense Arazi Feb 2024 #33
I'm not talking about war. I'm talking about needless disproportionate killing ColinC Feb 2024 #35
You think Israel cares what the world thinks?! Arazi Feb 2024 #40
Justifying war crimes by "that's just war" isn't a very convincing argument ColinC Feb 21 #85
"because a terrorist organization" EX500rider Feb 2024 #54
Yeah one GD thing HAMAS Cha Feb 2024 #30
It has been happening since the day Zeitghost Feb 2024 #44
You seem unaware of how war works. The Pearl Harbor attack killed 68 US civilians EX500rider Feb 2024 #52
Japan was consistently acquiring territory while losing little ColinC Feb 2024 #65
"Annihilation" is what Hamas baited Israel into. maxsolomon Feb 2024 #19
I find it a strange mindset that is frankly incredibly human ColinC Feb 2024 #23
"Israel has probably killed far more people in retaliation for the killing of less than 2,000 people, than the US.. EX500rider Feb 2024 #55
I stand corrected ColinC Feb 2024 #58
Who "baited" who? David__77 Feb 2024 #38
Ah, the chicken and egg. maxsolomon Feb 2024 #41
As many here point out: needless bloodshed is a part of war ColinC Feb 21 #88
HAMAS Started This Fucking War Cha Feb 2024 #26
What do the innocent Palestinians whose families are murdered by the IDF have to do with Hamas? ColinC Feb 2024 #29
HAMAS Invaded Israel and Slaughtered Innocent Israelis & Cha Feb 2024 #43
Again. I don't understand what that has to do with the people being murdered by the IDF? ColinC Feb 2024 #53
What do the innocent civilians in all wars have to do with their government? EX500rider Feb 2024 #56
Innocent civilians in all wars are not necessarily explicitly targeted. ColinC Feb 2024 #59
They do not appear to be to me, quite the opposite EX500rider Feb 2024 #63
and Israel is morally responsible for continuing this war and killing tens of thousands of civilians DBoon Feb 2024 #42
Britain started the war when they invaded and occupied Palestine ColinC Feb 21 #87
The Warsaw Ghetto pfitz59 Feb 2024 #60
Wrong in so many ways. madaboutharry Feb 21 #81
Christiane Amanpour had some troubling videos on moniss Feb 2024 #66
I wonder if they were anywhere near an Israeli border kibbutz on 10/7? Patton French Feb 2024 #74
Denigrating and belittling victims of the Holocaust madaboutharry Feb 21 #79
How is highlighting people's suffering denigrating victims of the holocaust? ColinC Feb 21 #82
You need to read your own thread. madaboutharry Feb 21 #83
Once again ColinC Feb 21 #84
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