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16. Piss Wig was asked this question last night.
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 10:38 AM
Feb 21

Idiot Ingraham asked him last night why he doesn’t just drop out and deal with his legal problems. Of
Course his answer was “I have to make America great again.”

Because he's "great" for their bottom line budkin Feb 20 #1
Also Biden is blowing out Phillips by more than Trump is blowing our Haley nt Shermann Feb 20 #2
ding. also he had to go down the lift on af1 once and nobody paied any attention. AllaN01Bear Feb 20 #3
I must say I do like the nickname "Asspickle"! calimary Feb 20 #4
asspickle , lol. AllaN01Bear Feb 20 #5
Only applies to Democrats. betsuni Feb 20 #6
dont forget , twice inpeached and never removed because the rs in congress are afraid of him. AllaN01Bear Feb 20 #7
Biden blowing Trump out by 20 points is as boring a story as planes landing safely at the airports Kennah Feb 20 #8
I'm fine with them reporting on his trials, rapes, fraud, stupid comments, insurrection, etc. Silent Type Feb 20 #9
You are forgetting an important part maxrandb Feb 21 #10
"it doesn't seem to impact him with this voters" brooklynite Feb 21 #13
Media Decides What To Call To Their Attention, Sir The Magistrate Feb 21 #14
Digging up an old post -- tv: Let's see what real Americans are concerned about... Hermit-The-Prog Feb 21 #31
Right, but it is the job of the media maxrandb Feb 21 #17
And One Would Think It A Natural Journalist's Question, Sir The Magistrate Feb 21 #11
"The media" doesn't SAY Biden should drop out... brooklynite Feb 21 #12
Sure Jan! maxrandb Feb 21 #18
Name an example where "the media" (not some guest they have on) said Biden should drop out. brooklynite Feb 21 #20
What planet are you living on? maxrandb Feb 21 #19
:Never-Trumpers don't count... brooklynite Feb 21 #21
Maybe Never-Donnie Dipshitters don't count maxrandb Feb 21 #23
What prediction did I make for NY-3? brooklynite Feb 21 #24
Because he's winning TakeItEasy Feb 21 #15
You want someone other than Biden? KS Toronado Feb 21 #22
Biden already won and that's who I expect will be our nominee come November. TakeItEasy Feb 21 #25
Piss Wig was asked this question last night. BlueTsunami2018 Feb 21 #16
Because they're basically DJs... dchill Feb 21 #26
They just breathlessly report on everything he does. louis-t Feb 21 #27
Because he doesn't have a woman of color as his VP mcar Feb 21 #28
The media doesn't want TFG to drop out so they definitely will not ask him to leave the race. LonePirate Feb 21 #29
That doesn't fit JustAnotherGen Feb 21 #30
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