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Wed Feb 21, 2024, 10:57 AM Feb 21

House Republicans committed treason by working with enemy spies to try and take down POTUS [View all]

Treason refers to the betrayal of one’s own country by attempting to overthrow the government through waging war against the state or materially aiding its enemies.

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The answer to the question is obvious, yes chicoescuela Feb 21 #1
Dan Goldman always hits it out of the park! Stinky The Clown Feb 21 #2
Now we're cooking with gasoline! bucolic_frolic Feb 21 #3
Remember too,... magicarpet Feb 21 #6
Sparkle Pony Princess was let into Putin's office by Rupert Murdoch's former wife, who allegedly became Putin girl friend Attilatheblond Feb 21 #16
As long as there's beaucoup money around.... SergeStorms Feb 21 #24
For a lot of republicants, all it takes is a smile and a few admiring words Harker Feb 21 #13
Russian swallow Historic NY Feb 21 #39
And a flock of Ravens, too. Harker Feb 21 #40
That's what the (r)epuglicons do when it's shoved down their throats. erronis Feb 21 #47
I think you mean we're cooking with gas, CrispyQ Feb 21 #58
It's the same ones that were involved with the insurrection. kentuck Feb 21 #4
More like PatSeg Feb 21 #14
Echoes of Alger Hiss in the sense of did they, or didn't they? bucolic_frolic Feb 21 #5
Republicans are hell bent on delivering America and Europe to Putin. dalton99a Feb 21 #7
The question is why? Owens Feb 21 #9
Power. Money. Prestige. Money. Power. Harker Feb 21 #11
They care about their comfort NOW Attilatheblond Feb 21 #18
As Christian as "two Corinthians." Harker Feb 21 #20
I see what you did there! MyOwnPeace Feb 21 #30
Sometimes my posts practically write themselves. Harker Feb 21 #35
You've got to wonder..... MyOwnPeace Feb 21 #36
They must want to be lied to. Harker Feb 21 #41
I hate that fake orange fuck. I hope he croaks today. -nt CrispyQ Feb 22 #70
Today would be nice. Tomorrow would be okay. Harker Feb 22 #71
White supremacy. raging moderate Feb 21 #23
Yes, those believing in their own superiority can only convince themselves of it because of their Harker Feb 21 #34
Simple Cherokee100 Feb 21 #12
Kompromat,... magicarpet Feb 21 #44
Nixon turned to domestic enemies after Beijing, Moscow, and the Paris Peace Accords Ponietz Feb 21 #25
I guess they figure if we're headed toward an autocracy... NCDem47 Feb 21 #38
It depends on who you are jmowreader Feb 22 #63
Looks, walks, acts, smells, talks like a bunch of traitors to me. NoMoreRepugs Feb 21 #8
si. AllaN01Bear Feb 21 #10
They still do at this very moment. SergeStorms Feb 21 #26
o danny boy! et tu Feb 21 #15
It's an open secret. They're not even hiding the fact they're agents of russia onetexan Feb 21 #17
This is worse, more dangerous, than Watergate. Our media should give this story at least as much attention. Midnight Writer Feb 21 #19
I fear that today's major newspapers only care about money. Abigail_Adams Feb 21 #57
Allowing stations like Fox/Newsmax/OANN to call themselves news is wrong, I don't care if they are cable not braodcast. CrispyQ Feb 22 #72
Our media is owned by right wing I_UndergroundPanther Feb 22 #64
+1 --MSNBC only exists cuz there's a market for it. CrispyQ Feb 22 #74
They hate liberals so much... surfered Feb 21 #21
Because we have empathy... SergeStorms Feb 21 #33
"They are my political opponents, not my enemy." Wednesdays Feb 21 #49
They hate liberals I_UndergroundPanther Feb 22 #65
They think their white skin makes them special & CrispyQ Feb 22 #73
Well, I wear my liberal identity with pride! calimary Feb 22 #76
Was he lying then, or is he lying now? SlimJimmy Feb 21 #22
Maybe the whole story will come out. SarahD Feb 21 #27
Traitors, every single one of them dlk Feb 21 #28
Remember the GOP rep who recently said the russians getagrip_already Feb 21 #29
Who watches the watchers? ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 21 #37
That was Maria Butiana's assignment at the NRA,... magicarpet Feb 21 #56
Love that question. I agree 100%; it's really the only meaningful question remaining KPN Feb 21 #31
All of this definitely looks treasonous, as most of us "layfolk" understand the concept. ShazzieB Feb 21 #42
There is no question... 2naSalit Feb 21 #32
Garland going to do something about it? Emile Feb 21 #43
This made me laugh out loud JoseBalow Feb 21 #46
They definitely provided aid and comfort to the enemy. live love laugh Feb 21 #45
WHich americans knew his info was from Russia? lindysalsagal Feb 21 #48
1st time was 1/6 for pootin. Bluethroughu Feb 21 #50
Despite the histrionics it isnt treason ripcord Feb 21 #51
Good luck. TwilightZone Feb 21 #54
I don't expect facts out of right wingers ripcord Feb 21 #55
Based on something that is obsolete. Who's going to declare war triron Feb 21 #59
Or we could be responsible and use the definition in the Constitution? ripcord Feb 21 #61
it is time northern light Feb 21 #52
A surgical enema, lol. That's quite an image! CrispyQ Feb 22 #75
Republicans will claim "complete immunity" doing their jobs as "officers of the Government" Sessuch Feb 21 #53
Smirnov was doing this for the Putin government Shoonra Feb 21 #60
Kickin AKwannabe Feb 22 #62
I'm sure They knew but didn't care. Kablooie Feb 22 #66
It helps when you have a voting base that considers politics a sport. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 22 #77
Russian intelligence plus republican stupidity nt Wicked Blue Feb 22 #67
Sure looks so malaise Feb 22 #68
So my question is this... FalloutShelter Feb 22 #69
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