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raging moderate

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23. White supremacy.
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 12:44 PM
Feb 21

They think "white" people are the only true human beings. And the only true Americans. These delusions are understandable in people who treasure the ridiculous fantasy that they truly have white skin.

The answer to the question is obvious, yes chicoescuela Feb 21 #1
Dan Goldman always hits it out of the park! Stinky The Clown Feb 21 #2
Now we're cooking with gasoline! bucolic_frolic Feb 21 #3
Remember too,... magicarpet Feb 21 #6
Sparkle Pony Princess was let into Putin's office by Rupert Murdoch's former wife, who allegedly became Putin girl friend Attilatheblond Feb 21 #16
As long as there's beaucoup money around.... SergeStorms Feb 21 #24
For a lot of republicants, all it takes is a smile and a few admiring words Harker Feb 21 #13
Russian swallow Historic NY Feb 21 #39
And a flock of Ravens, too. Harker Feb 21 #40
That's what the (r)epuglicons do when it's shoved down their throats. erronis Feb 21 #47
I think you mean we're cooking with gas, CrispyQ Feb 21 #58
It's the same ones that were involved with the insurrection. kentuck Feb 21 #4
More like PatSeg Feb 21 #14
Echoes of Alger Hiss in the sense of did they, or didn't they? bucolic_frolic Feb 21 #5
Republicans are hell bent on delivering America and Europe to Putin. dalton99a Feb 21 #7
The question is why? Owens Feb 21 #9
Power. Money. Prestige. Money. Power. Harker Feb 21 #11
They care about their comfort NOW Attilatheblond Feb 21 #18
As Christian as "two Corinthians." Harker Feb 21 #20
I see what you did there! MyOwnPeace Feb 21 #30
Sometimes my posts practically write themselves. Harker Feb 21 #35
You've got to wonder..... MyOwnPeace Feb 21 #36
They must want to be lied to. Harker Feb 21 #41
I hate that fake orange fuck. I hope he croaks today. -nt CrispyQ Feb 22 #70
Today would be nice. Tomorrow would be okay. Harker Feb 22 #71
White supremacy. raging moderate Feb 21 #23
Yes, those believing in their own superiority can only convince themselves of it because of their Harker Feb 21 #34
Simple Cherokee100 Feb 21 #12
Kompromat,... magicarpet Feb 21 #44
Nixon turned to domestic enemies after Beijing, Moscow, and the Paris Peace Accords Ponietz Feb 21 #25
I guess they figure if we're headed toward an autocracy... NCDem47 Feb 21 #38
It depends on who you are jmowreader Feb 22 #63
Looks, walks, acts, smells, talks like a bunch of traitors to me. NoMoreRepugs Feb 21 #8
si. AllaN01Bear Feb 21 #10
They still do at this very moment. SergeStorms Feb 21 #26
o danny boy! et tu Feb 21 #15
It's an open secret. They're not even hiding the fact they're agents of russia onetexan Feb 21 #17
This is worse, more dangerous, than Watergate. Our media should give this story at least as much attention. Midnight Writer Feb 21 #19
I fear that today's major newspapers only care about money. Abigail_Adams Feb 21 #57
Allowing stations like Fox/Newsmax/OANN to call themselves news is wrong, I don't care if they are cable not braodcast. CrispyQ Feb 22 #72
Our media is owned by right wing I_UndergroundPanther Feb 22 #64
+1 --MSNBC only exists cuz there's a market for it. CrispyQ Feb 22 #74
They hate liberals so much... surfered Feb 21 #21
Because we have empathy... SergeStorms Feb 21 #33
"They are my political opponents, not my enemy." Wednesdays Feb 21 #49
They hate liberals I_UndergroundPanther Feb 22 #65
They think their white skin makes them special & CrispyQ Feb 22 #73
Well, I wear my liberal identity with pride! calimary Feb 22 #76
Was he lying then, or is he lying now? SlimJimmy Feb 21 #22
Maybe the whole story will come out. SarahD Feb 21 #27
Traitors, every single one of them dlk Feb 21 #28
Remember the GOP rep who recently said the russians getagrip_already Feb 21 #29
Who watches the watchers? ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 21 #37
That was Maria Butiana's assignment at the NRA,... magicarpet Feb 21 #56
Love that question. I agree 100%; it's really the only meaningful question remaining KPN Feb 21 #31
All of this definitely looks treasonous, as most of us "layfolk" understand the concept. ShazzieB Feb 21 #42
There is no question... 2naSalit Feb 21 #32
Garland going to do something about it? Emile Feb 21 #43
This made me laugh out loud JoseBalow Feb 21 #46
They definitely provided aid and comfort to the enemy. live love laugh Feb 21 #45
WHich americans knew his info was from Russia? lindysalsagal Feb 21 #48
1st time was 1/6 for pootin. Bluethroughu Feb 21 #50
Despite the histrionics it isnt treason ripcord Feb 21 #51
Good luck. TwilightZone Feb 21 #54
I don't expect facts out of right wingers ripcord Feb 21 #55
Based on something that is obsolete. Who's going to declare war triron Feb 21 #59
Or we could be responsible and use the definition in the Constitution? ripcord Feb 21 #61
it is time northern light Feb 21 #52
A surgical enema, lol. That's quite an image! CrispyQ Feb 22 #75
Republicans will claim "complete immunity" doing their jobs as "officers of the Government" Sessuch Feb 21 #53
Smirnov was doing this for the Putin government Shoonra Feb 21 #60
Kickin AKwannabe Feb 22 #62
I'm sure They knew but didn't care. Kablooie Feb 22 #66
It helps when you have a voting base that considers politics a sport. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 22 #77
Russian intelligence plus republican stupidity nt Wicked Blue Feb 22 #67
Sure looks so malaise Feb 22 #68
So my question is this... FalloutShelter Feb 22 #69
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