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I normally don't enjoy dystopian movies, but this looks like it might be fun to watch. Oopsie Daisy Feb 21 #1
The director is more of a social satirist/commentator Cuthbert Allgood Feb 21 #2
Thank you. ificandream Feb 21 #7
I'm looking forward to JustAnotherGen Feb 21 #3
Weird. She is using a film camera (non-digital). . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 21 #4
I can't wait to miss it. BannonsLiver Feb 21 #5
I hate that this was made. themaguffin Feb 21 #6
Same here Auggie Feb 21 #12
I'll will wait for it to show up at the library or Netflix alfredo Feb 21 #8
I've always imagined a pickup truck full of bearded MAGATs louis-t Feb 21 #9
It would be exactly that. Voltaire2 Feb 21 #11
California aligning with Texas? Polybius Feb 21 #10
My question also. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 21 #14
Maybe northern California... Shipwack Feb 21 #15
Southern California would be more likely to align with Texas. ificandream Feb 21 #16
There are pockets in SCA but the most are in Northern CA inland areas and Central CA chowder66 Feb 21 #20
I didn't get RW from this at all TakeItEasy Feb 21 #13
Do they show the part where I'm in a MAGAts driveway hiding behind his car with a switchblade? Guns are noisy! LOL n/t brewens Feb 21 #17
watching that trailer reminds me of a book CANADIANBEAVER69 Feb 21 #18
No way Nick Offerman would support a right-wing propaganda piece.... Happy Hoosier Feb 21 #19
Utter nonsensical bullshit! flashman13 Feb 21 #21
I suspect a modern civil war would amount to A-10s against the equivalent of the TX border truck convoy. nt Gore1FL Feb 21 #22
My feeling was that the President is supposed to be a depiction of a far RW President NickB79 Feb 21 #23
Well, at least its not a remake. Xolodno Feb 21 #24
Who wins in the end? Polybius Feb 22 #25
Watch for the Hitchcock style Putin cameo. NBachers Feb 22 #26
The book 'Ecotopia' offers a more likely scenario. pfitz59 Feb 22 #27
Great book FrankChurchDem Feb 22 #29
Maybe glorifying their sick fantasy with.... Think. Again. Feb 22 #28
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