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26. Everyone is always in "deep trouble" or "finished" or whatever.
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 04:10 PM
Feb 21

Nothing ever happens to them.

So, I’m not holding my breath.

Jim Jordan in deep trouble [View all] struggle4progress Feb 21 OP
I'd love to see AG Garland announce an investigation into members of Congress MontanaMama Feb 21 #1
I'm sure Garland will get right on it. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #3
He won't, nor should he... brooklynite Feb 21 #39
It's quite reasonable to expect an investigation. MontanaMama Feb 23 #58
Yeh, dream on NoRethugFriends Feb 21 #9
Maybe after Jack Smith is done with Drumpf... Kid Berwyn Feb 21 #14
By the time that happens, the guilty Repukes would have all "retired" FakeNoose Feb 21 #28
... or fallen out of windows DBoon Feb 22 #55
if only. Ain't happening under this AG Evolve Dammit Feb 21 #37
Jack will be spending the next five years trying to clean off the stench. He may have to get a skin transplant to do so. Wonder Why Feb 21 #41
If congresspersons were more than just willing dupes, then someone out there knows about it wiggs Feb 21 #31
He'd better appoint a Republican Special Counsel again Diraven Feb 22 #43
If only /nt bucolic_frolic Feb 21 #2
Again? Prairie Gates Feb 21 #4
He would need to do something much more serious... Norbert Feb 21 #7
it's like this all the time lapfog_1 Feb 21 #27
I expect tthat many of them will be going down malaise Feb 21 #5
Love your optimism malaise. leftieNanner Feb 21 #6
Jim Jordan is still at it................................. Lovie777 Feb 21 #8
No he's not. Just another overly dramatic headline. progressoid Feb 21 #10
Yeah; it would be embarrassing for him, if he were capable of feeling shame muriel_volestrangler Feb 21 #11
New District for Jim. True Blue American Feb 21 #23
That was new in 2022, so I'm not sure what you're saying muriel_volestrangler Feb 21 #24
+100 Duppers Feb 21 #22
Garland will arrest the traitors any minute from now. Emile Feb 21 #12
I snorted a laugh at that one. Layzeebeaver Feb 22 #45
Thank you Goddess! no_hypocrisy Feb 21 #13
Gym has a long history of ignoring things. twodogsbarking Feb 21 #15
Nah. The only real damage here is to Jim's reputation stopdiggin Feb 21 #16
By who? JohnSJ Feb 21 #17
Consider giving Smirnov immunity Mr.Bill Feb 21 #18
This! onecaliberal Feb 21 #20
What consequences? They will hide behind the speech and debate clause and blame the FBI. Bev54 Feb 21 #19
If Gym is ever held accountable let me know SouthernDem4ever Feb 21 #21
Believe when see.... nt AKwannabe Feb 21 #25
Everyone is always in "deep trouble" or "finished" or whatever. BlueTsunami2018 Feb 21 #26
Frustrating as all-get-out, isn't it! calimary Feb 21 #29
Damn straight! Evolve Dammit Feb 21 #38
I don't see the part where he's in trouble jcgoldie Feb 21 #30
I don't see that either creeksneakers2 Feb 21 #33
He wasn't duped, he knew the evidence was phonied up. He's a collaborator. nt eppur_se_muova Feb 22 #46
I agree but it isn't like he doesn't have a very famous history of feigning ignorance jcgoldie Feb 22 #53
The Catch-22 is that to clean up the mess we need an impartial DoJ and FBI... pecosbob Feb 21 #32
Speechin' and debatin'. dchill Feb 21 #34
If only...they should be in trouble but never are! PortTack Feb 21 #35
Traitors should resign and take their punishment here. Bluethroughu Feb 21 #36
Arrest Gym HandmaidsTaleUntold Feb 21 #40
Jacket off, Gym Seinan Sensei Feb 21 #42
Is this Smirnov the same guy who 'won' $9K worth of Trump Sneakers ?? Captain Zero Feb 22 #44
The only way any of them will ever be held accountable ecstatic Feb 22 #47
Fucking better be... 2naSalit Feb 22 #48
K&R spanone Feb 22 #49
Couldn't happen to a more slimy, smelly Gym Bag. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 22 #50
I don't see the problem here. With Republicans, the truth is what you want it to be. They wanted Biden Chainfire Feb 22 #51
Follow the MONEY DiverDave Feb 22 #52
Don't believe he's in trouble JustAnotherGen Feb 22 #54
Jordan's investigation is in deep trouble. He isn't in trouble unless it can be proven that he knew about the Martin68 Feb 22 #56
I was confused NJCher Feb 22 #57
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