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16. My Dad taught me to never write checks with my mouth that my ass couldn't cash.
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 05:31 PM
Feb 2024

Looks like 'ol Mike never got that lesson. One of life's small pleasures is watching that schmuck's life circling down the drain and all by his own hand.

Foolish + arrogant + just plain dim pay up, idiot! Attilatheblond Feb 2024 #1
BKO In 3, 2, 1... ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #3
He should have "listened" to the flashing warnings in the... Justice matters. Feb 2024 #19
Haven't heard his ads on the radio lately. progressoid Feb 2024 #2
I noticed his brand in Ollie's last week Marthe48 Feb 2024 #6
I raised a finger in their direction the last time I saw them ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 2024 #11
Looks like the pillow guy EYESORE 9001 Feb 2024 #4
Court upholds ruling that Mike Lindell must pay expert who debunked election lie $5M prize LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2024 #5
Get out the old check book, Mike. republianmushroom Feb 2024 #7
Wonder if the rubes will COL Mustard Feb 2024 #29
Serves him right!! TSExile Feb 2024 #8
A great day for Robert Zeidman.... SergeStorms Feb 2024 #9
I doubt he'll ever receive the reward. Lindell is as bad as Trump in that regard * Oopsie Daisy Feb 2024 #10
pay up, deadbeat!!!!!!! Takket Feb 2024 #12
Moose. Rocco. Help Mr. Pillow find his checkbook, will ya? ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 2024 #13
Glad to hear it. Desperate Mike... Onthefly Feb 2024 #14
That's hysterical! I love it!!! Oopsie Daisy Feb 2024 #15
My Dad taught me to never write checks with my mouth that my ass couldn't cash. bluesbassman Feb 2024 #16
Lindell got drunk on his own koolade and made an expensive offer he regrets. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2024 #17
Backfired like the Texas Lt. Gov who paid for proof of fraud JoseBalow Feb 2024 #18
oh man ... schadenfreude is so much better with irony sarchasm Feb 2024 #24
I wondered where Mike has been Don't see him hiding in people's barhrooms any more. twodogsbarking Feb 2024 #20
The courts are holding. Cannon's next. lindysalsagal Feb 2024 #21
Zeidman may have to take his payment .... 70sEraVet Feb 2024 #22
or Celerity Feb 2024 #30
FAFO ... nt sarchasm Feb 2024 #23
Pay it in real pillows or your alt-Amazon company stock, Mike!😂 Wonder Why Feb 2024 #25
Pillow Talk dupagelib Feb 2024 #26
Republicans have presidential immunity from paying their bills. ;) Chainfire Feb 2024 #27
Joe the Plumber had his days of glory, and then he crashed & burned. Joe died of natural causes last year. NBachers Feb 2024 #28
Haaaaaaahahahahahahahahaaaaa the_sly_pig Feb 2024 #31
He'll be a trivia question in 10 years and no one will get the answer right ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 2024 #32
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