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Wed Feb 21, 2024, 06:31 PM Feb 21

"If you dress like that and you get raped and I'm on the jury, he's gonna go free." [View all]

“If you dress like that and you get raped and I’m on the jury, he’s gonna go free.” - Pastor Bobby Leonard of the Bible Baptist Tabernacle in Monroe, NC

3:23 PM · Feb 21, 2024

This hatred towards women, fueled by Christofascists, is nauseating.
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It sure is. nt CaliforniaPeggy Feb 21 #1
Any bets how pandering for primary votes Nikki will say she feels about this? Freethinker65 Feb 21 #2
Asshole isn't very Christ-like, is he? Aristus Feb 21 #3
If you knew Monroe, you'd be surprised if there was a trial in the first place. OldBaldy1701E Feb 21 #4
"It's the woman's fault she gets raped." Irish_Dem Feb 21 #5
I kind of bdamomma Feb 21 #29
Early in my career I worked with sex offenders. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #33
Mental Health professions bdamomma Feb 21 #39
I loved my job. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #40
It's sad bdamomma Feb 21 #46
Yes Irish_Dem Feb 22 #63
Your last bdamomma Feb 22 #65
I hope I did some good. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #66
We all bdamomma Feb 22 #75
Yes I hope love triumphs over evil. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #76
I have learned a lot from this exchange and admire everyone in the field. erronis Feb 22 #88
Thank you! Irish_Dem Feb 22 #94
Victim blaming MorbidButterflyTat Feb 22 #82
Yep. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #84
Is he an ex con pastor? pwb Feb 21 #6
A man is a man RussBLib Feb 21 #7
Post removed Post removed Feb 21 #18
"a man's a man!" ecstatic Feb 21 #8
Not even inappropriately. Beartracks Feb 22 #55
Those long ankle length dresses CANADIANBEAVER69 Feb 21 #9
Easier ways to get out of jury duty lame54 Feb 21 #10
Thought the same thing. MorbidButterflyTat Feb 22 #83
If you didn't get up and walk out of this sermon when he said this you are just as complicit!! Pisces Feb 21 #11
And with both middle fingers held high. Delmette2.0 Feb 21 #24
I assume he is trying to get out Jury duty Johonny Feb 21 #12
This guy is a prime example of why so many of us DESPISE religion. Sky Jewels Feb 21 #13
What would Jesus say..... ? LakeArenal Feb 21 #14
I think he said - if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. Probatim Feb 22 #53
God! What a DEPOLORABLE excuse of a human being! ProudMNDemocrat Feb 21 #15
If you wear an expensive suit like that thucythucy Feb 21 #16
Exactly right Seinan Sensei Feb 22 #97
If you preach like that SarahD Feb 21 #17
Fuck you. SamKnause Feb 21 #19
Tracey Ullman skit - What were you wearing? Poiuyt Feb 21 #20
That was perfect. Thanks for sharing. Delmette2.0 Feb 21 #28
Brilliant. Sad but true. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #34
Facebook wouldn't let me post this pfitz59 Feb 22 #61
We need to end the patriarchy redqueen Feb 21 #21
Pastor Bobby just about sent me over the edge. democrank Feb 21 #22
So all men are rapists? Isn't rape a sin? TexasBushwhacker Feb 21 #23
Sure looks like Pastor Bobby's lights are on but nobody's home struggle4progress Feb 21 #25
And it's also the idea that mcar Feb 21 #26
Somebody needs to interview Pastor Bobby's choir boys. limbicnuminousity Feb 21 #27
If you spew hatred for women like that, and some woman runs you down with her car, and I'm on the jury, Scrivener7 Feb 21 #30
Pastor Bobby sure has a purdy mouth. Kind of enflames my groin. Don't know if I could control myself around him. Midnight Writer Feb 21 #31
Scum HandmaidsTaleUntold Feb 21 #32
Watch out for your family, friends and community around that sleazebag. Bluethroughu Feb 21 #35
Very true bluestarone Feb 22 #69
These people are exhausting. AltairIV Feb 21 #36
He just told every man in that congregation Demobrat Feb 21 #37
Just like Trump Celerity Feb 21 #41
He oozes av8rdave Feb 21 #38
I wonder how many women he has sexually assaulted. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #42
Wild ass guess. Yavin4 Feb 21 #43
Disgusting! Niagara Feb 21 #44
Not surprising, his church's Facebook is temporarily disabled TlalocW Feb 21 #45
thx. i left a message BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 22 #58
"All men are monsters" chowmama Feb 21 #47
What an ignorant stupid misguided human being. Also 1980 called and they want that statement back...Ya dumb fuck nt GuppyGal Feb 21 #48
totally agree with your comment. I would add hateful. nt BootinUp Feb 21 #49
Post removed Post removed Feb 21 #50
AmurKKKan Taliban Traildogbob Feb 21 #51
Well, Mr. Pastor, if you talk like that and you get bludgeoned megapuzzler Feb 22 #52
I think we have a pervert pastor here. Emile Feb 22 #54
I think bdamomma Feb 22 #77
Pastor Bobby confesses he's out of control, will rape, thieve, pillage without warning. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 22 #56
Then rape that christofascist pig I_UndergroundPanther Feb 22 #57
WTAF is wrong with these sick fucks?: Initech Feb 22 #59
I've been with women when both of us were as naked as we were made . . . Journeyman Feb 22 #60
Whole societies and religions have rules for females Aussie105 Feb 22 #62
This is creepy on a lot of levels. "Send your boy out there" ?? Iris Feb 22 #64
What a really sick human being. A man is a man and if he sees some woman's skin or figure .... Botany Feb 22 #67
The trump/MAGA America Norbert Feb 22 #68
A Mans a Man! BadGimp Feb 22 #70
So, by his own reasoning......... DFW Feb 22 #71
I like that. Boomerang it back on them JanMichael Feb 22 #73
The old "she was asking for it defense." Sick. The only way to comply with MAGAt and evangelical rape laws Martin68 Feb 22 #72
Obviously what he said is shocking and disgusting XorXor Feb 22 #74
Republicans for Rape. hadEnuf Feb 22 #78
If a man can't control himself when he sees a woman wearing shorts, he is a danger japple Feb 22 #79
Men who can't control themselves around women in public murielm99 Feb 22 #87
But, but, but altar boys don't wear shorts..... RSherman Feb 22 #80
If you're an evil conservative and you get punched in the face IronLionZion Feb 22 #81
Sick Demovictory9 Feb 22 #85
Sick Demovictory9 Feb 22 #86
And the best part is what he said right after that ... SupportSanity Feb 22 #89
He's just mad cuz he hasn't been able to muster a woody for decades. flying_wahini Feb 22 #90
Huh! Katcat Feb 22 #91
This pastor must also think women in swimsuits at a public beach are asking to be raped! Bluejeans Feb 22 #92
I suppose Republicans would prefer women to wear burkas, but then what excuse would they give for condoning rape? Lonestarblue Feb 22 #93
I would have him investigated. This is beyond sick. twodogsbarking Feb 22 #95
Hope your daughters don't ever wear shorts, Rev! they'll love you for your thoughts. Wonder Why Feb 22 #96
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