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Thu Feb 22, 2024, 07:52 AM Feb 22

In 1956, (NINETEEN FIFTY-SIX!) Ian Fleming wrote [View all]

what came to be one of the most essential James Bond novels, From Russia With Love. If you have read the book, or even seen the movie, you are aware that the plot revolves around a Russian conspiracy to destroy the morale and reputation of the British Secret Service.

The architect of this enterprise is a Russian grandmaster chess player named Kronsteen, who conceives of an intricate plan to ensnare James Bond and his superiors in a scandal, utilizing many players. The Book is massively entertaining, and interestingly, for those who enveloped in James Bond trivia, ended in such a way that Fleming could kill off James Bond, so he would not have to write another book with him as a character. Of course, he resurrected him in his next book, Dr No, and the rest is history as they say.

The point of this post is that the Russians have been conceiving of these ways to infiltrate and destroy America since 1945 if not before, and these idiot traitorous Republicans became willing dupes of the billionaires who took over Russia after the fall of communism. I know that it’s anathema to quote Richard Nixon, but if nothing else he was schooled and brilliant in foreign policy, political science, and history, and when the Berlin Wall fell, and everything began to happen rapidly, he warned that there were issues involving the Russians that had been repressed for literally hundreds of years, which would rise to the top, and threaten us in a different fashion than we were familiar with. (Yes, I ended the sentence with a preposition. So arrest me)

He was absolutely correct: we are being attacked via our mainstream channels rather than by ground forces or nuclear weapons. They have infiltrated our government to the highest levels, and it will only take one serious mistake to allow this group to overcome what’s left of American democracy. We almost made that mistake in 2016.

Americans need to be made aware that these people are brilliant and resourceful , and they are doggedly persistent. Yes, I know this particular strike may not have worked, but we have no idea what else is in the works and I do remember what one intelligence officer said to me many years ago, that if I knew one percent of what was going on in this world, I would be afraid to leave my home. Yes, it’s true that he was a right winger, but he was the counterpart to some in the Kremlin, who understand how this all really works. We are in fact, but pawns in the descendent-of-Kronsteen’s chessboard but need to make noise loudly and quickly. Otherwise we shall become a colony of the Russian oligarchs. It can happen overnight.

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It is evident that there are politicians in Washington madaboutharry Feb 22 #1
Willfully ignorant for sure Evolve Dammit Feb 22 #49
Nikita Khrushchev stated that Russia would destroy the US from within. Lonestarblue Feb 22 #2
To my knowledge, it was Churchill's quote. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Feb 22 #5
Invade USA from within STING2 Feb 22 #22
Well said! Danascot Feb 22 #3
😁 PCIntern Feb 22 #8
The sad thing is our govt is for sale on many levels SouthernDem4ever Feb 22 #4
Citizens United created the treason highway. yardwork Feb 22 #29
Sure did. elleng Feb 22 #45
Actually, lots of countries do this: China, Israel, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Iran Bucky Feb 22 #6
Yes but not in 1956 and prior PCIntern Feb 22 #10
Yes, Russians have been doing PatSeg Feb 22 #17
True. In '56 they had the power of an authoritarian dictatorship. Liberal In Texas Feb 22 #30
The moral character of humans worldwide is about the same. yardwork Feb 22 #33
I would say that the moral character of humans worldwide soldierant Feb 22 #46
The Russian billionaires had an opening because the GOP was already taken over... JHB Feb 22 #7
Yes. 👆👆👆 rubbersole Feb 22 #15
Interesting theory Farmer-Rick Feb 22 #25
I think it's true that the GOP and Putin had parallel goals. yardwork Feb 22 #34
They did, once Putin came to power and benefitted from the same things. But the takeover of the GOP began when... JHB Feb 22 #41
Allowing the rise of the oligarchs was also a mistake. Liberal In Texas Feb 22 #9
It's like watching a slow motion train wreck. nt Nittersing Feb 22 #13
Exactly right redqueen Feb 22 #14
Billionaires have Fealty to ONE Thing -- The Golden Calf PTL_Mancuso Feb 22 #26
Well said Farmer-Rick Feb 22 #27
KNR niyad Feb 22 #11
This quote comes to mind. FalloutShelter Feb 22 #12
K&R! Wicked Blue Feb 22 #16
Politicians are expensive. Chainfire Feb 22 #18
TBH, I get the impression buying Trump came pretty cheap Bucky Feb 22 #19
The Russians kept buying Chump's condos and overpaying for them FakeNoose Feb 22 #24
I think ugly little Putin took control Farmer-Rick Feb 22 #31
Don't forget our home-grown billionaires who despise democracy Hermit-The-Prog Feb 22 #20
Gah! OMG! Hair on Fire! This helps make sense of so much! PTL_Mancuso Feb 22 #40
M$NBC is a corporate media pacifier and flypaper to TheKentuckian Feb 22 #48
Who says this strike hasn't worked? robbob Feb 22 #21
Yep. The final chapter is PCIntern Feb 22 #23
Hamas's attack on Israel and simultaneous PR campaign is another strategy. yardwork Feb 22 #36
Excellent cautionary tale PJMcK Feb 22 #28
Yes, but they're poorly written for the most part PCIntern Feb 22 #39
We are currently in thrall to international oligarchs. jaxexpat Feb 22 #32
I worry about that, too. yardwork Feb 22 #37
If still available, see the series FLEMMING starring Dominic Cooper as Ian Flemming ProudMNDemocrat Feb 22 #35
Thank you! I will! PCIntern Feb 22 #38
See also movie with young Kevin Costner...'No Way Out'. Russian agent groomed for potus. nt wiggs Feb 22 #42
Hackman steals the film PCIntern Feb 22 #44
Republicans are useful idiots. The fifth column undermining the US from within IronLionZion Feb 22 #43
Russia has never been a friend of the US. The alliance with Stalin was strictly to defeat Hitler... Hekate Feb 22 #47
Time for the "damn Berettas" (Q). Evolve Dammit Feb 22 #50
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