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Martin Eden

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16. "CALLED BY GOD" -- God's voice in their head, or their own ego?
Thu Feb 22, 2024, 02:42 PM
Feb 22

The article cites the call to spread the word and to convert, but does not reference biblical passages calling for use of the sword or other means to force their religion onto others.

THAT is the calling of their own self righteousness and EGO, which is a manifestion of their sense of superiority over the judgment and the rights of others.

It is narrow minded zealotry, and un-American. Religious freedom is the right to worship the faith of our choosing, or none at all -- NOT forcing our own beliefs onto others.

I understand that many Evangelicals sincerely believe, however misguided, their efforts to make America a "Christian" nation is doing God's work and is necessary for the salvation of our country.

Their efforts might engender less hostility if not for the sheer hypocrisy of the political ideology and monied intetests they have embraced.

They are NOT "Pro Life" in so many of the policies they support and push. The latest IVF issue can deter couples from starting families, and forcing women to full term with unviable and unwanted pregnancies including by rape can threaten women's lives and change their course away from having subsequent children. Their intolerance for LGBTQ people has driven youngsters to suicide, and fostered violence against them.

Evangelicals also support policies which favor the rich over the poor, and deregulating polluting industries which spew environmental toxins that shorten lives and cause myriad afflictions especially hazardous to the embryo and fetus they ostensibly care so much about.

Finally, they essentially worship the would-be dictator who is eager to turn America into an authoritarian state like that of his idol, Vlad Putin. Our freedoms are threatened on multiple fronts by holier-than-thou Evangelicals. If they are actually doing "God's work" then I want nothing to do with such an evil entity.

I always found it amusing that although Jesus said, if a town or city did not want to hear the message of Aristus Feb 22 #1
And they ignore the passage about praying in a closet Farmer-Rick Feb 22 #8
The only "verse" that matters jayschool2013 Feb 22 #31
Oh I agree Farmer-Rick Feb 22 #40
Absolutely correct, humanity is not their first priority. It's God's kingdom Walleye Feb 22 #2
It is ever-changing mythology. pandr32 Feb 22 #3
By Zeus, I believe that you are on to something! Dave Bowman Feb 22 #10
Yes, but we have to deal with this version, progressoid Feb 22 #13
They didn't listen to their own. CrispyQ Feb 22 #4
Hell no. They welcomed them in. progressoid Feb 22 #19
Reminds me of something I learned in Catholic school. calimary Feb 22 #36
My narcissist mother is a Talibangelical who blew up her family in the name of Jesus OMGWTF Feb 22 #5
I have always thought that there is only one way to deal with religious thoughts, that say have faith. bluestarone Feb 22 #6
I am tired of people who quote the bible. Just post some fortunes from your Chinese cookies. twodogsbarking Feb 22 #7
The real mystery is John Farmer Feb 22 #9
They are damn hypocrites. Dave Bowman Feb 22 #12
These creepy weirdos sure are very dangerous and it seems Dave Bowman Feb 22 #11
Christian Covidicus StarryNite Feb 22 #15
You can't argue or reason with a god. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 22 #14
Yes you can! ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 22 #26
"CALLED BY GOD" -- God's voice in their head, or their own ego? Martin Eden Feb 22 #16
Good OP moniss Feb 22 #17
Goldwater was wrong about much but he was right about evangelists Warpy Feb 22 #18
Goldwater would have been better (err...less paranoid?) than Nixon, he should have run in '68 ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 22 #27
Similar for me (1943, Missouri) Trust_Reality Feb 22 #20
I'm surprised that everyone doesn't already know this! CCExile Feb 22 #21
Unfortunately, the "moderate" Christians uphold the radical Christofascists LiberalLovinLug Feb 22 #22
I hear you. These leaders are dangerous, but Pew and 538 show charts that show they don't represent most Christians. ancianita Feb 22 #23
The problem is that they have the ear, or are actually political leaders within the Republican Party Caliman73 Feb 22 #32
You may be right that they have leaders' ear. But it's Americans' views of them that are driving the vote toward the ancianita Feb 22 #34
Religious zealots are dangerous dlk Feb 22 #24
It's interesting that the phrase is Mblaze Feb 22 #25
It is more than evangelism. It is Dominionism. Caliman73 Feb 22 #28
I'm all in with this thread leanforward Feb 22 #29
These Fanatics take "Onward Christian Soldiers" LITERALLY. amb123 Feb 22 #30
KICK. PlutosHeart Feb 22 #33
Now that politics are being driven by religion, it's fair game on this general page. lindysalsagal Feb 22 #35
The Americanized Evangelicals will fold like tissue paper the moment it costs them things......... jaxexpat Feb 22 #37
K&R...nt Wounded Bear Feb 22 #38
Polls apparently are showing that the dominionists comprise a minority of evangelicals . Permanut Feb 22 #39
I'm in complete agreement leanforward Feb 22 #41
Of course, it is serious. OldBaldy1701E Feb 22 #42
Yep. Religion is a mind virus. redqueen Feb 22 #43
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