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31. I can't begin to imagine
Thu Feb 22, 2024, 06:54 PM
Feb 22

what it must be like to be him. The cruelty and sadistic nature is just beyond comprehension. So many authoritarians treat the world as if it is their own personal game board with no regard to the human lives they are affecting.

Luckovich for the win! [View all] kpete Feb 21 OP
Perfect. dalton99a Feb 21 #1
A little tweak to it. TheBlackAdder Feb 22 #33
Very incisive. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 21 #2
Putin taking over the GOP was so easy. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #3
Putin didn't have to fire a shot BOSSHOG Feb 21 #4
Nope, not a shot. No loss of life on his side. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #5
And much cheaper than a military war PatSeg Feb 22 #22
Yes Putin's plan has been diabolically brilliant. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #23
It certainly has been PatSeg Feb 22 #24
He is ruthless, brutal and extremely dangerous. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #25
I can picture him laughing maniacally PatSeg Feb 22 #28
Yea. He would burn it all down if he cannot have it. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #29
I can't begin to imagine PatSeg Feb 22 #31
Yes they are the stars, the rest of us are just props. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #32
And sadly PatSeg Feb 22 #34
The autocratic bloc, Russia, China, Saudi, Iran, NK believe they will be the 21st century superpower. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #35
That's true PatSeg Feb 22 #36
The West is going to have to get their act together and quickly. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #37
In many ways PatSeg Feb 22 #38
Republicans are willing and eager accomplices. dalton99a Feb 21 #6
The GOP wants what Putin has in Russia. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #7
Yep. A Mafia-style government with unchecked power dalton99a Feb 21 #8
Yes a kleptocracy. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #9
Corporations have it already housecat Feb 22 #19
Yes they own many of our politicians. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #26
Perfect malaise Feb 21 #10
Can't quite tell if putie is mounted on top or behind that animal - in either case it's getting erronis Feb 21 #11
hahahaha! .... so good. sarchasm Feb 21 #12
KNR niyad Feb 21 #13
Excellent. Bluethroughu Feb 21 #14
Perfection Wild blueberry Feb 21 #15
K&R orangecrush Feb 21 #16
Nails it republianmushroom Feb 21 #17
Excellent! That is so good! liberalla Feb 21 #18
Putin commanded his GOPeasants to deny help to Ukraine. Kid Berwyn Feb 22 #20
That is so sad PatSeg Feb 22 #21
Yep...the Surrender Party. nt The Unmitigated Gall Feb 22 #27
I can just see a MAGAt with this on his T-shirt proclaiming NEVER SURRENDER ffr Feb 22 #30
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