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37. Perfect!
Thu Feb 22, 2024, 11:12 PM
Feb 22

That is making me laugh so hard. Geez. I can’t breathe!

But hidden in the beer coolers, surely.

Help Wanted [View all] H2O Man Feb 22 OP
Ohhh, this is SO good, Waterman. blm Feb 22 #1
Too good H2O Man Feb 22 #3
Can we post it elsewhere? blm Feb 22 #14
Wicked wicked man Saoirse9 Feb 22 #2
With mustard! H2O Man Feb 22 #4
Mean and not wicked? Saoirse9 Feb 22 #5
Wicked mean. H2O Man Feb 22 #6
This is deliciously good. yorkster Feb 22 #7
About two weeks ago, H2O Man Feb 22 #8
There's got to be a way...now, of course, I'm yorkster Feb 22 #16
Never sure if you're being flippant or not too serious. But about posting a picture here on DU erronis Feb 22 #22
Thank you! H2O Man Feb 22 #24
Effin Brilliant malaise Feb 22 #9
I'm confident H2O Man Feb 22 #10
Hehehehehhehee malaise Feb 22 #11
Will Soros pay a bonus dweller Feb 22 #12
Lololololololololololol blm Feb 22 #15
Brilliant! H2O Man Feb 22 #18
Brilliant! H2O Man Feb 22 #19
Boys, hold onto your sperm! The Lord demands it! erronis Feb 22 #23
In the meantime... mercuryblues Feb 22 #13
My impression H2O Man Feb 22 #17
So any child born from IVF is actually 9 months older than they thought. patphil Feb 22 #20
You raise important points. H2O Man Feb 22 #21
older than that mercuryblues Feb 23 #42
True! Imagine, old enough to vote while still in diapers! patphil Feb 23 #43
I think I will move there mercuryblues Feb 23 #45
Hate to think what these science-illiterate types will do with human asexual reproduction erronis Feb 22 #25
Long, long ago, H2O Man Feb 22 #31
Oooh. I love the idea of migrant embryos! Easterncedar Feb 22 #26
It has promise. H2O Man Feb 22 #32
Perfect! Easterncedar Feb 22 #37
I'm glad you mentioned that. H2O Man Feb 22 #40
Once again you remind me why H2O Man is the best poster on DU! PurgedVoter Feb 22 #27
You are too kind. H2O Man Feb 22 #33
I would but minimum wage just doesn't cut it. KS Toronado Feb 22 #28
They have unlimited money. H2O Man Feb 22 #34
Alright I'm in then ! KS Toronado Feb 23 #41
Hilarious! Thanks. nt TeamProg Feb 22 #29
Thank you! H2O Man Feb 22 #35
Bwahahaahaa spanone Feb 22 #30
Okay, now I have H2O Man Feb 22 #36
Thumbs up 👍 Emile Feb 22 #38
Thanks! H2O Man Feb 22 #39
The law says they're eligible to vote. Kid Berwyn Feb 23 #44
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