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35. It is good. And when he was rearrested all the networks that I saw carried it...I never
Fri Feb 23, 2024, 09:47 AM
Feb 23

watch Fox unless there is a big GOP loss to watch them suffer! Thus I have not idea if they carried it.

So that was even faster than I anticipated [View all] senseandsensibility Feb 22 OP
The Informant Turned Defendant Who Took Aim at the Bidens (NYT) elleng Feb 22 #1
Thanks for this post. MontanaMama Feb 22 #2
Thanks for the link senseandsensibility Feb 22 #3
Dunno, on front page sidebar, of NYT (via chrome.) elleng Feb 22 #9
In the NYT phone app, it took me quite a while to find this story just now. Pinback Feb 22 #24
In other words, Smirnoff is like Roger Stone... et al flying_wahini Feb 22 #20
He was a double agent, I am pretty sure. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 22 #28
Yes, but is Biden going to California to set up Newsom as his back-up in case Joe has to drop out?? NBachers Feb 22 #4
Lawrence O'Donnell had a really good take down of that senseandsensibility Feb 22 #6
Definitely listen to Laurence last night Hope22 Feb 22 #13
Yeah, I took note of that too. n/t Hugin Feb 22 #5
Trump raped someone and no one talks about it Johonny Feb 22 #7
Yeah, good point. senseandsensibility Feb 22 #8
Complicit media. Stay alert. Vote Joinfortmill Feb 22 #10
How long until we can no longer say bad things about Russian leadership. Stay tuned. twodogsbarking Feb 22 #11
They're not lazy. They're complicit! IrishAfricanAmerican Feb 22 #12
THIS! Think. Again. Feb 22 #16
Well it seems that there are bigger stories now... crud Feb 22 #14
And people on the east coast can't use their cell phones!!!! senseandsensibility Feb 22 #15
Can we say Cherokee100 Feb 22 #17
Once again... BaronChocula Feb 22 #18
They are talking about it right now...on MSNBC Deadline White House. Demsrule86 Feb 22 #19
Well that's good senseandsensibility Feb 22 #31
It is good. And when he was rearrested all the networks that I saw carried it...I never Demsrule86 Feb 23 #35
it's astonishing that Fox News has become the defacto VOA SleeplessinSoCal Feb 22 #21
You just have to remember that over 90% nakocal Feb 22 #22
Biden should go on Hannity's show. JohnnyRingo Feb 22 #23
My opinion is senseandsensibility Feb 23 #40
Wasn't NYT one of the media outlets that rolled real News into their Entertainment section? 4lbs Feb 22 #25
I know it's tough times for print journalism especially senseandsensibility Feb 22 #27
Yeah, they seem to be cutting everything except for their RW crap. 4lbs Feb 22 #30
Page A16. Same page THEY admitted, after daily punches for MONTHS... Grins Feb 22 #26
Yup, and all their Judith Miller crap senseandsensibility Feb 22 #29
It is not "lazy media coverage" drmeow Feb 22 #32
K&R spanone Feb 22 #33
Republican owned corporate media protects its benefactors. live love laugh Feb 23 #34
Is the press trying to elect Trump? CousinIT Feb 23 #36
K&R, this should be its own OP. "By rebutting them, you spread and strengthen them." c-rational Feb 23 #37
The facts don't fit their narrative dlk Feb 23 #38
People who watch MSM get what they deserve Kaleva Feb 23 #39
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