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50. On behalf of a Save New College campaign
Fri Feb 23, 2024, 10:08 AM
Feb 23

Can anyone help me find information about or a link to this talk by the faculty? The goal is to safely share what we can, knowing that it’s often difficult for the professors to speak publicly.


Hard to believe State's have this power. Joinfortmill Feb 21 #1
Such states pervert power. True power empowers the greatest good for the greatest number. ancianita Feb 21 #2
They got goals! This time it's to eliminate LGBTQ from the conversation, indeed, the whole of society. jaxexpat Feb 21 #12
They are state schools mcar Feb 21 #37
New College was such a sweet place Easterncedar Feb 21 #3
From what I'm reading about Florida.......................... Lovie777 Feb 21 #8
A bunch more MAGAts will move there Bettie Feb 21 #27
Florida is literally a sinking ship JoseBalow Feb 21 #33
To the tune of "Dixie" markodochartaigh Feb 21 #40
MAGAt paradise k0rs Feb 21 #35
They're turning out perfect... SergeStorms Feb 21 #4
and marching to the Orange "Chosen One." We are here. Evolve Dammit Feb 21 #46
Hillsdale College of the south. gibraltar72 Feb 21 #5
That's their stated goal! Gah! Easterncedar Feb 21 #21
There is no "equal protection of the laws"; the 14th Amendment is ignored. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 21 #6
Where are the journalists? Tesha Feb 21 #7
My younger brother was an alum, and, as a journalist, would be fiercely in this fight... FailureToCommunicate Feb 21 #10
So sorry. Easterncedar Feb 21 #19
I'm sorry for your loss Tesha Feb 21 #22
So sorry for your loss. He is missed for sure. This is an "all hands on deck" moment in history I believe. Evolve Dammit Feb 21 #47
The "journalists" are too busy telling us how old and unpopular Biden is to comradebillyboy Feb 21 #28
That would be the editors and owners. Real journalists FailureToCommunicate Feb 21 #42
Totally agree. The "ageism" is total BS when someone has the damn experience and can do the job. n/t Evolve Dammit Feb 21 #48
Welcome to right-wing Christian theocracy. Lonestarblue Feb 21 #9
Iowa State too? multigraincracker Feb 21 #11
My youngest graduated from there. murielm99 Feb 21 #14
For me it was back in 55 and 56. multigraincracker Feb 21 #15
They used to have a program murielm99 Feb 21 #32
I made a mistake: University of Iowa, not Iowa state. Coventina Feb 21 #45
I made a mistake and I deeply apologize!! Coventina Feb 21 #44
New College of Florida was ranked as the No. 5 National Liberal Arts College in the country sop Feb 21 #13
is anyone raising money to get them out? mopinko Feb 21 #16
This is just horrific. CaptainTruth Feb 21 #17
Insanity! Is this related to tiny D's fascist takeover ecstatic Feb 21 #18
Yes it is. Entirely Easterncedar Feb 21 #20
academia has been et tu Feb 21 #23
It's the Dark Ages redux. live love laugh Feb 21 #24
EXACTLY! But this time, the Warlords are overly enriched narcissists who want to rule the world Attilatheblond Feb 21 #26
How is this legal? Chi67 Feb 21 #25
There appears to be no one to stop them. AllyCat Feb 21 #31
Exactly k0rs Feb 21 #36
Damn, enigmania Feb 21 #29
Perhaps try SUNY dozens of programs. Historic NY Feb 21 #30
The vultures don't care. lindysalsagal Feb 21 #34
This is happening at every single Florida state university and college obamanut2012 Feb 21 #38
New College is asking for and getting funding to provide scholarships to athletes. SYFROYH Feb 21 #39
Do you have any links to what's happening in Iowa? progressoid Feb 21 #41
I will PM you. n/t Coventina Feb 21 #43
Epicenter of Ignorance orangecrush Feb 21 #49
On behalf of a Save New College campaign Easterncedar Feb 23 #50
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