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105. This is the last picture we have of Naama.
Fri Feb 23, 2024, 11:38 AM
Feb 23

It was taken by Hamas to brag to the world about what they had done. What do you think her bloody crotch means?

I know this is dropping like a rock... egduj Feb 22 #1
The fact that they cannot even condemn it, including some members of Congress, is a disgrace. JohnSJ Feb 22 #2
Hell, We've Had People Deny It Here, Sir The Magistrate Feb 22 #3
We have trolls and plants among us... getagrip_already Feb 22 #4
Unfortunately, people all over the world are denying it. yardwork Feb 22 #11
If DU is actually better than the average, I am eternally grateful to be here... Hekate Feb 22 #22
... William769 Feb 22 #33
... lapucelle Feb 22 #37
I live in an area with several universities and some people have lost their minds. yardwork Feb 23 #102
Anyone who denies civilian deaths and atrocities on ANY side, has a political agenda JohnSJ Feb 22 #6
Hmmm, so you would agree with the estimimate of near 30, 000 dead Palestinians, mostly women and children? TeamProg Feb 22 #15
30,000 dead, with a substantial portion being Hamas fighters NickB79 Feb 22 #19
So since Hamas had 40000 members Diraven Feb 22 #32
Nobody is encouraging that sort of outcome Hekate Feb 22 #50
Just doing the math Diraven Feb 22 #61
Have not seen that -- but have seen the flip side from Hamas apologists, altho not too recently Hekate Feb 22 #62
What a vile and horrible thing to say. SoFlaBro Feb 22 #74
I agree Palestinian civilians were killed JohnSJ Feb 22 #24
History will not be kind. TeamProg Feb 22 #27
But you deny that nearly 30,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel's assaults since 10/7. TeamProg Feb 22 #36
Sometimes I Despair, Sir The Magistrate Feb 22 #39
Yah no thanks. TeamProg Feb 22 #43
Post removed Post removed Feb 22 #45
Um, you did respond to me though. Those Caps Look So Professional! TeamProg Feb 22 #49
You Provided An Opening For Something I Thought Worth Saying, Dear The Magistrate Feb 22 #51
History will be kind to me. SoFlaBro Feb 22 #76
Your thoughtful reasoning is appreciated, Magistrate Hekate Feb 23 #91
I got your number too buddy and where your sympathies lie, and it isn't just JohnSJ Feb 22 #41
You've got the wrong number, buddy. I have called Hamas' doings as 'atrocities', but myself, and apparently much of the TeamProg Feb 22 #47
That is what this thread is about, but you ignore that in this thread. You want to expand on JohnSJ Feb 22 #52
Brushing the rape and endless Hamas fuckery of killing babies is fucking disgusting. SoFlaBro Feb 22 #77
Actually, it's not meant to be "justice". It's meant to be war. It's meant to defeat Hamas * Oopsie Daisy Feb 23 #96
Many of these deaths are due to Hamas using civilians as human shields LetMyPeopleVote Feb 23 #98
TY for this, LMPV! Cha Feb 23 #109
I'm kicking it Hekate Feb 22 #28
Recommended sheshe2 Feb 22 #5
Thank you for posting this. KPN Feb 22 #8
She needs to be primaried vercetti2021 Feb 22 #10
Yeah, Tlaib is In Denial.. so she gets others to deny it, too. Cha Feb 22 #12
Voting 'Present' is just that, neither supporting nor opposing. It could be a matter of facts. Either way: TeamProg Feb 22 #14
History WIll NOt BE Kind To those who Suppress the Vote for Pres Biden! Cha Feb 22 #23
Small potatoes. TeamProg Feb 22 #34
History Will NOT Be KIND to those Who SUPPRISS the VOTE AGAINST PJB. Cha Feb 22 #40
Small potatoes. History will not be kind. TeamProg Feb 22 #72
"Fetterman to Democrats who criticize Biden: "Might as well just get your MAGA hat, because you now are helping Trump." Cha Feb 22 #73
History will not be kind to brushing aside the rape of hundreds of innocent civilians. SoFlaBro Feb 22 #79
Rec TY Cha Feb 22 #86
I love these excuses, er justifications about those who won't admit that JohnSJ Feb 22 #46
Yeah, it's Crystal CLEAR Cha Feb 22 #56
It was on CNN TV Jake Tapper who was interviewing the head of the organization that helps rape victims. I will JohnSJ Feb 22 #63
Thanks! That part is Good to know Cha Feb 22 #64
Found it JohnSJ Feb 22 #65
Mahalo, John!! Cha Feb 22 #67
Jack Tapper was the first to discuss these horrendous crimes, several months ago question everything Feb 23 #88
I see threads all over xmas74 Feb 22 #75
You have said you condemn Hamas' atrocities TexasDem69 Feb 22 #66
It Is Odd, Sir The Magistrate Feb 22 #70
Thank you, Cha. sheshe2 Feb 22 #60
That is untrue, she voted "present", not "No". Please be accurate with the info you share. TeamProg Feb 22 #29
Which is just as good as a no. MarineCombatEngineer Feb 22 #53
Thank you. sheshe2 Feb 22 #59
Thanks.. Cha Feb 22 #83
Voting present is the same as voting no, IMHO. sheshe2 Feb 22 #54
She didn't vote yes to condemn the rape and mutilation then there are some here trying to fucking justify that ugly vote SoFlaBro Feb 22 #80
Terrible. Elessar Zappa Feb 22 #7
That is just tempering the adulation and celebration TheKentuckian Feb 22 #9
I actually cannot figure out the thrust of your comment. Care to parse it a bit? Hekate Feb 22 #25
The excuses for the barbarians and handwaiving their vile shit are just cover for cheerleading their actions TheKentuckian Feb 22 #31
Yes, thank you Hekate Feb 22 #35
Excuses for it? Huh? Where? Please elaborate. TeamProg Feb 22 #30
Any pushback on using this as justification Diraven Feb 22 #38
AFTER the fact? That makes no sense, I'm sorry but I haven't seen that nor do I believe your claim. Further, TeamProg Feb 22 #42
Not just here xmas74 Feb 22 #82
What is numerous? And this is odd, on "IDF bases." Hamas was committing atrocities on IDF bases? TeamProg Feb 22 #13
On Oct 7, Hamas attacked several IDF bases close to the border NickB79 Feb 22 #16
I hope that is clear enough Hekate Feb 22 #26
Not clear enough for that one NoRethugFriends Feb 22 #84
K&R betsuni Feb 22 #17
NOTHNG Justifies "These assaults included gang rapes carried out in front of the victims' partners, family, and friends Cha Feb 22 #18
Well said JohnSJ Feb 22 #48
Thank you! Cha Feb 22 #57
Thank you for this. William769 Feb 22 #20
KnR Hekate Feb 22 #21
That this actually happens in the 21st century is something I just can't wrap my head around. Torchlight Feb 22 #44
Wow! jimfields33 Feb 22 #58
Agree, it's incomprehensible TexasDem69 Feb 22 #69
Rape has been used in wars since forever, and too many, feminists, tried to dismiss it as just question everything Feb 23 #89
Rape's part of the trained-in toolkit of the Russian Army, & how they announced themselves in Ukraine Hekate Feb 23 #92
I guess you missed the news about women in Ethiopia redqueen Feb 23 #100
My brain is aware it's happening worldwide. Torchlight Feb 23 #103
That's the error in your logic redqueen Feb 23 #104
And that's a war crime. Iggo Feb 22 #55
Shocking, I tell you. /s Oneironaut Feb 22 #68
Was the murder of 30,000 Palestinian also 'systematic'? marble falls Feb 22 #71
War is not Murder Bad Thoughts Feb 22 #78
"Murder"? Just because people, even civilians died, doesn't make it murder. Do I need to grab a dictionary for you? SoFlaBro Feb 22 #81
It's WAR & your trying to Distract from the HORROR o the OP is NOT WORKING Cha Feb 22 #85
As I read through these replies, there are some folks for whom my respect and admiration grows * Oopsie Daisy Feb 23 #97
K&R Arazi Feb 23 #87
Some folks have trouble believing this sarisataka Feb 23 #90
I've seen it posted on here that since they didn't see it that it isn't confirmed. "30000 dead!" is their only reply. SoFlaBro Feb 23 #93
If you want to be one of the cool kids, you gotta cheer for Hamas. RandySF Feb 23 #94
I'm still waiting for some ideas on dealing with Hamas ripcord Feb 23 #95
The hostages need to be returned LetMyPeopleVote Feb 23 #99
This is the last picture we have of Naama. nocoincidences Feb 23 #105
Deniers need "proof" sarisataka Feb 23 #106
It is heartbreaking that this has become necessary redqueen Feb 23 #101
It's Jews and they deserve it. It was just "resistance" Arazi Feb 23 #107
You have to redqueen Feb 23 #110
Those were hideious, heneious actions by Hamas... electric_blue68 Feb 23 #108
K & R rollin74 Feb 23 #111
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