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And if you have "government insurance" (Medicare/Medicaid)-- viva la Feb 23 #1
Those savings cards never work with Medicare/Medicaid pinkstarburst Feb 23 #18
Welp, its come to this nt XanaDUer2 Feb 23 #2
I am on it now dsc Feb 23 #3
Sorry to hear that Johnny2X2X Feb 23 #11
To cover all the people that would benefit would strain their profits tulipsandroses Feb 23 #4
I understand the popularity of these medications for weight loss EYESORE 9001 Feb 23 #5
What is their profit margin? What does it cost them to make? onecaliberal Feb 23 #6
Probably just a few dollars a prescription... getagrip_already Feb 23 #7
How much have they spent on multigraincracker Feb 23 #8
It's simple to me nitpicked Feb 23 #9
Cuba has to develop and make their own drugs. Marcus IM Feb 23 #12
My wife's insurance (with Medicare) has denied it after a year with another insurer. Probably get it from Canada now. Doodley Feb 23 #10
As long as Medicare refuses to cover it for weight loss, most private insurers will follow their lead. Silent Type Feb 23 #13
The anti-American health insurance cos. area51 Feb 23 #14
I'm curious what the cost is in Canada. badhair77 Feb 23 #15
I do remember that a Canadian pharmacy was caught trafficking... keep_left Feb 23 #16
Or Mexico. limbicnuminousity Feb 23 #17
An inlaw recently said Ozempic prescriptions generally cost between $200-$300 for a monthly supply (or 4 doses). Torchlight Feb 23 #19
My insurance covers it AwakeAtLast Feb 23 #20
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