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Thank You Pototan BOSSHOG Feb 23 #1
I'm 71 years old and retired, so I doubt you have 45 years on me Pototan Feb 23 #2
I apologize BOSSHOG Feb 23 #3
"dips in the pool" -- LUCKY!! orleans Feb 24 #5
Every day is a pool day here (NT) Pototan Feb 24 #6
"every day" sounds tiresome to me--too routine. "any day" sounds like a fun option orleans Feb 24 #17
Every day, any day. Same thing Pototan Feb 24 #18
sounds lovely. nt orleans Feb 24 #20
No thanks DownriverDem Feb 24 #28
I am a sun person Pototan Feb 24 #36
If it uses chlorine DENVERPOPS Feb 24 #45
Hope repigs Rebl2 Feb 24 #38
I'm 77, and can easily see what the future will bring if Trump wins this fall. patphil Feb 23 #4
Very good advice! ShazzieB Feb 24 #7
I'm 75 and I agree. I've gotten so bitter I just tell young people Walleye Feb 24 #27
Hope there comes a time when judges appointed by Trump have PufPuf23 Feb 24 #8
K&R 2naSalit Feb 24 #9
K & R. but..... canetoad Feb 24 #10
Deleted Dupe Pototan Feb 24 #12
I hope you're correct Pototan Feb 24 #13
That's correct Pototan canetoad Feb 24 #15
Nicely stated opinions canetoad. I tend to agree with your points. erronis Feb 24 #25
What do we do about the so-called progressive who won't get on board with the one most important goal of beating Trump? Walleye Feb 24 #29
Keep srpeading the word. oldmanlynn Feb 24 #11
Exactly correct relayerbob Feb 24 #14
K & R nt ProudProgressiveNow Feb 24 #16
Agree: "you will deserve exactly what you get." betsuni Feb 24 #19
Best example: Susan Sarandon (NT) Pototan Feb 24 #22
I have no patience for people who say they have to "vote their conscience" Walleye Feb 24 #30
It's not just the presidency-- also those state and local elections IzzaNuDay Feb 24 #21
72 here, and birdographer Feb 24 #23
Agree, lately I have taken comfort in being 75 years old Walleye Feb 24 #31
The takeover of the judiciary is nearly complete. Point your friends to project 2025 Hermit-The-Prog Feb 24 #24
When someone doesn't vote, they are giving 2 votes to the person the don't agree with dlk Feb 24 #26
I'm afraid if the young people and progressives allow Trump to win again, I will never forgive them Walleye Feb 24 #32
If they understood they have skin in the game, they would vote dlk Feb 24 #33
I wish there was someway we could open their heads and put some facts into their brains Walleye Feb 24 #34
Apathy or even outright denial is very hard to overcome dlk Feb 24 #35
I seem to Rebl2 Feb 24 #37
Kids, Mr.Bee Feb 24 #39
One of the best posts JustAnotherGen Feb 24 #40
Yeah, problem is, if they vote for Adolph Trump, they will get the government they deserve... PatrickforB Feb 24 #41
3 hard right catholics on the SC wolfie001 Feb 24 #42
I hope they are listening. SouthernDem4ever Feb 24 #43
I have a friend who was a "Stein" protest voter in 2016. 4lbs Feb 24 #44
Her "protest vote" didn't hurt, but I bet her words did. RandomNumbers Feb 24 #48
Biden isn't the only one running. There will be elections JI7 Feb 24 #46
You sound like Hillary. Welcome to reality, is what I would say to your 25 year old friends. boston bean Feb 24 #47
The Alabama Supreme Court on IVF embryos should be another wake-up call Shermann Feb 24 #49
Deleted Post Pototan Feb 25 #50
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