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19. Republicans get the white man pass
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 05:29 PM
Feb 25

They get all the credit and all the benefit of the doubt. They get it from voters and they get it from institutions like news media. They are given the opportunity to fail over and over and over again in a way that Democrats aren't given because Democrats aren't, you know, all that white.

Yes, all illegal immigrants are evil criminals Johonny Feb 25 #1
I assume the Georgia Governor takes responsibly for all crimes committed by legal Georgia residents? Freethinker65 Feb 25 #2
You are right, and that is exactly what needs to be thrown back at the republicans. We should JohnSJ Feb 25 #4
press is intentionally campaigning for the republicans Submariner Feb 25 #3
+++ JohnSJ Feb 25 #5
Thank you for posting this. Have already shared it. Dem2theMax Feb 25 #18
EXACTLY. More specifically campaigning for their shared corporate oligarchs. ancianita Feb 26 #36
K&R BootinUp Feb 25 #6
The press is intentionally campaigning for Republicans. ananda Feb 25 #7
OK, so how many women were killed by US citizens last year while jogging or walking? patphil Feb 25 #8
For GOPers, it has NEVER been about solving problems. Just using them to hammer Dems! PTL_Mancuso Feb 26 #39
We could ask the families Tickle Feb 26 #40
Believe the mainstream TV news is corporate, so richdj25 Feb 25 #9
This is the argument being made hueymahl Feb 25 #10
Blame the republicans for murders in their retrospective states, blame republicans JohnSJ Feb 25 #12
This guy came in, in 2022. NT Tickle Feb 26 #41
Trump did this when that girl was shot in SF. LeftInTX Feb 25 #11
Clinton had the Carville immediate response team. Jakes Progress Feb 25 #13
Democrats are way too patient. It's a shame the founders didn't give them at least decade-long terms. jaxexpat Feb 25 #16
What do you want them to do? All Mixed Up Feb 25 #26
Doesn't work like that. Jakes Progress Feb 26 #31
Okay. You've got nothing - just complaints. All Mixed Up Feb 26 #32
So you got nothing but excuses. Jakes Progress Feb 26 #34
I'm not gonna read all that. All Mixed Up Feb 27 #42
So I'm wrong, but you don't know about what. Hmm. Jakes Progress Mar 1 #43
Blaming Republicans for failure to pass the bipartisan immigration bill is a tenuous argument for our side progressoid Feb 25 #14
For one thing, politics is all about the present. LiberalLovinLug Feb 25 #17
If politics is all about the present progressoid Feb 25 #30
Republicans Are Evil Liars and the Media will not help us LymphocyteLover Feb 25 #15
Guys, you want to listen to some unbiased news? True Blue American Feb 25 #21
Thanks-- I hadn't heard much about that station LymphocyteLover Feb 25 #23
Yes True Blue American Feb 26 #37
I have watched NewsNation, I guarantee Abrams would have highlighted the immigration status Silent Type Feb 25 #27
Republicans get the white man pass BaronChocula Feb 25 #19
Governor Kemp blamed Biden! True Blue American Feb 25 #20
yup, and so are most of the republican deplorables JohnSJ Feb 25 #25
I heard the suspect was a 'non-citizen resident', which is sinkingfeeling Feb 25 #22
According to the reports I've seen, he is described as an "undocumented" migrant onenote Feb 25 #24
K&R spanone Feb 25 #28
They love telling these stories moniss Feb 25 #29
They also didn't mention that, after Trump was defeated, Mblaze Feb 26 #33
they care about this death Skittles Feb 26 #35
Sinclair Broadcast Group owns 284 TV Stations... Mr. Mustard 2023 Feb 26 #38
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