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5. There are a couple of issues.
Tue Feb 27, 2024, 03:36 PM
Feb 27

The issues are basically whether or not she had a relationship with Wade, and if so, whether or not she benefited financially from that relationship. The underlying assertion is that there's a conflict of interest.

Timing matters because they testified under oath about when the relationship started.

This article from the much-derided NYT covers it pretty well.


I STILL don't get it. [View all] madamesilverspurs Feb 27 OP
I know, what the absolute hell?? a kennedy Feb 27 #1
If they can catch them in perjury... lame54 Feb 27 #2
With all the shit that asswipes lawyers have done, this is less serious Ferrets are Cool Feb 27 #3
*rump is an oligarch in our society, everything under the sun Uncle Joe Feb 27 #4
There are a couple of issues. TwilightZone Feb 27 #5
It doesn't, this is all irrelevant bullshit and this judge Emile Feb 27 #6
pure bs oldinmtdem92 Feb 27 #7
Breaking News! Wades lawyer cant remember when they started dating! getagrip_already Feb 27 #8
OFFS! MorbidButterflyTat Feb 27 #9
trump is still likely guilty. Unfortuantely, this destraction significantly delayed the trial and muddied the waters. Silent Type Feb 27 #10
In some ways, this is the case Trump fears the most dlk Feb 27 #11
I am right there with you. I have no clue. onecaliberal Feb 27 #12
So sexist Dear_Prudence Feb 27 #13
You can't, fourth graders are too smart. It only makes sense to the cult. Gaugamela Feb 27 #14
Demanding perfection of others is a cult/addictive behavior. usonian Feb 27 #15
They were desperate to find something, anything, too attack her for - only to protect TFG from facing serious charges! Rhiannon12866 Feb 27 #16
Same here Catherine Vincent Feb 27 #17
Catch her in a lie, ANY LIE, and you compromise her Model35mech Feb 27 #18
+1 progressoid Feb 27 #23
Has she broken a law? Charged ninety-one times? twodogsbarking Feb 27 #19
the question should be asked, onethatcares Feb 27 #20
She's probably beating him. rubbersole Feb 27 #21
That's why it's called a distraction. sop Feb 27 #22
Just hoping this judge doesn't lean way MOMFUDSKI Feb 27 #24
Lots. If they can smear Ms Willis enough (for this thing that has nothing to do w the case)... Hekate Feb 27 #25
Incompetent judge who has totally lost control of his courtroom. Irish_Dem Feb 27 #26
They're hoping to find what happened to the pee tapes? limbicnuminousity Feb 27 #27
trDUMP's modus operandi,... magicarpet Feb 27 #28
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