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13. So sexist
Tue Feb 27, 2024, 04:26 PM
Feb 27

Would a man who hired woman be accused of hiring her for financial gain? Were all the women in the TRump administration hired so he could sponge off them financially? This whole thing hurts my head.

I STILL don't get it. [View all] madamesilverspurs Feb 27 OP
I know, what the absolute hell?? a kennedy Feb 27 #1
If they can catch them in perjury... lame54 Feb 27 #2
With all the shit that asswipes lawyers have done, this is less serious Ferrets are Cool Feb 27 #3
*rump is an oligarch in our society, everything under the sun Uncle Joe Feb 27 #4
There are a couple of issues. TwilightZone Feb 27 #5
It doesn't, this is all irrelevant bullshit and this judge Emile Feb 27 #6
pure bs oldinmtdem92 Feb 27 #7
Breaking News! Wades lawyer cant remember when they started dating! getagrip_already Feb 27 #8
OFFS! MorbidButterflyTat Feb 27 #9
trump is still likely guilty. Unfortuantely, this destraction significantly delayed the trial and muddied the waters. Silent Type Feb 27 #10
In some ways, this is the case Trump fears the most dlk Feb 27 #11
I am right there with you. I have no clue. onecaliberal Feb 27 #12
So sexist Dear_Prudence Feb 27 #13
You can't, fourth graders are too smart. It only makes sense to the cult. Gaugamela Feb 27 #14
Demanding perfection of others is a cult/addictive behavior. usonian Feb 27 #15
They were desperate to find something, anything, too attack her for - only to protect TFG from facing serious charges! Rhiannon12866 Feb 27 #16
Same here Catherine Vincent Feb 27 #17
Catch her in a lie, ANY LIE, and you compromise her Model35mech Feb 27 #18
+1 progressoid Feb 27 #23
Has she broken a law? Charged ninety-one times? twodogsbarking Feb 27 #19
the question should be asked, onethatcares Feb 27 #20
She's probably beating him. rubbersole Feb 27 #21
That's why it's called a distraction. sop Feb 27 #22
Just hoping this judge doesn't lean way MOMFUDSKI Feb 27 #24
Lots. If they can smear Ms Willis enough (for this thing that has nothing to do w the case)... Hekate Feb 27 #25
Incompetent judge who has totally lost control of his courtroom. Irish_Dem Feb 27 #26
They're hoping to find what happened to the pee tapes? limbicnuminousity Feb 27 #27
trDUMP's modus operandi,... magicarpet Feb 27 #28
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