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+1000000000 Pachamama Feb 28 #1
I'll see that 1x109 The Unmitigated Gall Feb 28 #35
Can we say that on DU now? BigmanPigman Feb 28 #2
Technicality: Garland is not a Democrat. dchill Feb 28 #19
Now he couldn't even markodochartaigh Feb 28 #22
That is why applaud the OP with this thread. I wish he would resign. Trueblue1968 Feb 28 #36
That didn't matter cactusfractal Feb 28 #40
Me too and the fucking message said don't spread right wing talking points. LIKE I'D DO THAT SHIT??? ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 28 #48
You have a lot of company FoxNewsSucks Feb 29 #57
It's so safe BaronChocula Feb 28 #25
It was on TV again last night BigmanPigman Feb 28 #41
Well, I got a post removed because I said bamagal62 Feb 28 #28
A lot depends on who happens to get picked for the jury. ShazzieB Feb 28 #42
They must be getting more lenient Diraven Feb 29 #66
thats not how it ever worked jcgoldie Feb 29 #72
. Scrivener7 Feb 29 #83
My long time other half - a Bernie womanofthehills Feb 29 #87
Post removed Post removed Feb 29 #107
During the primaries? No that never happened. emulatorloo Feb 29 #135
I think I'd rather have my tooth drilled than live through another trump term. Comfortably_Numb Feb 29 #77
Considering what he and his MAGAT thugs... Wuddles440 Feb 29 #103
Without novocaine orthoclad Feb 29 #133
That scene haunts me to this day...Dustin Hoffman nailed it. Comfortably_Numb Feb 29 #143
Not that bad. orthoclad Mar 1 #147
Exactly! Richard58 Feb 29 #104
Garland was never a Democrat. I have never considered him a Democratic "Figure" by virtue of his appointment. msfiddlestix Feb 29 #109
They'll have to kick us all off then. It's more than 3 years since J6 and trump has not been held to account yet. brush Feb 29 #128
Marathon Man! What an epic movie! Haven't thought of it in ages ... thanks for the memory. KPN Feb 29 #129
Kick, Rec. Think. Again. Feb 28 #3
Never put your trust stage left Feb 28 #4
*Anyone Oneironaut Feb 29 #105
100% Garland's fault. chicoescuela Feb 28 #5
Garland has a boss. MOMFUDSKI Feb 28 #29
You're right and it isn't Joe chicoescuela Feb 28 #31
I'll bite. Who is Garland's boss if not the President? TomSlick Feb 28 #39
In theory Joe is, but it does appear that MG may not think so. Horribly disappointing chicoescuela Feb 28 #43
Be careful I wrote a discussion about this "touchy" subject and it got deleted and a ban threat. BlueNIndiana Feb 28 #45
Okay, so we can't criticise Garland here and we can't say MAGAt over there. Got it ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 28 #49
Why not put the blame where it obviously belongs scipan Feb 28 #6
Why not admit that Garland has a lot to answer for? Scrivener7 Feb 28 #8
He does but he didn't have a crystal ball. scipan Feb 28 #26
If he didn't realize that Cletus and his MAGA lodge brothers who carpooled to the Capitol to raise hell Scrivener7 Feb 28 #32
"'his maga lodge brothers"? scipan Feb 28 #37
I think you're right about Biden. ShazzieB Feb 28 #44
I think we're in agreement. This to me proves scipan Feb 28 #53
Big MOMFUDSKI Feb 29 #95
Garland..... fightvision81 Feb 29 #80
Trump and the MAGA Republicans burned "the book" on Jan. 6th, 2021. hadEnuf Feb 29 #127
And their donors. chowder66 Feb 28 #14
And the incessant and snorky condescension of the Garland cheerleaders better stop now. Scrivener7 Feb 28 #7
Agreed! I don't want to hear anything that implies WE're part of the problem calimary Feb 28 #11
But he absolutely won't. Scrivener7 Feb 28 #12
Amen! Stinky The Clown Feb 28 #15
Yep! Sky Jewels Feb 29 #70
I don't see how he is democratic. He's a Federalist. AllyCat Feb 28 #9
Citation? Garland's nom to the Supreme Court was blocked by Leonard Leo. emulatorloo Feb 29 #138
It's plain as day. dalton99a Feb 28 #10
I'm with Stinky. NoMoreRepugs Feb 28 #13
Yeah, Stinky rocks! ananda Feb 28 #18
Even if there is no J6 trial before the election... RussBLib Feb 28 #16
Senate Dems must confirm Biden's judge nominees kiri Feb 28 #33
What does it say about our system that we are unable to prosecute someone who tried to Scrivener7 Feb 29 #84
It says our system MOMFUDSKI Feb 29 #97
Thank you! markpkessinger Feb 28 #17
+1 dalton99a Feb 28 #21
Yep. The Garland apologists who kept scolding Sky Jewels Feb 28 #20
No shit. FoxNewsSucks Feb 28 #23
POTUS Biden is between a rock and a hard place on many issues. PufPuf23 Feb 29 #55
Well, shit NBachers Feb 28 #24
The guy Obama thought the Republicans would find acceptable? TheKentuckian Feb 28 #27
Obama had a hostile Senate. Sparkly Feb 29 #58
I have held back, and I wish now I hadn't Tansy_Gold Feb 28 #30
Also and separately Vance and Bragg. RockRaven Feb 28 #34
He might even deliver the final blow. He might tell Jack Smith to "stand down" after the conventions... ecstatic Feb 28 #38
Yes, he absolutely might. Because they have to be gentlemen, doncha know. Except when Scrivener7 Feb 29 #85
AMEN budkin Feb 28 #46
Love the post DaBronx Feb 28 #47
3 years Roy Rolling Feb 28 #50
It's worse than a letdown. The consequences will be catastrophic. Boomerproud Feb 29 #68
Your correct! hydrolastic Feb 29 #139
I was saying this a long time ago. onecaliberal Feb 28 #51
Yup Stinky The Clown Feb 28 #52
Yes. Yes you were. And yes, you did take a lot of supercilious condescension from a handful of Scrivener7 Feb 29 #86
I remember ... doubly sad that you have to be proven right/rightly concerned. KPN Feb 29 #126
I notice none of those folks have said we were right. They are also curiously missing from these threads. onecaliberal Feb 29 #130
As tough as it seems now on the INJUSTICE I believe oldmanlynn Feb 29 #54
But that's the last defense. I hope you're right, but it should never have come this far. Scrivener7 Feb 29 #93
Yup you understand the foot dragging. republianmushroom Feb 29 #56
I see criticizing Garland as criticizing Biden gulliver Feb 29 #59
Is that sarcasm? Goodheart Feb 29 #61
Just logic gulliver Feb 29 #62
That's not a fact. That's just your illogically deduced opinion. Goodheart Feb 29 #63
Biden and Obama didn't make a mistake gulliver Feb 29 #64
Biden and Obama aren't infallible. Get real. Sky Jewels Feb 29 #71
Thats completely twisting the context jcgoldie Feb 29 #73
Garland's Constitutional Law Professor has a different opinion TiberiusB Feb 29 #113
So do you think SCOTUS delaying the opinion on Trump's immunity is good for the country? bluesbassman Feb 29 #65
The SCOTUS wants to settle the issue once and for all gulliver Feb 29 #67
You appear to have faith in the corrupt six. I don't. bluesbassman Feb 29 #69
I don't understand how parsing "nobody is above the law" is helpful in this case. stollen Feb 29 #75
Smith urged them to do just that in December BeyondGeography Feb 29 #76
SCOTUS could refuse to take the case TiberiusB Feb 29 #114
Hah! You're kidding, right? Garland just recently released the Hur report... brush Feb 29 #78
Ridiculous. Honestly. Of all the arguments the Garland cheerleaders made ad nauseam, that Scrivener7 Feb 29 #88
Probably would have turned into a mess even if Garland started charging right away. Silent Type Feb 29 #60
A shitshow with another year or 2 on the clock jcgoldie Feb 29 #74
Just an FYI...you can have a post removed for talking about forum moderation....i.e. complaining about it PortTack Feb 29 #79
So alert. Scrivener7 Feb 29 #89
The beatings will continue until morale improves ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 29 #110
Agree with you. (nt) Paladin Feb 29 #81
This is like a Bush v Gore, only in a passive-aggressive way. no_hypocrisy Feb 29 #82
LOL! 🤣 Another day, another "I-Hate-Garland" post. Oopsie Daisy Feb 29 #90
Glad you're finding our current situation funny. At least someone can. Scrivener7 Feb 29 #91
Yeah, it's a real rib-tickler, ain't it? hatrack Feb 29 #92
Oh brother! How did you arrive at THAT conclusion? Oopsie Daisy Feb 29 #94
The "crying laughing" emoji is a hint. And again, at least someone is enjoying this. Scrivener7 Feb 29 #96
Intelligent and reasonable people look beyond the emoji and read the actual words. 🤣😂 Oopsie Daisy Feb 29 #98
I think all your "laughter" tells its own story, which is certainly not refuted by your words. Scrivener7 Feb 29 #99
My words and meaning are clear. The daily "I Hate Garland" threads serve no useful purpose * Oopsie Daisy Feb 29 #100
I'm having deja vu. Might need to keep my umbrella handy, FoxNewsSucks Feb 29 #122
You might have something there! Scrivener7 Feb 29 #131
Actually we are here because enough self- identified progressive refused to vote for Hillary in 2016 JohnSJ Feb 29 #101
No. We are here because SCOTUS is infested with criminals, anti-Constiutionalism and lack of ethics. Wonder Why Feb 29 #102
May I just remind folks, that Garland was never a Democrat. We all know why Biden picked him for the post, was simply msfiddlestix Feb 29 #106
Look...it is what it is... It's not over. All of this hand wringing and blame is simply not good for all of us. Chakaconcarne Feb 29 #108
He always seemed he'd be a thoughtful SCJ, but weak as a prosecutor. I really did not TeamProg Feb 29 #111
I'm with Stinky. MontanaMama Feb 29 #112
MG is not a liberal, progressive, or a Democrat. Bash away. Magoo48 Feb 29 #115
It is disappointing, of course. MineralMan Feb 29 #116
Godwin needs to update his law to include Garland. Fiendish Thingy Feb 29 #117
. Scrivener7 Feb 29 #119
Gave up substantive replies for lent? Nt Fiendish Thingy Feb 29 #141
Here's why you're the one who isn't comprehending the situation Stinky The Clown Feb 29 #136
You know Garland and Monaco weren't confirmed for a couple of months, right? Fiendish Thingy Feb 29 #140
. Scrivener7 Feb 29 #142
and the marginally or ill-informed voters won't think any of it matters, cuz no trials were concluded Evolve Dammit Feb 29 #118
We are here because of the idiots who mcar Feb 29 #120
If he's not elected President, there will be trials wryter2000 Feb 29 #121
True stage left Feb 29 #132
I'm 75, too wryter2000 Feb 29 #137
The way some of them vote stage left Feb 29 #145
Garland nowforever Feb 29 #123
Is playing by the book really a weakness? Under The Radar Feb 29 #124
Sleepy Merrick and the 6 other dwarves. usonian Feb 29 #125
Might be another orthoclad Feb 29 #134
He's got the backbone of a jellyfish...Do the world a favor Tribetime Feb 29 #144
I defended him for a long time mvd Feb 29 #146
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