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"Official Figures"? maxsolomon Feb 29 #1
And the Traildogbob Feb 29 #3
I think last month I read around 550 dead Ukrainian kids in 2 yrs womanofthehills Feb 29 #18
So the Israelis are making themselves look "worse than the Russians" DemocraticPatriot Mar 1 #130
Figures enid602 Feb 29 #4
They expect the number under the rubble womanofthehills Feb 29 #21
Yikes enid602 Feb 29 #22
How safe are the hostages? Omnipresent Mar 1 #129
They keep tallies on the dead - womanofthehills Feb 29 #12
Gaza enid602 Feb 29 #28
Keep telling yourself that iemanja Feb 29 #70
Telling myself what? maxsolomon Feb 29 #79
Our tax dollars go to fund the weapons to execute those deaths iemanja Feb 29 #81
As I said, I was focusing on the "official" portion of the OP. I'm not "dismissing". maxsolomon Feb 29 #88
Right....'official figures' supplied by TERRORISTS nt GuppyGal Mar 1 #118
"Do untto others as you'd have them do unto you" yagotme Feb 29 #2
There are people out there sarisataka Feb 29 #5
Yes, I know. That's kinda why I asked for the clarification... nt yagotme Feb 29 #6
just as RocRizzo55 Feb 29 #13
There are some who will support Israel sarisataka Feb 29 #20
The key here is RocRizzo55 Feb 29 #71
BS former9thward Feb 29 #101
From the NY Times RocRizzo55 Feb 29 #110
Thanks, but paywalled. former9thward Feb 29 #111
Sorry about that RocRizzo55 Feb 29 #113
"Dismissed as aspirational" maxsolomon Mar 1 #123
Wrong RocRizzo55 Mar 1 #124
Non sequitur. Does not address your LIHOP or MIHOP assertion. maxsolomon Mar 1 #125
The Times of Israel & Haaretz report one baby killed womanofthehills Feb 29 #34
So if Israel stopped when 10 kids were killed sarisataka Feb 29 #38
Hamas killed kids and babies on Oct. 7 INTENTIONALLY and sadistically. SunSeeker Feb 29 #45
So the IDF had no idea that their actions in Gaza Voltaire2 Mar 1 #127
The IDF was not and is not targeting civilians, they are targeting Hamas. SunSeeker Mar 1 #133
So the IDF is just massively incompetent? Voltaire2 Mar 1 #135
The IDF did not "miss the target 10,000 times." They have been hitting Hamas. SunSeeker Mar 1 #136
What? Huh? I've seen no evidence of that. Please cite examples. nt TeamProg Feb 29 #40
Rlly? sarisataka Feb 29 #51
Um, previous DU links, from "here"? TeamProg Feb 29 #62
You know as well as I do sarisataka Feb 29 #68
I've asked to be DMd their names so we can be sure to put them on block. When I get those names I'll let you know Nanjeanne Feb 29 #96
Please let me know Goddessartist Feb 29 #103
Clearly there are many who believe the Israeli military is justified in killing iemanja Feb 29 #72
Do Jewish lives matter? sarisataka Feb 29 #75
I said EVERY life matters iemanja Feb 29 #77
It may surprise you sarisataka Feb 29 #84
Hamas did something unjustifiable and horrible: they killed civilians. Voltaire2 Feb 29 #91
Intentionally killing civilians, yes sarisataka Feb 29 #93
of course. There is always a conditional response. Voltaire2 Feb 29 #95
You guess wrong sarisataka Feb 29 #97
I'm guessing that the answer to your question is also a big NO. MarineCombatEngineer Mar 3 #142
There are people on DU who believe Hamas has done nothing wrong? And they are still members? Nanjeanne Feb 29 #94
I would have to look them up sarisataka Feb 29 #99
Thanks. I've had many conversations with people I absolutely disagree with but I've never run into anyone who thinks Nanjeanne Feb 29 #100
They're Freedom Fighters like Mandela! AZSkiffyGeek Feb 29 #102
Why not both ExciteBike66 Feb 29 #7
Possibly. I don't know. I'm guessing you don't know for sure, either. yagotme Feb 29 #8
No RocRizzo55 Feb 29 #14
What if that's true? Captain Stern Feb 29 #43
Hypotheticaly RocRizzo55 Feb 29 #66
For how long? Forever? n/t Captain Stern Mar 1 #120
Far right Likud started this by IDF raid of the Al-Aqsa Mosque radius777 Feb 29 #32
According to previous posts, Hamas has been planning this prior to Apr '23. yagotme Mar 1 #114
And Bibi/Likud have been intentionally provoking radius777 Mar 1 #134
Since Hamas has 16 & 17 members some were no doubt EX500rider Feb 29 #39
Officially? maxsolomon Feb 29 #83
Wow obamanut2012 Feb 29 #9
Glad it hit you that hard. yagotme Feb 29 #10
Post removed Post removed Feb 29 #16
IBTL sarisataka Feb 29 #23
Such Projection. Cha Feb 29 #26
No, it hit me that you are using an ancient religious text to support what is happening in gaza obamanut2012 Feb 29 #24
If you read up thread a bit, another poster quoted part of the rule. yagotme Mar 1 #115
Because Hamas drove the Palestinians out of Israel in '49. ... marble falls Feb 29 #33
Both are deserving of condemnation Chautauquas Feb 29 #17
According to . . . Richard D Feb 29 #11
I think a lot of Americans are conscious of their anti-semitism JustAnotherGen Feb 29 #19
I think you are sadly mistaken about who is to blame PTL_Mancuso Feb 29 #29
So then, according to your rationalization . . . Richard D Feb 29 #31
And by the way . . . Richard D Feb 29 #37
There's a ton of missing history in this post. Ace Rothstein Feb 29 #47
I think you're sadly mistaken & Fuck the Butchers Gang Rapists of HAMAS. Cha Feb 29 #60
Why was the wall built? yagotme Mar 1 #116
Wait Diraven Feb 29 #52
Unfortunately believe this is going to cause a Young voter issue for Biden.. DemocratInPa Feb 29 #15
Are your JustAnotherGen Feb 29 #25
White.. DemocratInPa Feb 29 #56
That's sad JustAnotherGen Mar 1 #138
What is the point of this post? themaguffin Feb 29 #27
Our tax dollars at work. marble falls Feb 29 #30
I got nothin'. twodogsbarking Feb 29 #35
Those are not official figures. Those are Hamas Health Ministry figures. SunSeeker Feb 29 #36
They also give no age breakdown on the "children" EX500rider Feb 29 #41
They teach them a lot younger than that there... nt yagotme Mar 1 #117
Wonder how many would be alive if Hammas had released the hostages they kidnapped. WiseElder Feb 29 #42
Agreed! perdita9 Feb 29 #48
IDF shot at food aid trucks causing stampede, 100 dead, radius777 Feb 29 #44
No, the stampeding of the aid trucks occured first. It was not caused by IDF. SunSeeker Feb 29 #49
I don't agree, saw it on CNN and both Jeremy Diamond radius777 Feb 29 #53
CNN has offerred no evidence that the stampede was caused by IDF forces. SunSeeker Mar 1 #139
We are going to lose our country because of this. edisdead Feb 29 #46
Yup. A lot of people are letting themselves get played by Hamas/Putin propaganda. nt SunSeeker Feb 29 #50
They are responding to US policy iemanja Feb 29 #74
No, they are responding to lies. Which they have a right to believe. But it hurts us all. SunSeeker Feb 29 #76
What is the lie? iemanja Feb 29 #78
The lie that Israel is intentionally killing innocent civilians with our help. nt SunSeeker Feb 29 #80
We provide the weapons iemanja Feb 29 #82
If you can't see the difference between Hamas intentionally going out to kill babies in their cribs in Israel... SunSeeker Feb 29 #85
That is simply a fact. Voltaire2 Feb 29 #92
Of course they understand that Hamas is using civilians as human shields. SunSeeker Mar 1 #137
"We have little to zero control of what Israel does." Absurd. Israel receives radius777 Feb 29 #55
You are aware sarisataka Feb 29 #57
Hamas is a terror group long supported by Netanyahu. radius777 Feb 29 #59
I know who Hamas is and sarisataka Feb 29 #61
The West should recognize a Palestinian state radius777 Feb 29 #64
I do not disagree about Likud sarisataka Feb 29 #73
Until Israel agrees to a 2 state solition? edisdead Feb 29 #106
The US can withhold material aid for the military campaign. David__77 Feb 29 #69
We who? Biden veto-ing it? edisdead Feb 29 #108
They said the same thing RocRizzo55 Feb 29 #112
Circumstances are very different though edisdead Mar 1 #121
Why would Hamas do this to their own people? Bonx Feb 29 #54
Hamas does not care about Palestinians, radius777 Feb 29 #58
Because the Israeli government has no responsibility for their own actions? iemanja Feb 29 #65
Hamas is not a "handful" of terrorists. It is the government of Gaza. nt SunSeeker Feb 29 #87
Hamas' forces are estimated at 30-40 thousand, maxsolomon Feb 29 #89
THIS malaise Mar 1 #128
They shouldn't have voted for Hamas. Oh wait... onecaliberal Feb 29 #63
The US has sent weapons there on an emergency basis to facilitate this military campaign. David__77 Feb 29 #67
You mean figures from that highly accurate Gaza Health Ministry? SlimJimmy Feb 29 #86
Their estimation track record is aligned with the UN and with Israel's. David__77 Feb 29 #90
The Ministry's track record in THIS conflict has not aligned with the UN and Israel. SunSeeker Feb 29 #98
I read this article before. And want to point out the main point (buried in the middle) SlimJimmy Mar 3 #141
You won't get a response. nt GuppyGal Mar 1 #119
they got a response within 13 minutes, around SIXTEEN hours before you said they would not get a response Celerity Mar 1 #140
Enough. Aussie105 Feb 29 #104
It is sickening malaise Feb 29 #105
Yes, it is. Aussie105 Feb 29 #107
We are in tthe same group malaise Feb 29 #109
DURec leftstreet Mar 1 #122
To borrow from Neil Young gay texan Mar 1 #126
Ceasefire alone is pro-Hamas. Support peace. keithbvadu2 Mar 1 #131
Ceasefire alone keithbvadu2 Mar 1 #132
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