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Does this mean that Garland DURHAM D Mar 2024 #1
Garland hasn't stood in the way of any prosecution bigtree Mar 2024 #5
Not sure what that's supposed to mean. TwilightZone Mar 2024 #6
My point is that he actually had something to say. PERIOD DURHAM D Mar 2024 #7
I'm not clear on where Dilanian got this bigtree Mar 2024 #8
If he did, the Repughs would accuse him of collusion with anybody they could find to throw mud at so it would stick. ificandream Mar 2024 #17
Nothing in the OP said that Garland said anything. TwilightZone Mar 2024 #9
I won't be holding my breath. onecaliberal Mar 2024 #25
My guess: Cannon will grant the August court date. That will knock Chutkan off the schedule till after Scrivener7 Mar 2024 #27
Exactly. Judges can always humor the excrement spewed by dumpco. onecaliberal Mar 2024 #28
Sword of Damocles Tommy Carcetti Mar 2024 #2
Orange Whining Tour will have to campaign between court dates bucolic_frolic Mar 2024 #3
Oh dear, gab13by13 Mar 2024 #4
A girl can dream wryter2000 Mar 2024 #13
I don't trust that case and judge cannon.I'd rather not even try that case Tribetime Mar 2024 #22
The case is open and shut wryter2000 Mar 2024 #24
With this DOJ, we shall see. republianmushroom Mar 2024 #10
with Jack Smith wryter2000 Mar 2024 #12
Yes, but, Jack Smith is not the head of the DOJ, which is to bad. republianmushroom Mar 2024 #16
It appears wryter2000 Mar 2024 #19
rec rec rec rec rec wryter2000 Mar 2024 #11
No one has a superseding right to run for potus or get potus. lindysalsagal Mar 2024 #14
It didn't apply in 2016 either, when Comey injected DOJ back into politics for like the 4th time ffr Mar 2024 #15
That's what one of my BILs ttold me malaise Mar 2024 #18
But who said Republicans should acknowledge that? calimary Mar 2024 #21
True - but eff them malaise Mar 2024 #23
I literally felt a flood of relief when I read these words! ShazzieB Mar 2024 #20
update: It was DOJ attorney Jay Bratt in the doc hearing who made the statement bigtree Mar 2024 #26
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