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Snort! niyad Feb 29 #1
Snort too! SouthernDem4ever Mar 1 #40
Brilliant! Charlie Chapulin Feb 29 #2
A 30 second read BOSSHOG Feb 29 #3
Bravo superpatriotman Feb 29 #4
Hunter Biden Redacted transcript BootinUp Feb 29 #5
wow. 229 pages? niyad Mar 1 #8
Yeah. Searching it for keywords of interest BootinUp Mar 1 #9
That, and a drink! niyad Mar 1 #10
Or you can read the summary in the article here BootinUp Mar 1 #12
Thank you, I did read it. Much easier. I noticed one rather bizarre omission, niyad Mar 1 #14
I will Delphinus Mar 1 #47
Starts with lots of redacted names -- do they fear their own MAGAts? Hermit-The-Prog Mar 1 #23
I'm not sure why they are redacted. nt BootinUp Mar 1 #24
I believe the only redactions are staff names from both sides. Not uncommon. n/t CincyDem Mar 2 #57
My first impression: They are protecting all the MAGA idiots asking really dumb questions Brother Buzz Mar 1 #42
Thanks for this. I just now posted it on my Facebook page. n/t John1956PA Feb 29 #6
:) struggle4progress Feb 29 #7
Ww.. Brilliant! Cha Mar 1 #11
Tune in for tomorrow's episode of.... SergeStorms Mar 1 #13
Alas, for them to do so would require a sense of decency, and an ability niyad Mar 1 #15
They must feel something dickthegrouch Mar 1 #45
That is a very good point. niyad Mar 1 #53
I do love that guy MustLoveBeagles Mar 1 #35
We have a lot of smart (asses) guys of our team. Nice work Congressman chicoescuela Mar 1 #16
outstanding Skittles Mar 1 #17
Pure gold! Drum Mar 1 #18
Eric Swalwell is amazing! ShazzieB Mar 1 #19
Yes, my favorite kind of wise ass PatSeg Mar 1 #27
It's better to be a wise ass than soldierant Mar 1 #44
kick TeamProg Mar 1 #20
Perfect ! democrank Mar 1 #21
I'm betting that half the Republicans present never even realized how they were being ridiculed DFW Mar 1 #22
Exactly! niyad Mar 1 #43
Mr. Swallwell.... fabulous IcyPeas Mar 1 #25
He's good at that, isn't he? I love his cuts, jabs, and effortless backhanded swipes. Oopsie Daisy Mar 1 #26
This explains why the Republicans were so insistent that the interview be behind closed doors. Midnight Writer Mar 1 #28
Testify! WiVoter Mar 1 #29
That should be enough, but it won't be. republianmushroom Mar 1 #30
Every Democrat on that committee should ask the exact same questions to drive home the point! world wide wally Mar 1 #31
I hope that some Dems asked relevant questions that addressed Repuke dirty tricks maxsolomon Mar 1 #32
Pure genius Wild blueberry Mar 1 #33
succinctly brilliant llashram Mar 1 #34
K&R spanone Mar 1 #36
And I don't think that anyone in my family would be crazy enough to want to be the chairperson of the DNC. twodogsbarking Mar 1 #37
Terrific.... PCIntern Mar 1 #38
A brilliant way to contrast the sham investigation while putting shade on the Trump Crime Family's ffr Mar 1 #39
Too good malaise Mar 1 #41
Woah! Catherine Vincent Mar 1 #46
Suck on that Diarrhea Donny you fat piece of shit Blue Owl Mar 1 #48
Excellent. nt oldsoftie Mar 1 #49
NEVER kacekwl Mar 1 #50
Hooray! I, among many others, was hoping someone would do this. Freethinker65 Mar 1 #51
It is in the transcript Freethinker. See post#5 this thread. nt BootinUp Mar 1 #55
A masterclass on using a House investigation to expose the real issue with corrupt family practices in the WH. OAITW r.2.0 Mar 1 #52
Bazinga! Martin68 Mar 1 #54
SWALWELL: Did your father get at least $8 million from China since he became president? AZLD4Candidate Mar 1 #56
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