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11. He didn't need RICO experience because
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 09:03 PM
Mar 1

Willis has a preeminent expert on RICO, John Floyd. Willis is also an expert.

One of the other hires was paid the same hourly rate as Wade.

Wade put in more hours.

Verdict depends how high up the judicial MOMFUDSKI Mar 1 #1
One of the legal video gurus, Michael Prokcoff [sic], noted that he's... brush Mar 1 #2
But the appearance IS a problem. His hiring is a problem. His experience is a problem oldsoftie Mar 1 #3
I dunno, it's been reported that she paid all 3 the same. And btw, less than... brush Mar 1 #5
The rate isnt the issue, the hours are. oldsoftie Mar 1 #17
He didn't need RICO experience because chowder66 Mar 1 #11
Its a RICO case; they ALL should have RICO experience. oldsoftie Mar 1 #16
And your agenda is? triron Mar 1 #14
So being objective is an "agenda"? Thats what we're all SUPPOSED to be oldsoftie Mar 1 #18
Appearance is not a problem. Under Georgia law there has to be an ACTUAL conflict, not simply the appearance of one. Ms. Toad Mar 1 #15
Thank you for those points. I wasnt sure about the County but its been mentioned oldsoftie Mar 1 #20
Good appellant litigators do not have to be smooth LetMyPeopleVote Mar 1 #4
I think that the Judge took pains to let the Trump team know that Fani is entitled to a PRIVATE life. flying_wahini Mar 1 #6
Agreed. Mind your own business. brush Mar 1 #8
Yes, he seemed nervous at first but then hit his stride. pnwmom Mar 1 #7
Yeah, it's such a ridiculous notion that lawyers would risk their careers... brush Mar 1 #9
He's inexperienced and he's also a longtime member of the Federalist society pnwmom Mar 1 #10
I'm confident DaBronx Mar 1 #12
Haha DaBronx Mar 1 #13
I've tuned in throughout Kennah Mar 1 #19
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