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7. I''m still going with my highly original genius suggestion..
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 11:48 PM
Mar 1

I would suggest that every MAGAt, every Talibangelical and every gun fetishist, and any hybrid of those, sell everything you own, houses, cars, guns, gold sneakers,everything, and cash in every investment - 401k's, grandchildrens' college funds, NFT's and IRA's - then borrow as much as you can from every friend, relative, coworker or acquaintance, and send ALL of it directly to your Grand High and Exalted Mystic Ruler.

I LOVE the news... [View all] sheshe2 Mar 1 OP
If you don't send us money BOSSHOG Mar 1 #1
Get used to it Losers dweller Mar 1 #2
Delighted to hear this news and even more delighted that they seem oblivious to the reason Deuxcents Mar 1 #3
Too distraught or just too stupid? 😁 ShazzieB Mar 2 #12
We are coming. sheshe2 Mar 2 #22
I'm counting on it. Hopes she's on schedule. Deuxcents Mar 2 #27
We need money - to pay trumps legal bills! getagrip_already Mar 1 #4
Chances are any money sent will go into Chubby Cheddar's pockets Tom of Temecula Mar 1 #5
Correct! sheshe2 Mar 2 #29
GOP playing Ketchup. usonian Mar 1 #6
I''m still going with my highly original genius suggestion.. Permanut Mar 1 #7
The Minnesota GOP has been broke for the last few years Blue Owl Mar 2 #8
Gee I wonder WHY?! Sleazy Women Hating, Treasonous Cha Mar 2 #9
Don't hold back. rubbersole Mar 2 #10
Over 20 years on this board.. I never do anymore.. Cha Mar 2 #15
🤣 sheshe2 Mar 2 #13
Aww.. Pres Biden laughing from Cha Mar 2 #16
Click below to donate speak easy Mar 2 #11
They need the ghost of Oral Roberts telling the faithful, ... LudwigPastorius Mar 2 #14
Please show him the way to go home. sheshe2 Mar 2 #19
I get daily texts and emails from the Democratic Party saying the same thing. relayerbob Mar 2 #17
I'll be more than happy to send them every penny I have. chouchou Mar 2 #18
And this is WITH the deep pockets BigmanPigman Mar 2 #20
I love your post! sheshe2 Mar 2 #25
Just wait . . . AverageOldGuy Mar 2 #21
Trump legal defense krkaufman Mar 2 #23
The "we" is a little misleading Diraven Mar 2 #24
Yes. sheshe2 Mar 2 #26
When your head kiss up ronna has been paying your boy's legal fees for the last several months and god know what else PortTack Mar 2 #28
Trump has been milking all their base for cash to pay his personal legal bills. herding cats Mar 2 #30
If they'd stop being anti-democracy assholes... brush Mar 2 #31
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