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58. We came when BushCheney were installed. We were in robust active middle age then...
Sun Mar 3, 2024, 03:12 PM
Mar 2024

We came when BushCheney were installed. We were in robust active middle age then…
…and many of us had real life experience in political activism from our youth, which we used to oppose BushCheney..

We stayed. We made friends. Many subgroups formed.

It’s amazing what a quarter century will do to one’s age and energy. I thought everybody else stayed the same age — it was kind of a shock to realize everybody else aged too.

K&R PatSeg Mar 2024 #1
What about non binary? Or other genders? Lunabell Mar 2024 #2
That could be a different poll. BluesRunTheGame Mar 2024 #3
I know space was limited but in a separate poll, I am fucking curious to how the numbers would play out, as well. SoFlaBro Mar 2024 #47
Definitely older. MOMFUDSKI Mar 2024 #4
Many of us started Out on DU over 20years ago.. Cha Mar 2024 #5
I started lurking here in 2005. bamagal62 Mar 2024 #9
Looking Back it Cha Mar 2024 #12
Yes Cha bdamomma Mar 2024 #16
lol.. yeah, 50+ a few decades! Cha Mar 2024 #46
Damn... Ohio Joe Mar 2024 #19
Good on you.. it's still a long time. Cha Mar 2024 #25
I also left & came back. Dulcinea Mar 2024 #42
Female Many Moons older... yours is about Cha Mar 2024 #45
Old Timewas Mar 2024 #6
I'll be entering into that Cha Mar 2024 #28
Me too, in November! It's exciting. Croney Mar 2024 #59
🫶 Deuxcents Mar 2024 #34
K&R...nt Wounded Bear Mar 2024 #7
I'm one of the younger ones here ClimateHawk Mar 2024 #8
I've been around since 2001. BluesRunTheGame Mar 2024 #10
I've been following DU for a long time TexasDem69 Mar 2024 #24
If the poll is accurate, this place is practically devoid of anyone under 50. Act_of_Reparation Mar 2024 #43
Message boards/forums have been in decline for years now DetroitLegalBeagle Mar 2024 #52
We came when BushCheney were installed. We were in robust active middle age then... Hekate Mar 2024 #58
I found this site in 2003 at the age of 19. Elessar Zappa May 14 #65
Bravo, glad you're here. It's vital to have people of diff ages and appalachiablue Mar 2024 #32
Wishing you an early Happy Birthday and a wonderful coming year. niyad Mar 2024 #60
I joined in October of 2001, the day after my thirty-third birthday. Aristus Mar 2024 #11
I started reading DU on 9/11. I signed up and started posting in December or January. BluesRunTheGame Mar 2024 #13
I'll never leave bdamomma Mar 2024 #17
DU used to have a portrait gallery. Aristus Mar 2024 #18
They bdamomma Mar 2024 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author bdamomma Mar 2024 #23
Interesting 3auld6phart Mar 2024 #53
I can remember posts about DU meet-ups, either group or individuals & couples. I haven't seen any of those in a while. NBachers Mar 2024 #33
I went to many meetups. intheflow Mar 2024 #51
I left in 2010 BOSSHOG Mar 2024 #37
Honestly you should start it at 40 and up. There are a LOT of 70+. WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2024 #14
I know we skew older. BluesRunTheGame Mar 2024 #15
I hit the big 7 0 BOSSHOG Mar 2024 #36
Just turned 45 today; male. Joined right after 9/11 (found DU via BartCop, RIP). I was 100% non-political Grown2Hate Mar 2024 #20
Happy birthday! BluesRunTheGame Mar 2024 #21
Thank you! :) At my age I don't make a Grown2Hate Mar 2024 #39
Clearly member of majority, elleng Mar 2024 #26
It's Saturday night and maybe the younger DUers are out for the evening Deuxcents Mar 2024 #27
Maybe they post from their desks at work through the week... BluesRunTheGame Mar 2024 #29
How about adding a few categories: AverageOldGuy Mar 2024 #30
Interesting breakdown: 20s, 30s, 40s, and "50s and older"? TygrBright Mar 2024 #31
I know most of us are over 50. I'm here almost every day. I read the posts. I think I have a pretty good sense... BluesRunTheGame Mar 2024 #38
What? limbicnuminousity Mar 2024 #41
A lot of us in the senior cohort were in our 30s when we discovered DU. Earth-shine Mar 2024 #35
Probably should be an internal survey, but nothing public that oppositions firms could leverage. TheBlackAdder Mar 2024 #40
One thing is obvious. bluedigger Mar 2024 #44
I made it to the nearest open convenience store after midnight, DemocraticPatriot Mar 2024 #48
Been here since Jun 3, 2002 GoneOffShore Mar 2024 #49
Kick BluesRunTheGame Mar 2024 #50
IMO, there's a fatal flaw in this poll Polybius Mar 2024 #54
I didn't post the poll to find out who's here. BluesRunTheGame Mar 2024 #55
I hear ya Polybius Mar 2024 #56
We need some young peoples 😀 malaise Mar 2024 #57
We were the young people! 🤣😂 Hope22 Mar 2024 #61
That is great news malaise Mar 2024 #62
Flaw is that Gen Z doesn't know what a message board is - TBF Apr 2024 #63
40 years old, male. Elessar Zappa May 14 #64
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